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    "Look I'm cool I know how to use Linux. I'm better than Windows and Mac users because Linux is so different and rare."  
    party like it's 1999.  
    only good miniclip game I ever played out of many was 8ballpool. Armor game has many decent games I've played. Both nothing special tho.  
    if I had a comaro dumbases wouldn't bother me all the time and I'd get a lot less tickets.  
    If you asked this 20 years ago it'd be 90% vhs tho.  
    no skill to playing mario  
    Obama is a moron +1
    Son of satan long leg mack daddy first term senator wasn't qualified for the big job. Just a puppet for wall street.  
    bush is the reason we got obama and was a terrible president but obama is the son of satan.  
    50% is too likely you don't get it  
    nobody even cares it's your birthday  
    smoothies are for sissy  
    why would you give up something that you need in this day and age. If friends can't understand their not real friends.  
    the picutres make it easy.  
    Won't have 1 million in your possession your entire life and you don't have to work for a long long time. The short term highs much greater than the long term safety of the great job.  
    less days more hours turns into more days and less hours more days turns into more hours.  
    only if the chauffer pays for my meals and exotic massages.  
    all you dumbys saying snow have never had to shovel snow and you probably don't have jobs either.  
    pepsi tastes funny these days. coke is usually always good.  
    black man so I could own some slaves  
    take all that chiwalwas and tiny dogs to the pound.  
    miserable genius might kill himself from depression but happy moron will get locked up for masturbating in public.  
    never heard of Dumbledore  
    captain kirk  
    what kind of question is this?  
    everybody jealous of winners. Rather laugh at their own idiocracy.  
    Monkey would try to bite your dock off. Pig would just be like a less smart dog.  
    I only need to know one language and that's English.  
    I'm Beerus god of destruction cool  
    you can't pay your rent and bills with amazon gift cards.  
    World War 3 the humanity would go on. Alien Invasion would be the end of world as we know it.  
    It says invasion not unify the world.  
    their smarter than you then because they probably download their sh*t for free  
    free coffee for an entire year or free music forever that you can just download for free forever all over the internet likely. Itunes won't even be around forever.  
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