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    I'm sure I'd love getting £1,000,000,000 every millisecond.  
    Catch them doing what?  
    Since they became famous.  
    I'd wear shoes.  
    No he isn't, moron.  
    Marvel has Thor, God of thunder.  
    I'll be wearing a parachute.  
    Never heard of either.  
    A man with 16 inch of eyebrows?  
    Guys don't wear bras.  
    My clothes all suck so they're free to keep them.  
    They both suck.  
    Netflix and YouTube.  
    I'm allergic to meat, so I'd rather not eat it 24/7.  
    If I cut half of my penis off, it will only be 5 foot long. But if I cut off my testicles, my penis is pretty much useless.  
    If God created the Big Bang, who created God? +1
    Great source of fresh meat for meals.  
    No taxes, no stress, and no getting arrested for being an adult hanging out with your young child buddies.  
    There is oxygen in water. I think you mean air in general.  
    My birthday is on the 21st of December so it doesn't change much for me.  
    That picture is quite small so it's OK.  
    To people below, Grolar Bears do exist. They are the hybrid children of grizzly and polar bears.  
    Waiting in line doesn't kill people.  
    It live in a year in the 1800 after the Civil War.  
    The people at school will not want to watch it all.  
    If those 2 guys were in a lift together, there wouldn't be any room for me.  
    I'd with for infinite wishes.  
    A prison is like a home, just more scary.  
    Being able to talk to everybody will allow me to ask 7.3 billion how to play every instrument.  
    If I ruled everything, I'd get to know everything.  
    I'd rather have sexy ladies than babies.  
    I'd rather be in love with a fellow human than a big dog and a 500 year old guy. +1
    I'd rather save millions than thousands.  
    Incredible sex = Incredible relationship.  
    Your father I am.  
    Why have $1million to spend in one place when you could have the same amount of money and spend it anywhere?  
    Invisibility + Teleportation = Super Bank Robber  
    That 18% doesn't understand the word "better". +1
    Living twice as long means more time to win.  
    They say money can't buy happiness but I'd rather cry in a Lamborghini than a bicycle.  
    I'd spend the money on a time machine!  
    I can spend my money on a time machine  
    They say money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Lamborghini than a bicycle.  
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