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Which is Better? Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us 5 years ago 185 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fight off a tiger or Fight of a leopard 6 years ago 1,652 votes 25 comments 0 likes

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Mama says im gay 5 years ago  
F**k YES!!!! 5 years ago  
F**k the LAW 5 years ago  
I say, f**k condoms. Go to pound town! 5 years ago +1
I don't get B 5 years ago  
Danny's a ghost. 5 years ago  
You're f***ing Altair, it dont matter to you! 5 years ago +1
Dialga and Palkia control time and space. They could pause the Yugioh things, then tear them out of existence. 5 years ago +1
At least that weird thing has a Vagina. 5 years ago +5
I f*****g love Max and Ruby. 5 years ago +2
True, but Europe would be rubble if it weren't for us. 5 years ago +1
They both are overrated, but Zombies are so overrated. 5 years ago  
Blame it on your period. 5 years ago +2
Don't give in to peer pressure 5 years ago +1
Plus when your penis gets hard, it won't be completely crushed :P 5 years ago  
Let's just have a three way 5 years ago +1
It is always tea time. 5 years ago  
Franklin looks like a f****n badass! 5 years ago +2
Why the hell would anyone vote for those faggots who are Skrillex? 5 years ago  
Most people that have voted have probably never had Five Guys. 5 years ago +4
Pretty boys are generally pussies, girls. You'll date them, and some bigger dude will say "Boo!" and he'll piss his pants and run away. 5 years ago  
I wanna see the comments 5 years ago  
Well this is quite a happy question. 5 years ago +5
I didn't say they had it harder than any one else, I just said that they are much more discriminated in our generation. Whites are expected to feel "White guilt" because our ancestors owned blacks? Yeah, f**k that. They shouldn't feel any guilt, because it's not like they were the ones who did it. And think about this. If a black guy were to call a white guy "white boy", and the white guy got mad at him for it, everyone would tell the white guy to quit overreacting. But if a white guy goes and calls a black man "black boy", he's called a racist and given the finger. In the workforce, an employer can't fire a black man for being black, but he can fire a white guy for being white. In fact, the only kind of race discrimination that won't land an employer in hot water, is discrimination against white people. If whites are expected to feel "white guilt" for their ancestors enslaving the blacks, then all the African Americans, European Americans, and Asian Americans, should have to feel "Our ancestors nearly wiped out the Native Americans" guilt. See, my ancestors were considered savages, and were even lower than blacks. My ancestors were murdered by everyone elses ancestors. My race only has about 5 million left, counting all tribes of Natives, while the so called "poor poor blacks" have 100's of millions left. Yeah, they were slaves, and that sucks, but at least they weren't the victims of a brutal genocide. Oh, and btw, we were slaves too. 5 years ago +1
That comment was to Boster930 5 years ago  
Okay, so with that logic, tell me if this is fair. A very close friend of mine graduated from high school in 1993 with a gpa of 3.8. He took all honors classes. He ended up working his way through college to be a physicist. Currently, he works for NASA and has a degree in Astrophysics. In his same graduating class, a black man graduated with a GPA of 1.3. He didn't have to work his way through college, because he was black with a low family income. He ended up getting a scholarship, and he dropped out of college after the first semester. Both of the men went to the same high school, and both of them came from low income families. One was white with a 3.8 GPA, while the other was black with a 1.3 GPA. The white guy paid his way through college to become an Astrophysicist, while the other one went to college for free and dropped out. So tell me again, how is that fair? 5 years ago  
Here is a testimony by a Native American (I am not the Native in this passage): I'm a Native, so I can speak for us. All I can say, is to go from 100 million in 1500 to 250,000 in 1890, obviously speaks for itself. Spanish priests recorded that the Taino of the Caribbean at one time were 3 million strong, that when Columbus was finally arrested, only 30,000 were left. Under Columbus's orders, men were forced into mines, women were killed in masse, and their babies and children were fed to dogs. Hell, Sand Creek, a settlement of Shoshone and Cheyenne were attacked by an American Militia. Where children were shot, and pregnant women were sliced open with their unborn children pulled out by the soldiers. In the 1960's, the Federals went as far as sterilizing our women. We fight WW1 and 2 for them, then they turn around and neuter us??? If you look at Native child births in the 60's and 70's, without a doubt something happened. Girls as young as 14 were sterilized when they weren't told! Our child birth quota was cut in half. 5 years ago +10
Then I still love you. 5 years ago  
Aww man! You didn't post a dr.pepper comment :(. I was having fun.... 5 years ago  
Hellz yeah 5 years ago  
I just now realized that you're commenting something dr.pepper related for every question. It's freakin' awesome! 5 years ago  
Who the f**k thought of this? Who the f***k accepted it?? 5 years ago  
This is an unanswerable question :P 5 years ago +1
Guys, he is asking about the controller, not the console. 5 years ago +4
You're right, the rest of Europe wouldn't be under Nazi rule, they would be under Nazi Communist rule. How would the Russians not being under Nazi rule affect the other countries transition in Nazism? Do you think Hitler would just give up because the Russians weren't Nazis? Of course not! If he hadn't betrayed them, Hitler would've just left them alone, and still make the rest of Europe Nazi, until Stalin took over and made Europe Communist. (FYI, we didn't even have to fight the Germans, we only had to deal with the Japanese. It was only out of the goodness of our hearts that we did fight the Germans and spare Europe a fiery, Nazi related fate.) 5 years ago  
England was in complete ruins by the end of WWII, and they still would be if we hadn't GIVEN them BILLIONS of dollars, and due to inflation, that's probably in the TRILLIONS by now. Plus, that whole French thing, we weren't even a country yet. We were a country long AFTER Britain, and look who ended up on top. 5 years ago +2
Also, look at the newest question, three of them are his, and all of them are funny. One is asking if Ferris Bueller needs to learn his limits, asking an iron man related question depicted animate Iron Man riding a bald eagle, and then this one. Although this one generated a sh*t storm of controversy. 5 years ago +1
He's just doing it to be funny. I doubt he think Australia is crappy, I mean come on, Australia kick ASSSSS!! 5 years ago +2
That last comment was directed to the guest from Monmouthshire, UK, not towards Mr.Jacobovich 5 years ago  
Yeah right, like the UK could ever kill America. You know if it were not for America, your country and the rest of Europe (besides Russia) would be under Nazi rule and completely destroyed. Look up the Marshall Plan. We donated Billions of dollars to fix your then f***ed up country after the Germans whooped you guys. To defeat the Nazi's, we worked with Russia, and after we beat the Germans without your help, the Russians tried to spread communism, and they would have without America. So, you, and the rest of Europe need to be pretty great full to America. 5 years ago +2
We should just slit Cameron's throat and shove a dildo in the f***ing wound. 5 years ago +1
Maybe it was a cat related accident 6 years ago +8
I don't wear shoes anyway 6 years ago +1
Boca Raton has tons of them. 6 years ago  
rape is more than grrreeeeaaaat!!! 6 years ago +2
i would make a law that states that all children have their testicles removed and they were forced to swallow them whole. And if they are a women, they are chained to a chair and forced to drink their period blood for the rest of their lives. 6 years ago +144
that 2012 picture is a pun 6 years ago +2
I hate snow 6 years ago +3
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