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Would you rather listen for eternity to... Twenty One Pilots or Panic! At The Disco 2 years ago 77 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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no, but i have scars anyways 2 years ago  
Mario is always an answer 2 years ago  
i love them both so much, i hate myselg for deciding 2 years ago  
Mario ftw 2 years ago  
Alvin, is that you? 2 years ago  
Funny enough to make me feel safe 2 years ago  
Mario ftw 2 years ago  
horses are lovely and so are frogs, all animals are cute and they're all still prettier than me 2 years ago  
i have never the correct answer to any question, i'd like to try it out 2 years ago  
anything but Math 2 years ago +1
√§lthough i'm from a country filled with alcoholics 2 years ago  
PAnic! At The Disco - Hallelujah...okay then challenge accepted 2 years ago  
i just love France, there's not much to say to that 2 years ago  
usually computer games, but now i'm really tired 2 years ago  
idek what's Funnyjunk 2 years ago  
dude... you need at least 100 razors to shave that off 2 years ago  
if i could sing.. 2 years ago  
PIKA PIKA! 2 years ago  
i'm not vegetarian, but i'd never kill anything 2 years ago  
i don't care as long as it's healthy 2 years ago  
i prefer to be alone, thanks 2 years ago  
looks like me 2 years ago  
there's no difference for colorblind people 2 years ago  
doing that already 2 years ago  
i like it risky 2 years ago  
i can't imagine how would my hair look like without washing it... greasy and stuff..ew 2 years ago  
does this matter? You'll be dead anyways 2 years ago  
anything rather than JB... and Taylor looks like a llama, i love llamas 2 years ago +1
my home 2 years ago  
you grow up.. this person is right 2 years ago  
you are stupid.. not everyone has to have big boobs 2 years ago  
i'm a girl and i just voted what i have 2 years ago  
ukulele 2 years ago  
i don't honestly care as long as it tastes like coke 2 years ago  
when you're wealthy, you have no privacy 2 years ago  
might have so much money that i'd get bored of it 2 years ago  
me all the time 2 years ago  
i already do that...what's the problem? 2 years ago  
being a man would be period and no birth giving 2 years ago  
i don't even go to Starbucks 2 years ago  
i'm already working on it 2 years ago  
Android anyone? 2 years ago  
i said Starbucks, because i have Android 2 years ago  
zombie apocalypse = world war III..both can have weapons and destroy whole world 2 years ago  
what if that person cheated on me too? Then we would be okay 2 years ago  
i mistakenly clicked the other option without reading the title....ok i'm gonna kill myself with bare hands instead to save a baby and 100 puppies 2 years ago  
Ronald is a no way 2 years ago  
selfish 2 years ago  
i'm not selfish, so i'd rather save 100,000 families 2 years ago  
but every action has consenquences 2 years ago  
i don't live with past and can't change it anyways..if you change anything in past, it will take its debt, that's what Life is Strange taught me.. but if i could stop the time, i could think about my actions 2 years ago  
everything else than Twilight..and i love Harry Potter anyways 2 years ago  
i'm terrified of blood...and i always wanted to be a lawyer 2 years ago  
there are only few people i've ever met that looked good with piercings and i'm probably not one of them 2 years ago  
i'm skinny, so there's not much of a problem and i'm already a gnome, so i don't want to be even smaller 2 years ago  
who said that you'd be the only one immortal? 2 years ago  
should i pick between being smart and dumb and douche? I don't want to be completely dumb, but pretty 2 years ago  
nobody said that i'd be the only one.. maybe my whole family and friends too.. 2 years ago  
nobody said that i'd be the only one.. maybe my whole family and friends too.. 2 years ago  
Being in love is a lot better feeling than being famous 2 years ago  
i always wanted to be Doctor Who 2 years ago  
What is the point of being famous when you have no real friend? 2 years ago  
i can surf the internet anyday anyways 2 years ago  
i don't think i want to know what people think about me.. 2 years ago  
but when you choose true love, then you have it guaranteed.. You can loose your money or spend it, but you'll always have true love, if it's true love 2 years ago  
But celebrity can have good personality too.. 2 years ago  
If we would have a world without problems what is someone who rules the world for? 2 years ago  
Throw away the past, serve me the future! 2 years ago  
what is phone for when you don't have internet? 2 years ago  
Caribbean, i already live in Europe 2 years ago  

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