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Would you rather be a creep or or throw it on the ground 7 years ago 669 votes 13 comments 0 likes
( WARNING NON DOCTER WHO FANS WONT GET IT) would you rather spend the night with a weeping angel or the silence 7 years ago 961 votes 34 comments 0 likes
Do you think that they should date? he thinks yes or she doesnt know 7 years ago 1,017 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date this guy or this girl 7 years ago 9,020 votes 125 comments 1 like
Would you rather have no friends or be handcuffed to the person that hates you, but have friends 7 years ago 3,649 votes 45 comments 1 like

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never loving would be a painless life. 5 years ago  
well he is already dead, so i'm good 5 years ago +1
des skillz 5 years ago  
never said how deep. i could get buried alive. one inch. then just sit up and walk away. 5 years ago +3
i can punch my friend's and not feel as guilty later at family reunion's! 5 years ago  
i am a dude. so my "tits" are so small they dont even exist! 5 years ago  
10,000,000 swag. because of the picture. (or ass hat point's, because of the picture) 5 years ago  
worng one! i'm an only child! nnnoooooo! 5 years ago  
i still cant believe i put this up 5 years ago +34
my best friend know's who i like. he would be cool about it and say no. 5 years ago  
never dated. probably never will. 5 years ago  
? ???? 5 years ago  
i dont have an ex! hahahahahaha! 5 years ago  
at least if she is with my best friend i will know she is taken care of. 5 years ago  
it does on some people. not others. thats why theres torture! 7 years ago +1
no 7 years ago  
that was haed! hehe thats what she said 7 years ago  
"my way" would be him giving me all of the com. money and then doing a back flip 7 years ago  
fire! 7 years ago  
wter mellon 7 years ago +4
skip 7 years ago  
picture didnt load 7 years ago +2
depeends 7 years ago  
and in response to the comment below you can also shoot lazers 7 years ago  
rape, psshh im ready 7 years ago +3
agreed 7 years ago  
thats awesome! the thing on no! 7 years ago +6
a pig steals one egg, all birds launch themselves into a suicideall rage...... or get to sleep all day? 7 years ago  
your right you go to sleep 7 years ago  
see i told you theyed like lazers! 7 years ago +1
noooo i picked the wrong one, go proper daleks 7 years ago  
mmm necrophellieism 7 years ago +3
nap time at school and no one would know 7 years ago  
that was a hard one, ( no one say thats what she said! it is a kid show! 7 years ago +1
more fun this way! ha ha i do it all the time 7 years ago +1
wrong one!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 7 years ago +1
use the money to take it off line 7 years ago  
ivw done that one 7 years ago +3
wrong one 7 years ago  
so what if you dont have a sister? 7 years ago  
hothothothothothothot 7 years ago +3
oh indeed! 7 years ago  
oh look at me yes look at me, now what are you thinking 7 years ago +2
damnit i did not post this a "friend" posted this i had nothing to do with it 7 years ago  
for a whole night? 7 years ago  
i dont golf ha! 7 years ago  
nice 7 years ago  
fire beam or....... baby monster thhat kills all? 7 years ago  
yeah ha ha there demons so they arnt 7 years ago +1
um....... so its more like never see her again on the left or on the right get a sex change 7 years ago  
or youll have forever to dig your way out? 299 years and i tyhink ill be out of there 7 years ago +2
ohch 7 years ago  
fun 7 years ago  
cold youll just go to sleep 7 years ago +7
i allways have a fake both! 7 years ago  
good point 7 years ago  
works b oth ways\ 7 years ago  
i allready have texting! 7 years ago  
shining force! 7 years ago  
i didnt read the qustion all the way im sad now! you 59% suck 7 years ago  
i love youuuuuuuuuuu pig 7 years ago  
weeping angels are only status until you look away 7 years ago +1
rainbow dash! 7 years ago +4
what they said 7 years ago  
backwards i speak 7 years ago  
no thats the borg ship, not the cube from transformers 7 years ago  
niiiiiiice 7 years ago  
? 7 years ago  
who, other than pedos watchs that anyways 7 years ago +7
abraca- money! 7 years ago +3
brains 7 years ago +1
