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    Is he fuc*ing filming!!!?!?!?!?! WTF see this is whats wrong with society hope it's a damn tv show  
    Man those aren't vampires they are just retarded canibles and by fag i don't see how they allow you to use that langue you retarded redneck  
    Waiting don't kill retard  
    Fuuuuu*********kkkkkkkkkkkkk not again  
    I'm near that range but can it be a guy? you guys should really put these things women/guy  
    Wow just wow  
    Fu*king earphones... they keep messing me up on these things lol im atheists so there really is no religion  
    He never said for how long so i just do it for like not even a second  
    Well so now im straight but im gay  
    Find a cure  
    OMG i'm not that fuc*ing gay but whatevr  
    Simple find a eagle from a zoo take it home ....free it eventually it will come back  
    If women aren't attracted to you then gay dudes will....already gay  
    Eventually you'll be the most popular/smartest kid in school  
    Gay marrige is legal....just saying  
    Someones a little racist or just fu*king retarded  
    If you know everything then you'll figure out immortality then eventually be the ruler of everything duh  
    Seriously ii have many small dogs they ARE NOT BARKEY OR WHATEVER THERE CALM  
    Seriously.....say the got raped and had a baby who gonna help?  
    Omg must of been on drugs when i saw this defintily harry potter  
    Could this person be a dog?  
    Lol like the little troll god isn't real llol pokemon though hate religous people just be pokemon +1
    They never said you were the only survivor  
    He can run so fast just run on water we got enough dolphins in the world  
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