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    no bady said that dude was dumb// 6 years ago  
    beuty 6 years ago  
    rewind 6 years ago  
    be able to watch my dreams on t.v 6 years ago  
    heck no 6 years ago  
    see 6 years ago  
    it depends is it a good moo or iss it a pretty look 6 years ago  
    10 hours 6 years ago  
    idk thats hard 6 years ago  
    real.they smell beter 6 years ago  
    date the hottest guy i know 6 years ago  
    sunglasses 6 years ago  
    fail 6 years ago  
    todays music from 2011 6 years ago  
    female 6 years ago  
    a? 6 years ago  
    begger 6 years ago  
    good at something you hate 6 years ago  
    a child sweatshop worker 6 years ago  
    make a law 6 years ago  
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