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    i would let everyone else work for me  
    love is more rich than money alone  
    i would look hotter  
    that is were my wife sits  
    have sex but no problems later!!!!  
    i have your position now  
    the lord of the rings is 4hours  
    make out with the mermaids, i dont want to be run through with thier head  
    in beetween  
    it gose both ways time = $ but u can buy mor time  
    all groups have a sort of popularity, people Know them  
    with power u can find knowledge!  
    why would u put her in photo number one  
    oboma would be better  
    sit him on my lap and hold the stearing wheel  
    smart and hot. were are the girls  
    i want my money  
    i would make it perfact and every one would love me  
    f... all them  
    what about your brothers h might have sperm on them  
    not what it said above  
    let him shot u  
    i like food and like to drive i dont need a chauffeur  
    beter food at choice 2  
    eat your diarriah  
    i will steel from the banks if i were inmmortal  
    the smaller the more cute  
    i dont want to be made fun of  
    100% lied just stay out of trouble and u wont need a friend to take any blame  
    i dont want to fall 1000 ft i a couple of seconds  
    jessica looks more fun  
    jurastic park would be the best  
    windows is beter than mac  
    star trek has more episode and is better graphics. at least the new ones  
    i havent died yet  
    the wheel of wow?  
    i have x-ray glasses i geuss right all the time  
    my throght herts from yelling all the time  
    i want to control girls to make them love me  
    and touching your dirty underwear  
    at least u get money then u can buy food  
    easy are the best  
    i dont want to die +1
    i dont want the sickness  
    books have more to them  
    girls are the best looking  
    the smell would beter in my house  
    i would be able to have more girls untill i get old  
    i dont want to get sick and the food is always better.  
    i would take the stuff in the future and make it my own work. :)  
    hair stylist might be hot and i love to drive. +1
    i have many crushes at once so i want them all at once  
    i like coffee  
    if u are going to fail do it big!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    i have better people in mind then emma watson  
    thats is the best way to rip them off  
    what vidio game will their be +1
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