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    top and tail sleep over lol  
    shag her  
    bj suck swallow the cum or spit it at a niga  
    at tesco lol  
    they both are with people I'm gonna kill my hoes boy just to watch this  
    f*** em  
    21 % of retards  
    dun her last night  
    math ?  
    i love yo mum so :P  
    paper bag  
    you live with love ? tho  
    I'm loved by every one  
    change my crush hahaha  
    my girl is talk af  
    there the f***ing same  
    do it for the vine  
    plastic train  
    91 lol she hates me :(  
    im not gay  
    im cocky  
    my friend is my crush haha  
    lol banter  
    my names no luke  
    all ready happened :(  
    i don't want to die  
    I'm male i choose  
    ill teach her the guitar  
    didn't see that  
    sua em off then lol  
    yes it says at the bottem  
    my dreams are my xbox  
    she is my daughter ? you want a fight ?  
    fok off  
    there more special like me haahaha  
    when i get back i will be different and would you instantly wake up or just see blackness ????  
    gainers got aids sh*t wrong anser  
    love is life  
    hse a jew ha  
    I've got a knife hahaha  
    bath ?  
    drive me to mc donalds nigor  
    out side how much is it how may players is it ?  
    jump out  
    get my m8 to bail me he's rick as mother f***a  
    ? wtf  
    the world will end  
    rob sh*t  
    no sleep no sleep  
    big fluffy dog like i do  
    10 % don't you mean 90 % ?  
    can you buy wishes ?  
    im a master of guitar  
    just like tony stark  
    there clothes are swag  
    i was gonna post that  
    finger my self all day lol  
    baby lol  
    me too  
    small ill be 2.9 foot it would be cool  
    there time you have the more money you can earn  
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