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    Ill ask is my name "full name" and if he says no then hes lying if yes the. Telling the truth 4 years ago +2
    same either way 4 years ago  
    its not true love if choosing that option gives you true love 4 years ago  
    Stupid question -.- 5 years ago +1
    Ever heard of a haircut? 5 years ago  
    The moms would still be kicked either way.... 5 years ago  
    Ever heard of shaving? 5 years ago  
    Jets are more expensive... Id just sell it then buy a yacht and have alot of left over money 5 years ago  
    Id get rich either way 5 years ago  
    I always dreamt of having powers.... Yeha!! 5 years ago  
    Im selfish 5 years ago  
    Id just get all my money and then go back to my normal happy life 5 years ago  
    Live in the real world!! 5 years ago  
    Id travel to the moon 5 years ago  
    Id lose my left.... Its harder to only have one leg than one arm.. If i lost my leg my other one would be useless as well 5 years ago  
    Mega kill!! 5 years ago  
    Choosing choice two would just be the stupidest thing you can ever do... Giving them money would just endanger their lives from the other thousands of families who didnt get the money and secondly they wont be educated enough to be able to handle such a large sum of money and thirdly it would be smarter to invest it yourself and then help later... 5 years ago +1
    I have millions anyways :p 5 years ago  
    Id wish that id have omnipotency then wish for a business that would give me tons of cash!!! 5 years ago  
    This isnt even a tech question.... 5 years ago +3
    I cant even hold my breath for a minute 5 years ago +59

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