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I am a social liberal and economically moderate to liberal.

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Who here thinks ilovefreedom is dumb. yes or no 3 years ago 49 votes 52 comments 0 likes

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simpsons suck 3 years ago  
true 3 years ago  
obvious 3 years ago  
I have a better chance of living 3 years ago  
kys fag 3 years ago  
how is it racist. 3 years ago  
clearly 3 years ago +2
Play god 3 years ago  
Yes 3 years ago  
Lol I get it 3 years ago  
Em is god 3 years ago  
Ikr 3 years ago  
Cod 3 years ago  
More fun 3 years ago  
I hate faze 3 years ago  
Common sense 3 years ago  
Misclick 3 years ago  
71 percent of people can go f*ck themselves 3 years ago +2
Call in air strike 3 years ago  
Way cooler 3 years ago +1
Colt revolver 3 years ago  
Misclick 3 years ago +2
Gun beats crossbow 3 years ago  
im sorry i do 3 years ago  
thats just false i do understand what i am talking about. 3 years ago  
first of all its not gay, i believe that unicorn is female, B your the actual definition of a faggot,a male homosexual since you choose to date vader. 3 years ago +1
This insane idea that letting comanies just pay there employees whatever they want is not fair to the employers. Your argument is that people can just leave, while its technically true finding jobs are not always easy for laborers they cant just leave alot of the time, therefore they're easily stuck with a sh*tty wage. Also do you really think that regular consumers care anout how they're goods are made not many do, massive consumer pushback for unfair wages are not a relaible way to gain justice for those people. 3 years ago  
its still a monarchy, its immoral people must have the power not one man. 3 years ago  
well sadly for you, you are wrong. 3 years ago  
meh 3 years ago  
Bitch 3 years ago  
farcry sucks. 3 years ago  
F*cks a waluigi 3 years ago  
easy 3 years ago  
You do realize if the minimum wage did not exist most laborers would be paid practically nothing, as long as your not evil you deserve a decent life and thats what those laborers deserve, it will not be achieved through letting companies decide the least amount of money to pay there employers. 3 years ago  
No all monarchs must die, i thought you loved freedom. 3 years ago  
I do understand what it did it made slavery illegal in the south, it was a slip up yes however ideologically I am correct. 3 years ago  
no, i am just saying that since i am not gay i would rather date the female since i am male. 3 years ago  
yeah go look at what he said. 3 years ago  
not true 3 years ago  
what about regulations that help keep wages fair and keep working conditions fair. Regulations that im in favor of are not authoritarian feel free to ask what my opinions on specific regulations. 3 years ago  
fair enough i just think he is polltically looney. 3 years ago  
sorry but calling someone autistic cause they make a mistake is honestley wrong. 3 years ago  
yes it is 3 years ago  
I agree not all libertarians want to abolish regulations, my question is what do you think about regulations specifcally not broadley. 3 years ago  
how is he loyal to rrrather, not that i am disagreeing just asking why you think that. 3 years ago  
oh so because i like keeping companies in check them makes me a nazi, boy you are retarded. 3 years ago  
its not a glaring historical error. 3 years ago  
cool, i watch tennis because i play it. 3 years ago  
yeah i make typos whats it to you, thats an iddiotic thing bring up when your having a conversation on the internet, its very childish. I do have respect i just get angry when people say dont bring up religon and pollitics because they are important things to be right on. 3 years ago  
fine i have to admit i love sushi and japanese stuff i just thought you liked the olympics for a second. 3 years ago  
i am not saying the government has any right to our wallets i am saying is buisnesses must be regulated to protect public interest, and people have to pay taxes. 3 years ago  
northern slaves were freed then too, even if it was not from the emancipation its not relevant northern states had bareley any than and were freed, these technicallities you use in an argumant to look smart is getting old man. 3 years ago  