hey guess what? its friday friday friday friday friday............................................ 7 years ago +2
with a bassball bat 7 years ago  
mmmmm 7 years ago  
spike taled acid spitting allien that kills or just plain old looks awesome 7 years ago  
5% 7 years ago  
hard coice 7 years ago  
didnt say freanch kiss! 7 years ago  
your uniqe, just like every one else 7 years ago +9
see ya! 7 years ago +1
but um bruce lee is dead so, its more like be chuck norris or dead 7 years ago +1
i would have there be peace if i domanated 7 years ago  
its called lycanthropeya 7 years ago +1
its called sex] or em hermaphadite cange 7 years ago  
mmmmmmmmmmm 7 years ago  
it says naked 7 years ago +1
what about puchy and cruffs? 7 years ago +3
dubstep is the thing that killed my littel pony 7 years ago +2
61% of people suck 7 years ago +1
knifed dosent mean killed 7 years ago +1
does your mouth look like that 7 years ago  
i belive it! 7 years ago  
zombies=slow termanatior= killing death mechine 7 years ago +4
good book 7 years ago +1
GET OVER HERE! 7 years ago +8
ones a legendary 7 years ago  
tiger cute and deadly 7 years ago  
that is not a good pic of morgan webb 7 years ago  
wich makes them stupid 7 years ago +2
all i have to say is, oh 7 years ago  
lets see, kill dragons, or watch ugly people have stopid moments with other ugly people 7 years ago  
join the power of the demorcrats, luke 7 years ago +5
its a w by the waY 7 years ago  
im bored at small intelligance levels of people 7 years ago +2
wouldent talking to animals BE speking a lot of forign languages 7 years ago  
energy sowrd= bad ass, light saber = jedi warroir, bad ass= women, jedi= dead people for making fun of your robe, both take large amount of training, me= energy swored 7 years ago  
shes just a 12 year old with an atoutund voice 7 years ago  
NONE OTHER SHALL TOP IT! 7 years ago  
is there a differance other than the scarry wepon? 7 years ago  
nosy people can go to jail, then guess what? no more naghbors! 7 years ago  
hey if you kick a donkey that belongs to somone you dont like, you kicked there ass 7 years ago  
stupid. nether are reasoneable. we should not have wars 7 years ago  
wolf is able to kill owl 7 years ago +1
will smith is bad a$$ man 7 years ago +2
i can write with my eyes closed, but it looks like a one fingered man wrote it if its my left hand 7 years ago  
i know how to difuse a bomb. cut all wires at once! 7 years ago +4
tellatubies are gay, literaly 7 years ago  
m16 sucks, just ask max brooks 7 years ago +1
hell if my sister looked like that! 7 years ago +4
why 7 years ago +1
one murder, or 100 murders while the whole time the other pupies would be yelping and................... get the point yet? 7 years ago  
wtf 7 years ago  
or the movie "devil" 7 years ago +3
cube, or circle? 7 years ago +6
agreed 7 years ago  
ok how about have sex with a rino or never again! happy? 7 years ago  
wtf thats what you put up there as the reason that youd join in!! 7 years ago  
wait some one clatify, lick 90% of it clean or lick her 90% clean foot 7 years ago +1
not me 7 years ago  
best coment ive read all day 7 years ago +1
look at the picture?! thats like saying bad ass turtal or gay as hell brightly colered people 7 years ago +5
furture less cancer 7 years ago +6
darth reaven is me so i would win, b*tch 7 years ago  
yeah i am all ready surrounded by morons so im halfway there 7 years ago +2
armpit hair has nothing to do with lips and she is kinda hot 7 years ago +2
i picked worst enemy then i re read the qusition and realized who it waz and........ dearr god thats disgusting 7 years ago +1
furtrama is the fing bomb man 7 years ago +5
big time fail. you dont even know there names 7 years ago +1
spell fail 7 years ago  
uhhh. i mean mmmmmm tasty 7 years ago  
dead space, because, well its in spac, what the [email protected] is it going to matter to me? 7 years ago +4
im wondering whos the 7 % that choose the toenails 7 years ago +4
girl from vidio game, because at least you know shes hot, and can kick ass 7 years ago  
i would not like ethier but i would choke and die from the eye ball, no ones throught is that big 7 years ago  
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