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Would you rather be here answering questions that are getting stupidly gross or have sex with your wife/hussband or whoever u want 2! 7 years ago 8,597 votes 40 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have big boobs and a sexy boyfriend or small tits and get $1,000,000 7 years ago 16,278 votes 231 comments 0 likes

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im a girl so why the hell would i want a "cucumber" 7 years ago +3
i call front! 7 years ago  
neither they are both grosss! and i am a girl taylor has long hair and justin just uhhh where do i start! 7 years ago  
i am ten so bring it on! 7 years ago  
NEITHER 7 years ago +2
idk wich was worse 7 years ago  
i am austarian so yeah 7 years ago +1
i look alot like ashley anyway so yeah 7 years ago  
same here so yaeh both! 7 years ago  
BOTH! 7 years ago +2
i am blonde so ecascause ME! 7 years ago +2
i agree i am actually heatherlitchfield10 but i forgot my password! 7 years ago  
you better not i am a girl and would personally kill you 7 years ago +1
and the boobs would be real! 7 years ago  
are u even a girl i created this question for u so respect it! 7 years ago  
i don't know what i am talking about so i chose mn3 7 years ago  
jordan jumps higher in the pic! 7 years ago  
option 1 is gross! 7 years ago  
slut is hot so slut 7 years ago  
this is getting old 7 years ago  
ferrari really but neither of those 7 years ago +1
this is so stupid 7 years ago +1
neither i vote ferrari 7 years ago  
im ten so option a! wait from my boyfriend or from some one else! 7 years ago  
im a girl so duh! 7 years ago  
my uncle is dieing of cancer so u can finish my answer 7 years ago +5
i am ten so wth= what the heck! 7 years ago +1
cause u just avoid the cause duh 7 years ago +1
breath mints! 7 years ago +2
make over time! second choice 7 years ago +2
purfume duhhh 7 years ago  
u can clean the bathtub duh 7 years ago +5
me too! im ten so u rule have them buy me one too! 7 years ago  
coffee if its a frappochino mocha the best 7 years ago  
in pic for 1 the girl on the far left is the only reason i picked it but if u take her out who cares and neither 7 years ago  
neither but i agree 7 years ago  
scad really but harvord 7 years ago  
2 is so goffy thats why i picked him cause he cracks me up 7 years ago +1
verizen sucks u idiot loser kill yourself for saying that or i will 7 years ago  
can i just say WHO. CARES. ABOUT. THAT. STUFF. if you do u are a douchebag in a sack! 7 years ago  
this question is getting old really fast 7 years ago +1
i look like ashley 7 years ago +1
neither 7 years ago  
whats the differance so neither 7 years ago  
hannah m sucks plus i can sing like miley 7 years ago  
hahahaha 2nd is hilarious 7 years ago  
second makes me crack up 7 years ago  
no 7 years ago  
both duh then i would be beutiful both ways 7 years ago  
u could get the fire put out duh 7 years ago  
i get seasick so duh private jet 7 years ago  
wigs people wigs plus i am a girl 7 years ago  
i am ten duh neither! 7 years ago  
u can just wear stuff thats flattering to your coler like hot pink! 7 years ago  
we did this on a differant page already 7 years ago +4
i am ten soo what the heck neither that is gross by the way! 7 years ago +1
u could bond with the people and make them help u! 7 years ago +1
u could fix your finger not your toes 7 years ago +2
wth=what the heck 7 years ago  
you could controll anger at the hate person but u have to live wiyth your grandma cause she is older u can't talk back to her! 7 years ago  
hey im a girl you bullsh*t from nc! 7 years ago  
my true live can be a millionare!!! so true love! 7 years ago  
i already have slow internet hahahaha 7 years ago +1
what the heck is horny duh!? 7 years ago +1
slut was sooooooooooooooo bad 7 years ago  
you would give people the hebbie jebbies being invisable 7 years ago +2
what the heck is holocaust? 7 years ago +5
defenantly because i would remember anything i saw! creepy right? 7 years ago  
me too id prob puke in themiddle and be scarred out of the hebbie jebbies! 7 years ago +1

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