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    No one gives a crap about Rebecca Black so I would be making money basically to hang out with her while looking BA. +2
    A library card is pretty much free college. +25
    Purell comes in smaller bottles and would not kill you.  
    Records have the best sound quality. Better than mp3s and better than CDs.  
    Inherit a lot of money. Win the lottery. Be the kid of someone famous. And so on.  
    I really don't like either but ice cream is slightly better.  
    ... English?  
    Chuck Norris is seriously just an old man.  
    I'll just save up for a sweet car. It'll take much less time than it would to save for a sweet house.  
    Why would I want my family to live in a shack? I would get the mansion and my family could stay in their house, which is at least a good house.  
    There's a difference?  
    But if you're a famous but talentless musician you can still use your fame and money to help others.  
    Yeah and you can do whatever crazy stuff you want (like skydiving) knowing it will not kill you.  
    Anyone who voted for the money really has no imagination at all.  
    But the people on bills are legends and a lot of idiots still can't tell you who's who. I would rather be honored by my hometown.  
    What if I want to date one and be one?  
    I'd only choose the prize if it was for something I actually did, though.  
    Hit the gym first and I definitely would.  
    How will knowing who likes you make the person you're crushing on like you? You'll just know if they like you or not. Take a logic class please.  
    If you live forever, you will eventually get extremely rich unless you are a complete idiot.  
    They both suck, but there are fewer Twilight movies and it takes less time to watch them.  
    I think reading minds would be misery. There are a lot of things people are thinking that I would not want to hear.  
    You never get the value for your money at a buffet. It's all an illusion and they know it.  
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