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    either way he is still a faggot.  
    War cannot be ended, its a product of sin.  
    I can punch my friend in the face without going to military school.  
    I would rather wear my prescriptions. Instead of mocking people with bad eyesight.  
    Like if you will be a part of Brotherhood of Steel  
    Lighting can leave you paralyzed or dead, and might do nothing if you are extremely lucky.  
    DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!  
    I'm a guy I prefer tennis shoes..........  
    No stars in pictures of the moon landing, besides the flag.  
    Atheist are just angry cause they cant prove that he is NOT real..  
    God is not fictional you atheist di*k.  
    I don't want a fat cat eater as my leader. Although Stalin wasn't much better  
    Is it weird that I looked at the pictures without reading and thought this was brown vs blonde?  
    Am i the only one that knows that a billion dollars back then is worth about 100x what it is now?  
    I'd be a comedian that is a boss over other comedians.  
    there both the same?  
    Be rich with no boyfriend, i'm not gay.  
    AMERICA, **** YEAH!  
    I blame Obama  
    claim your crush is your best friend :P  
    I AM A LOUD NEIGHBOR (ALL CAPS CAUSE I'M PARTYING SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  
    WHAT THE???  
    If my sister got picked on by someone my age or up, i wouldn't stop punching them in the face to think about being a hypocrite.  
    Chocolate is becoming harder to harvest and for companies to get, choose the smart way and make a butt load of money.  
    I don't know Justin Bieber and I know he is a douche-bag 2 year old crying baby.  
    Stupid question  
    Bora Bora reminds me of dead island.  
    IM A GUY................................................  
    So it isn't a piece of metal and has a soul, (both are feats of a human) basically a human you can make it do anything you want?....................................................................SWEET  
    You don't have to be attracted to them and I don't know any male gay people sooooooooooooooo.....................................  
    Lottery numbers  
    There is only one god. One of the commandment is not to make false gods.  
    A SUPER SHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I don't like Obama but I can find government cover up plans in Air Force One. :p  
    Start teaching yourself to hate something that is easy to do and get a job within that.  
    Take a tiny puff every year, don't inhale, and stop and then go have fun with $300,000.  
    Your family is a part of society. :P  
    VAULT 101!!! YES, I'm worry free. FOR NOW :O  
    NEITHER +2
    Duplicate it, Mass Produce it, Sell it, Save it, Give it.  
    Why would you explode from lava? You don't actually com bust from exposure to space, its a myth.  
    im a guy but this sounds like a fun excuse to run around in your underware  
    :O why is this a question  
    depends why are they chasing you?  
    Not all acids are harmfully reactive to human tissue.  
    I have bit off a piece of my tongue before i am pretty careful about it now...  
    Grolar bears are real its a hybrid between grizzly bears and polar bears.  
    Stick the spoon up its butt and hopefully it will slither away.  
    Can we have a gaming party?  
    password on my phone and a tracker i'll catch them. That robber is stealing a monitor not a computer.  
    If my wife is a lesbian i can just join in and be like "I have needs too!!!"  
    Goes on a roller coaster gets decapitated i regret my choices................:(  
    So you would have -40 -40 vision the average is 20 20 mine is 30 50  
    War is driven by sin and until judgement there will always be sin on Earth  
    Both pictures look like you are about to be raped by people in costumes.  
    Well no......Some are likely to do something like if you were kidnapped by ISIS most likely you will be in a video of you getting your head sawed off while Islamic extremest scream death to America  
    If EVERYONE including the electoral collage, than you can become the president.  
    Whats going through my head "If I call I have to hear their annoying voice, but if I text I look like I don't want to hear their voice....... whatever screw them."  
    Rather have a hot doctor than one with an uneven smile. (I'm talking about the picture) Just realized they both have uneven smiles..  
    I barely sleep any ways and I can control my dreams already.  
    I could buy another one!!! Problem solved.  
    I have to choose to piss myself nervous or be ashamed to face my mother. I think i'm going to any many miny moe this.  
    I'm a lucid dreamer that can control my dreams so its all cool, I hope no one sees what dreams i'm watching though..  
    Gamble the money and win. LIKE A BOSS!  
    NO LAWS!!! B-)  
    Pictures are worth millions of words, so a motion picture that last around two hours is ALOT more words than actual words of the movie. SIMPLE. Easy choice for deaf people. And blind people. not so much for mute people. : (  
    Pigs DON'T throw sh*t at you. With the exception of SOME cops.  
    Can wish for infinite wishes so you can wish for what ever you were going to buy! MINDBLOW!  
    If you know everything than you can find a way to rule everything.  
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