nah olympics are retarded, i have a feeling you watch tentacle porn. 3 years ago  
no I support freedom too, i just support companies not getting away with murder and labeling it as liberty, i bet i am as socially libertarian as you are. 3 years ago  
what you just said is is stupid as hell 3 years ago  
yes but not at the time of the civil war, even at the height of slavery there was barely less slaves, and northerners also followed the emancipation proclemation and gave slaves freedom without a fight. 3 years ago  
i am not a faggot what i said was completely rational 3 years ago  
not gay sooooooooooooo 3 years ago  
more usefull. 3 years ago +1
The central powers mostly started the conflict, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was justified, all monarchs must die. 3 years ago  
technically yes, but the slavery was immoral and evil had to be stopped with violence. 3 years ago  
The brittish government aggravated the problem to a deadly extreme, the Irish population growth never fully recovered even up to today. 3 years ago  
to punishing and cruel to support. 3 years ago +1
I just think that since i dont know him in real life judging him personally is a waste of time, therefore I judge is polltical opinions, thats why i dont like him. 3 years ago  
loyal to what. 3 years ago  
not neccaserilly , its right wing libertarianism thats stupid and thats what ilovefreedom supports. 3 years ago  
why 3 years ago  
His logic is usually wrong man. 3 years ago  
just my opinion. 3 years ago  
you must be joking 3 years ago  
nice 3 years ago  
wtf 3 years ago  
people who vote A are dumb 3 years ago  
also refering to native west virginians. 3 years ago  
just joking. 3 years ago  
*id 3 years ago  
it rather KYS 3 years ago  
f*ck off 3 years ago  
infinite knowledge is infinite power. 3 years ago +1
i dont see why not 3 years ago  
I would pretty much die 3 years ago  
Bust out my 9mm and f*ck him up 3 years ago  
Bust a .257 up his ass 3 years ago +1
obviously 3 years ago +1
Did a man called Jesus of Nazareth walk the earth? Discussions over whether the figure known as the “Historical Jesus” actually existed primarily reflect disagreements among atheists. Believers, who uphold the implausible and more easily-dismissed “Christ of Faith” (the divine Jesus who walked on water), ought not to get involved. Numerous secular scholars have presented their own versions of the so-called “Historical Jesus” – and most of them are, as biblical scholar J.D. Crossan puts it, “an academic embarrassment.” From Crossan’s view of Jesus as the wise sage, to Robert Eisenman’s Jesus the revolutionary, andBart Ehrman’s apocalyptic prophet, about the only thing New Testament scholars seem to agree on is Jesus’ historical existence. But can even that be questioned? The first problem we encounter when trying to discover more about the Historical Jesus is the lack of early sources. The earliest sources only reference the clearly fictional Christ of Faith. These early sources, compiled decades after the alleged events, all stem from Christian authors eager to promote Christianity – which gives us reason to question them. The authors of the Gospels fail to name themselves, describe their qualifications, or show any criticism with their foundational sources – which they also fail to identify. Filled with mythical and non-historical information, and heavily edited over time, the Gospels certainly should not convince critics to trust even the more mundane claims made therein. 3 years ago  
Yes it was an idiotic mistake but its not evil, you clearly do not understand what evil means, 3 years ago  
not really, in fact the republican party is mostly responsible for that, democrats want big gov programs that is true. However without republican opposition they would not run up debt. 3 years ago  
yep thats why aang would win 3 years ago  
definitley 3 years ago  
it use to be funnier tho 3 years ago  
less stupid in my opinion. 3 years ago +1
more versatile. 3 years ago +1
both dumb extremist religious people just different religious. 3 years ago  
who can litterely throw boulders at you while burning you with fire. 3 years ago  
