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    Statistically, flying is much safer than any other form of travel. Thousands die every day in car accidents, but a few hundred dying in a plane crash is huge news.  
    As much as I hate animal abuse, pollution kills exponentially more animals and people than purposeful abuse.  
    I could post them to Reddit and get so much karma  
    Assuming heaven exists, that's basically a choice between eternal youth and happiness or being an old crippled miserable person for 50 years....hmmmmm....  
    3685.6 people died  
    I don't have a daughter...  
    I'm white and I chose chicken  
    Then I get to eat a lot until i get the weight back.  
    Bitches goin' crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man  
    Never had Johnnie Walker, but Jack Daniels is the sh*t. My mom bet me $100 that I couldn't take a shot when I was 12 and I did it. I liked it too.  
    It doesn't matter. If they love you for who you are, you'll get married and share the money anyway.  
    Brasil has such amazing players and half their fans are hot girls in bikinis  
    It's the person's choice. If they want to live fast and die young, that's their decision and I don't care. +1
    There are several spellings. It can also be Quadaffi i believe.  
    I'd get the macbook because im pretty sure its more expensive so i can just sell it. I hate apple.  
    If you don't sleep, you get an extra 50% or so time every day.  
    My cat would kill me in my sleep if I got a fake one.  
    I wouldn't forgive Hitler and his associates, but modern Germany doesn't need to feel guilty if they did nothing.  
    I used to be able to when i was 12. And I did. And it was awesome.  
    There are several outer floors under the top of the empire state building to catch things that fall.  
    That's 2 words  
    European football is 90 minutes of solid playing with one 10 or 20 minute break. American Football is 5 seconds of playing with a 30 second break between each one and a 10 minute break every quarter. It's just ridiculous.  
    Irish potatoes  
    Not sure if trolling of just ridiculously stupid.  
    Now I'm only 15 and I've never had beer, but I know that red wine is fricking nasty. +161
    Kids are annoying.  
    buy a new one? +1
    at least it's legal and not some sick pedophile  
    If it's my sperm, it wouldn't be that awful.  
    beverage-expensive wine/champagne or something, then keep pouring it and selling it to but any car and anything else.  
    Wow, only 3%. Smallest I've ever seen.  
    I've never had white wine but red wine is nasty.  
    I'll watch odern famil  
    Someone can live a wealthy life with only 5 million, so I'd give the other $995 million to those who need it.  
    What's the downside of only being 10?  
    purell's main ingredient is alcohol.  
    Jack daniels is the sh*t.  
    the guilt would kill me  
    So live a little better guaranteed, or have a 50/50 chance of never working again, living in luxury, AND helping those not as fortunate? I'll take my chances.  
    I prefer women who are my height. Unfortunately few exist. I am almost 6'0 and only 14.  
    Do we have to pay for the hotel?  
    Viruses can ruin your life (identity theft, etc.), while being sick makes you stronger afterwards (unless you're REALLY sick).  
    Does everyone have the choice? If so get a group of 10 trusted friends and split it all so you'd likely end up with about $2.5 million apiece.  
    Jump off without a bungee cord/parachute.  
    Love the Mitt Romney picture.  
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