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    same 1 year ago  
    samwe 1 year ago  
    your wife would be your friend 1 year ago +1
    its not sucide your in deep pain your already bout to die so who cares god wont 1 year ago  
    my granpal did that 1 year ago  
    beat it 1 year ago  
    pokemon and digemon suck 1 year ago  
    conar mcgregor is a beast 1 year ago +1
    soccer sucks 1 year ago  
    baseballs hurt more 1 year ago  
    my 2 fav sports 1 year ago  
    i like golf but basketball my fav sport 1 year ago  
    dang i dont cliked the wrong thing sh*t 1 year ago  
    damn that would suck 1 year ago  
    pokemon is gay af 1 year ago  
    happy gilmore is so funny 1 year ago  
    that was a good one 1 year ago  
    i hate cats 1 year ago  
    i like donald trump 1 year ago  

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