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Which is better... Vegemite or Marmite 6 years ago 136 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be Gay with crazily religious homophobic parents... or Be the gay parents of a kid who turns out to be a crazily religious homophobe... 6 years ago 199 votes 28 comments 0 likes

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omg, my life has been a lie :o 6 years ago  
fail compilations remind me im not that stupid... 6 years ago  
get out.. 6 years ago  
haha what family? justbatmanthings.com 6 years ago  
bang and the dirt is gone.. 6 years ago  
im a pretty disturbed child imagining lesbian sex... 6 years ago  
i forgot this isnt grand theft auto... 6 years ago  
shhh... 6 years ago  
your glass won't get through my glitter shield! 6 years ago +3
and i'm a woman...more butch than you boiiii!! 6 years ago  
15 6 years ago  
there is a type of slime which is made with sugar :) 6 years ago  
technically both...but that jeeves and wooster opening music...get's me emotional 6 years ago  
watch me flyyy like a birdy on dat' swing :3 6 years ago +2
I am hydrophobic and find this question offensive. 6 years ago +1
no one realises my pain when trying to drink water...i just choke from all my thinking -,- 6 years ago  
i will have muscles one day....ONE DAY 6 years ago  
what is the point in brushing before eating...you get a disgusting first mouthful and then feel like you have stinky breath again -,- i look down on you 22% >_> 6 years ago  
why the f*ck...i got so confused and didn't know what to click...his face didn't deserve my cursor to choose it 6 years ago  
have no sibling, win win situation... 6 years ago  
unicorns 6 years ago +1
i couldn't tell whether option A was a man or a woman...then I saw Emma Watson and went for option B... 6 years ago +7
the style of clothes aren't varied enough, well at least in the uk. without going to high end stores i can't find any descent flannel shirts for women, which aren't bright pink or purple etc etc 6 years ago  
The amount of times I ripped my fliporama pages... 6 years ago  
well i don't plan to have kids anyway so yeaaahh 6 years ago  
good point...good point... 6 years ago  
well i am sassy and good company...and i am the only the only gay person i hang out with...everyone just let me live my lies!!! 6 years ago  
don't dis my life until you know my story!...there is no story...i just live in a crap area where people let their kids sh*t in the street :'s 6 years ago  
hmmm...but gay people are sassy and good company... 6 years ago  
gay people were also treated pretty badly in the holocaust... 6 years ago +1
yes actually, in multiple places in africa...and other places...plus bullying and murders from homophobes 6 years ago +5
i'll just drop it and run before the game starts 6 years ago +3
well...missy higgins is awesome and of this time period...so B it is... 6 years ago +2
i have no sympathy for religion...it starts wars, tries to stop love, has mainly been written by men with only power in mind...so yeah...religious beliefs basically persecute sexualities other than heterosexual, so the question is partly contradicting as well... 6 years ago +7
saves a baby from having to go through life in this cruel world ;-; 6 years ago  
are they men or women? 6 years ago +3
my anus approves 6 years ago  
prepare your penis vlad... 6 years ago +7
option b looks like a fancy smiling frog 6 years ago +3
you cruel cruel human being ;-; 6 years ago  
I will never remove the laptop from my children ever... 6 years ago  
my daughter can be a slutty lesbian...then she ain't no keyhole 6 years ago  
i was left in my bedroom to rot into glitter poop... 6 years ago  
i am veggie and don't give a f*ck about chicken 6 years ago  
degrassi because it sounds so f*cking funny...DEEEGRRRAASSSSIIIII 6 years ago  
I am scared of Barbie dolls more than Klauss Barbie... 6 years ago  
what if i could have 8 siblings then murder them with glitter to experience the only child experience as well? 6 years ago  
i can get butter flavoured lollies from the sweet shop... 6 years ago  
i could live past 100 6 years ago  
shhhh...just let me live my lie ;-; 6 years ago  
...don't lie... 6 years ago  
chik-fil-a boiii, ruining the lives of gay people and burning the childrens faces off with hot oil the b*stards! 6 years ago  
no they are all as sh*t as each other... 6 years ago +2
who needs a man?! i don't, i poop glitter and eat pussy!!! yeah boiii!! 6 years ago  
You can have authority, but since when have you seen a policeman have a robber sing "Oh graceful officer" in his presence... 6 years ago  
Since when have rich people existed? 6 years ago  
what if i am 15...? 6 years ago  
matt smith makes dr who seem more cbbc instead of bbc 6 years ago  
i just want to know why the f*ck in the newest lara croft game all those guys want to kill her yet not rape her 6 years ago  
im more amazed jim parsons is 40 6 years ago +10
i just want a talking dog and to stay lanky slim while eating non stop 6 years ago +5
go to bloody birkenhead...then you will realise not all british accents are tea sipping sophisticated 6 years ago +1
more sex less babies 6 years ago  
i have taste...im offended you would think otherwise... 6 years ago +2
if i can lie i can steal.... 6 years ago  
hey...no haircut can look bad on me! 6 years ago  
will be saving money, time and non renewable products 6 years ago  
go back to your two girls one cup 6 years ago +2
i think there is some special flavoured wax made for bondage play...that counts right... 6 years ago +1
viddy, go home, no one loves you 6 years ago +6
worth it for the ugly ass b*tch 6 years ago  
lesbian...ive got no chance 6 years ago  
i can get glasses... 6 years ago  
be a bum, everyone cares about meh, get da' dosh, buy da' house, get da' b*tches, attack the whitehous', become da' president...best of both worlds... 6 years ago  
don't give a sh*t 6 years ago  
well i'm gay, no 1 i am tomboy, no 2 i would like to date a tomboy...no 3 i want to date myself 6 years ago  
i'll have a butt massage please 6 years ago  
nobody gave a sh*t about nudity until some power crazy man declared it as being wrong...think about that guys...you could get to see naked women walk around if some crazy power freak hadn't done that... 6 years ago  
i am already suffering psychological pain *mad stare* 6 years ago  
they whip their manes back and forth, they whip their manes back and forth, then they rip my face right off- 6 years ago  
sex 6 years ago  
you should accidently be shot 6 years ago  
already a vegetarian... 6 years ago  
all the money = no value live forever = infinite time to get all the cash i want 6 years ago  
watch me masturbate b*tches... 6 years ago  
awkward is good... 6 years ago  
space has no f*cked up humans 6 years ago  
never seen my reflection in a mirror before anyway...they always crack before i get a glimpse... 6 years ago  
i would go to my arch enemies funeral...but i will probably still be on my life prison sentence... 6 years ago  
you could have just said the last part without the bloody bible quote... 6 years ago  
pfft...what friends? 6 years ago  
grab the bag of marshmallows boys...might as well enjoy our last moments... 6 years ago  
friends are f*cking back stabbers anyway.. 6 years ago  
i know how to get rid of virus' within a second...smash the computer... 6 years ago  
what if he then watches you fall down, his body distorts into a floating troll face, and he reveals he showed you the wrong date as you choke your last breaths and he comes up close to you to seductively whisper "problem?" 6 years ago  
wish for fame = money 6 years ago  
what freeman? sounds like we no longer just have eargasms and eyegasms...we now have morgsms....i approve... 6 years ago  
yes let's make abortion illegal...and leave some poor woman who is tragically raped and left scarred for life from the experience, also forced to carry the baby of the rapist and not legally being allowed to abort it, putting her through child birth...how about no... 6 years ago  
i killed my god... 6 years ago  
I won't love him so whatever, lesbian ftw! 6 years ago  
*cough* run before we avada kedavra your ass... 6 years ago  
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