Christianity was the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world. Its emergence owed nothing to a holy carpenter. There were many Jesuses but the fable was a cultural construct. The nativity yarn is a concatenation of nonsense. The genealogies of Jesus, both Matthew's version and Luke's, are pious fiction. Nazareth did not exist in the 1st century AD – the area was a burial ground of rock-cut tombs. With multiple authors behind the original gospel story it is no surprise that the figure of "Jesus" is a mess of contradictions. Yet the story is so thinly drawn that being a "good Christian" might mean almost anything. The 12 disciples are as fictitious as their master, invented to legitimise the claims of the early churches. The original Mary was not a virgin, that idea was borrowed from pagan goddesses. The pagan world knew all about virgins getting pregnant by randy gods: The Mythical "Virgin Mother". Scholars have known all this for more than 200 years but priestcraft is a highly profitable business and finances an industry of deceit to keep the show on the road. "Jesus better documented than any other ancient figure"? Don't believe a word of it. Unlike the mythical Jesus, a real historical figure like Julius Caesar has a mass of mutually supporting evidence. 3 years ago  
most of the bottom left does support economic freedom including me, we just beleive there needs to be a reasonable amount of regulation to ensure that public intrest is protected. 3 years ago  
most of the bottom left does support economic freedom including me, we just beleive there needs to be a reasonable amount of regulation to ensure that public intrest is protected. 3 years ago  
Comey said three emails had “portion markings” on them indicating that they were classified, but they were not properly marked and therefore could have been missed by Clinton. He said the emails were marked as classified with the letter “C” in the body of the email. Kirby said the State Department believes that at least two of the emails were mistakenly marked as confidential. He could not speak to the third email, saying ​the department didn’t have​ “all of the records and documents that the FBI used in their investigation.” Comey told the committee he is “highly confident” that FBI investigators consulted with the State Department about the marked emails. But he said he did not know that the department believes that any of them were marked in error. 3 years ago  
Maybe respected at the time but information from that time recording jesus is not reliable even from him. 3 years ago  
thats so false and you know it, the bottm left has intelliegnt rational policies the top right are nazis. 3 years ago  
thats not what shes doing 3 years ago  
pikachu is kinda useless. 3 years ago  
deadpool b*tches 3 years ago  
why not? 3 years ago  
maybe 3 years ago  
pikachu is overated 3 years ago +2
I would consider it. 3 years ago +1
no its not, there are reliable sources that say he existed, the bible is not reliable. 3 years ago  
bottom ,left loves freedom and has better policies soooooooo. 3 years ago  
corruption is evil in extreme amounts, Hillary in not the evil form of corruption. 3 years ago  
do you have the IQ of keemstar on crack. 3 years ago  
i dont give a sh*t. 3 years ago  
God does not exist 3 years ago  
wow thats some f*ckin dedication to protecting your sister I respect it. still insane though 3 years ago +1
that would be f*cking awesome 3 years ago  
im not gay 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
have fun in jail 3 years ago +1
hes awesome 3 years ago  
depends on the dish 3 years ago  
exactly man 3 years ago +1
havent watched either 3 years ago +1
depends 3 years ago  
i dont even eat junk food, i like jerking it to hot women. 3 years ago  
he is a fictional character. 3 years ago  
NO you get first by getting in the bottom left second is bottom right. 3 years ago  
she is pretty corrupt but not evil 3 years ago  
Greed-intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. Ambition- a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.. Boy your dumb. 3 years ago  
death 3 years ago  
why care, what you rather be locked in jail or have your skin torn off. 3 years ago  
not nazis 3 years ago +1
no its not moron 3 years ago  
greedy is more dangerous 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago +1
