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    ...Just shut up 6 years ago  
    For what, smelling bad? 6 years ago  
    Oh damn, 50/50 right down the line. 6 years ago  
    And Pepsi uses aborted fetus cells to enhance flavor, smartass. Look it up. I can't even look at Pepsi anymore 7 years ago +1
    Anything larger than a C cup is repulsive. Anything fake is disgusting 7 years ago +1
    You guys do realize, that without blood, your wounds would NEVER heal? You're scars would be clean, but permanently open. Even papercuts 7 years ago  
    Oh, you mean the gay little number after the console name? No, that doesn't determine how great the console is. Go online, and google "reasons why ps3 is better than xbox". I guarantee you, you aren't going to find a single logical list of how the Xbox is better. Besides, the only people who prefer Xbox are immature fanboys. 7 years ago  
    ...If you think it's only 15 Million, you must live under a rock. That's trillion, not million 7 years ago +1
    Tropical places are so damn overrated. 7 years ago +2
    I hated Harry Potter, period 7 years ago  
    Where did you get this information from? It's far from true. The economy was already plummeting, Obama just didn't have the resources needed to stop it from its fall. 7 years ago +2
    If you know everything, you're more likely to face major depression. Do you realize how hard it is to know all the dangers of our world? 7 years ago  
    Damn, a smart person on here! Thank god someone has logic. Unfortunately this question is mostly answered by idiots 7 years ago +4

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