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    you kids don't know the difference between "cell phone" and "toy"  
    Reading you comment, I can tell that you don't read much.  
    Most people find so called "true love" sooner or later, but 10M is much harder to find.  
    In other words: "would you sacrifice half of your life for some paper game?"  
    pokemon real because my pok√©dex says so  
    smart people don't use all-caps  
    How can nothing just a second later become a huge vast God? God has always been. Well, the Universe could also always been: this requires one less assumption, so according to Occham's Razor it should be preffered. Case not closed, there are plenty of explanations. But your case is not about Universe: if you have need to decline other possible options, you are insecure. +1
    Exactly: God dose exists, but God doesn't exist. +1
    yes you can  
    If you are young, there's a risk you will meet someone who just masturbates on you, which spoils self-perception for a very long time. However, if you let some ideology to drive your most intimate feelings, you have been fvcked up badly already.  
    girls are more dissatisfied - as always  
    retirement home is also mental institution  
    love is not everlasting  
    The loss of privacy is not worth it to be famous, unless you are exhibicionist freak.  
    The guy isn't as hot as me. Therefore I must be the hottest. This conclusion proves that I am smart. Gee, I'm so humble...  
    a celebrity of your choice = let the Hollywood choose your crush  
    Five days with anyone can't be always bought.  
    if you were smart, you would not be fat +1432
    both sucks +1
    definitely not a gay pirate  
    ...but you also know what kind of sh*t terrorists usually do  
    To be a b*tch/star or geek/clever is just temporary individual opinion. The objective social value is how much popularity do you have.  
    Under communism, some (not all) rights are revoked to protect values. Alas, this doesn't work due to corruption and protectionism (direct experience from Czech). But don't be so blind, capitalism also doesn't work for the same reasons. It is not black-or-white question. +1
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