mindlesspie is cancerous now 3 years ago +1
Blazing saddles was the best. 3 years ago  
screw anime 3 years ago +1
STFU LITTLE BICTH 3 years ago  
COD mater presteige every game. 3 years ago  
run run run 3 years ago  
so easy 3 years ago  
way better 3 years ago  
seven nation army 3 years ago +1
im an atheist and we sound annoying because were to smart for you. 3 years ago  
dont have any siblings b*tches 3 years ago +1
better 3 years ago  
so could b retard 3 years ago  
amazing. 3 years ago +3
my freinds sister has a pig 3 years ago  
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn 3 years ago  
since your from west Virginia your probably inbred and only breathe through your mouth. 3 years ago  
no 3 years ago  
f*ck off 3 years ago  
rekt 3 years ago  
thats mw3 moron 3 years ago  
i got left libertarian. 3 years ago  
no 3 years ago  
no im talking to biohazard, your right. 3 years ago  
Ending religon 3 years ago +2
M3rkmus1c 3 years ago  
but it dosent have modern appliances and looks old, mansions are cooler. 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
both suck dick 3 years ago  
F*CK NO 3 years ago  
damn republicans 3 years ago  
BOTH SUCK 3 years ago  
She was an old conservative cunt. 3 years ago  
your dumb 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
no its not 3 years ago +1
obviousley 3 years ago +1
an addictive drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anesthetic. 3 years ago  
Many people do get sick from eatng raw fish, same wtih land. 3 years ago  
SMOKE WEED EVEREY DAY. 3 years ago  
easier to kill with 3 years ago  
so why not the tv, its probably more expensive 3 years ago  
more fun 3 years ago  
wont get stuck 3 years ago  
your such an iddiot. 3 years ago  
send me a video of you doing it and living. 3 years ago  
im with ya 3 years ago  
hitchiking is stupid to take part in. 3 years ago  
good thing 3 years ago  
prove it 3 years ago  
eminem is best, go listen to al of his music old and new. 3 years ago  
0-3 3 years ago +1
New York 3 years ago  
sounds bad 3 years ago  
A will 100% kill you 3 years ago +1
so obvoius 3 years ago  
1.09898986767867867868565675764536434344 3 years ago  
All black ops games 3 years ago  
thanks 3 years ago  
false 3 years ago  
dont care about gender but clinton is better than rubio. 3 years ago  
*worst 3 years ago  
Reagan was one of the worts presidents in US history 3 years ago  
monarchies are evil, the royal family should be executed. 3 years ago  
moderate though 3 years ago  
you are correct but legal handguns in the right hands are fine 3 years ago  
misclick, i choose to get rid of reagan 3 years ago  
Pokemon is gay 3 years ago  
ok 3 years ago  
it is 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
they both suck 3 years ago  
-5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 3 years ago +1
less gay 3 years ago  
No constest 3 years ago  
* both 3 years ago  
f*ck doing noth 3 years ago  
god does not exist 3 years ago  
ur welcome fag 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
god dosent exist moron 3 years ago +1
ur wrong he never abandoned it 3 years ago  
god does not exist you dumb b*tch 3 years ago  
what does server to bust mean 3 years ago  
Spank your tank 3 years ago  
dragons r cool 3 years ago  
its fine 3 years ago  
money 3 years ago  
I support all types of marriage where both parties are giving consent, excluding children of course. 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
no its disgusting 3 years ago  
never been in either honestly 3 years ago  
thats deadpool you F*cking iddiot 3 years ago +2
tupac 3 years ago  
So much better 3 years ago  
I mean wendys is more healthy than McDonalds but there both going to make your body rot from the inside out. 3 years ago  
that is nice 3 years ago  
there are however laws that impede social freedom 3 years ago  
trump is a scummy orange f*ck 3 years ago  
sadly true 3 years ago  
way sicker 3 years ago  
may the force be with you 3 years ago  
im a moderate liberal you moron 3 years ago  
some of what he says is nutty but its mostly for comedy, his true leaning are most likely moderate liberal. 3 years ago  
search youtube for onision he is a very staunch liberal. 3 years ago  
shots fired 3 years ago  
screw islam 3 years ago  
