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    I love the silence  
    people should make more books like this  
    I don't give a SGIT  
    neither they both suck  
    I usually oversleep anyway  
    guys don't wear makeup  
    I would like my clothes to become invisible when I do  
    I could spend the day with my girlfriend  
    It's the same thing. TRICK QUESTION!!!!!!  
    I own both  
    I can do nothing and earn a lot  
    society can include your family  
    I don't care I'm a boy  
    already at this stage in my life  
    I'll make a horrible "friend* take the blame  
    just wax it of and be done with it  
    I don't work well with strangers  
    I will bring all family and friends and loved ones  
    I use none. They both suck  
    I'll just read write and type  
    I can be a stalker  
    Winter is da best  
    I have a pet wolf  
    my grandma is the best  
    I'm a man so I don't fu**ing care  
    I don't want to deal with washing the long hair  
    I want both  
    I want stay up playing video games  
    when I ask somone to tell me "go to heaven" I'll be so happy  
    Super Smash Bros is the best  
    my life sucks anyways  
    I'm inside playing games and watching movies all the time anyways  
    I want to see all those dreams that I forgot about  
    WTF is interesting about getting yourself killed in space  
    I love snow  
    I want to know all the truths in the world  
    I would like to get rid of both  
    If you can understand what you are saying you understand the language automaticly  
    I already am one  
    I want some diet coke not normal because diet tastes better  
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