you got that from Onision didnt you 3 years ago  
so nice 3 years ago  
odviously 3 years ago  
what is it 3 years ago  
more good games 3 years ago  
more fun 3 years ago  
COD is the best video game series ever 3 years ago  
Captian Pryce 3 years ago  
if i have different beleifs i will debate em. 3 years ago  
matman screw being PC 3 years ago  
something about it was better 3 years ago  
better 3 years ago  
apple is swag 3 years ago  
better charecter better game 3 years ago  
better game better charecters 3 years ago  
SKIPING THIS............. 3 years ago  
SANIC 3 years ago  
more usefull 3 years ago  
not always acurate, i know better sources 3 years ago  
Way better. 3 years ago  
Ferrari's are so great, all there models are badass. 3 years ago  
why is this in tech 3 years ago  
screw you 3 years ago  
both are gross 3 years ago  
im on a mac but i use dell for gaming sometimes, 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
good luck finding moon rocks 3 years ago  
So much better 3 years ago  
i dont agree with everything he says but he is the best option. 3 years ago  
BERNIE 2016 3 years ago  
I wish 3 years ago  
r u a terrorist, i always thought you were biohazard 3 years ago  
disgusting but not as bad 3 years ago  
its needed in most issues, if anyone has any questions as to where its needed and not please send me a message. 3 years ago  
glock 3 years ago  
good 3 years ago +2
we already try to ban terrorists. We dont on the other hand try to deport rapists 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
COD 3 years ago  
what im using right now 3 years ago  
way better for my usage wich is music and sh*t like that. 3 years ago  
both amazing but bo2 takes it. 3 years ago  
who uses vertical WTF 3 years ago +1
So much better 3 years ago  
yeah 3 years ago  
XBOX FTW 3 years ago  
Love both but turned out better 3 years ago  
of microsoft 3 years ago  
Much better 3 years ago  
skyrim is ass, MW3 is amazing. 3 years ago  
Neither exist. 3 years ago +1
COD 3 years ago  
and wendys dosent 3 years ago  
both are bad but FIat is better 3 years ago  
Laferrari 3 years ago  
M60 is sick 3 years ago +1
misclick 3 years ago  
goodluck finding moon rocks. 3 years ago +1
WTF IS THIS 3 years ago  
all religon must end 3 years ago  
money 3 years ago +1
yep 3 years ago  
call of duty 3 years ago  
actually black ops 3 3 years ago  
call of duty modern warfare 2 3 years ago  
consoles 3 years ago  
who cares b is better, one amazing game is better than 4 crap games 3 years ago  
sorry obviously 3 years ago  
obmiously 3 years ago  
no contest, COD IS LOVE COD IS LIFE 3 years ago  
i loved watch dogs, GTA is so overated 3 years ago  
thats not sexism you F*CKING iddiot 3 years ago  
i dare you to find moon rocks 3 years ago  
no question 3 years ago +1
clearly 3 years ago +2
i live in america, no fat ass north korean sociopath pig is invading my country 3 years ago  
more fun 3 years ago +1
no head trauma 3 years ago  
so so so so so easy 3 years ago  
call of duty is better 3 years ago  
its okay 3 years ago  
one sorry 3 years ago +1
xbox is best 3 years ago +1
xbox one is best 3 years ago +1
hate both 3 years ago  
xbox one all the way 3 years ago  
hate both 3 years ago  
60%kys 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
Blackbeard from rainbow six seige, im so f*cked 3 years ago  
sorry 30% economic 3 years ago  
liberal 70% personal 3 years ago  
seven beheaded jihadis 3 years ago  
duh 3 years ago  
easy 3 years ago  
less bad 3 years ago +1
F*ck chinas gov 3 years ago  
hate the leader 3 years ago  
singapore has rediculous laws 3 years ago  
in real life, on website then your f*cked 3 years ago  
call of duty infinite warfare and modern warfare remastered 3 years ago  
what does the q stand for in lgbtq 3 years ago  
why 3 years ago  
its what his supporters like 3 years ago  
very likley real but was not the son of god or any stupid stuff like that 3 years ago +1
no 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago +1
screw u 3 years ago  
havent seen it looks bad 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
nothing against the gay comunity i just think what they do is gross 3 years ago  
twerkindolphin 3 years ago  
I like how your such a loser you have nothing better to do than be a grammar nazi 3 years ago  
America while it may owe a lot of debt to china,does not owe enough to have their economy dependent in chinese influence 3 years ago  
no iddiot 3 years ago  
your so stupid 3 years ago  
go kill yourself your a disgrace 3 years ago  
*moron 3 years ago  
you are a morn 3 years ago  
exactly 3 years ago  
strenght importand and lebron has it 3 years ago  
NO contest' 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago +1
usually better 3 years ago  
less annoying 3 years ago  
Half Life 2 was great 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
COD 3 years ago  
Ghosts was f*cking awesome 3 years ago  
Dude ghosts was epic 3 years ago  
COD 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
Really really tough but i gotta go with Price 3 years ago  
less freaking stupid 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
easy 3 years ago  
F*CK POKEMON 3 years ago  
obviously 3 years ago +2
NO contest 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
I always loves Call of Duty ghosts 3 years ago  
10 3 years ago  
its not sexist iddiot 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
fags 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
both are dumb 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
I hate both games sooooo much but b is more tollerable 3 years ago  
BOth are crap 3 years ago +1
No Contest 3 years ago  
hate both but fallout is less bad 3 years ago  
Hate both but fallout is less bad 3 years ago  
I hate both but Just cause is less bad 3 years ago  
crap wrong one 3 years ago  
So easy 3 years ago  
Why is this a question duck is a retard 3 years ago +1
Lilly is less of a b*tch 3 years ago +1
Generally n game music works 3 years ago  
BETTER 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
Easy for me i just like the feel more 3 years ago  
Obviously 3 years ago  
Captian Price 3 years ago  
I hate tf2 but better than garys mods 3 years ago  
Not minecraft tho 3 years ago  
Rainbow Six Seige 3 years ago  
SO freaking overated its obnoxious 3 years ago  
XBOX ONLY 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago +1
not completeley true 3 years ago  
BOTH are great but i slightly prefer MW3 on account of graphics 3 years ago  
Too easy 3 years ago  
U play WII U kys 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
NO CONTEST 3 years ago  
you must be a special kind of stupid. Oh did i mention this is my second acount I was Patton 1945 3 years ago  
Both are great but i gotta hand it to Black ops 3 years ago  
66% kys MW3 is amazing 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago +1
No contest 3 years ago  
Both are fantastic dont get me wrong but Black Ops zombies are truly amazing 3 years ago  
show me one 3 years ago  
hell nah to the nah nah nah hell to the nah nah 3 years ago  
you dont need to look closeley 3 years ago  
the hell is that 3 years ago +1
i know 3 years ago  
cmon 3 years ago  
fricking weirdo 3 years ago  
Im not trolling i truly think this is better and probrally more healthy 3 years ago  
me 3 years ago  
by who 3 years ago  
i dont get it someone tell me what it means 3 years ago  
It cleary dosent work theoretically or in real life 3 years ago +2
clearly 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
Obviously 3 years ago  
Hell no 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
Both are really bad but fetty is slightly better 3 years ago  
NO contest 3 years ago  
I love both but Eminem has more good songs 3 years ago  
No freaking contest Tupac kicks Biggies ass any day of the week 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
Real rap yes 3 years ago  
No contest 3 years ago  
Less nnoying 3 years ago +1
No freaking contest 3 years ago +1
No contest 3 years ago  
No question 3 years ago +1
Tupac, Nas NWA and others 3 years ago  
No most of it is not real rap 3 years ago +1
Soooooooo tough but probraly west 3 years ago +1
Nas is way better, Jay-Z is trash 3 years ago +1
50 cent is also a better rapper 3 years ago  
Bout to get smacked by my stimulus package, lmfao 3 years ago +1
Way better 3 years ago  
retard alert 3 years ago  
defnitley 3 years ago  
There both sh*tholes 3 years ago +2
iddiot 3 years ago  
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