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i am veggietarian 11 months ago  
with them because you can eat them..... but im vegetarian... but u would still eat them if i was hungry 11 months ago  
the pic is a turtle 1 year ago  
people walking around 1 year ago  
hi bff 1 year ago  
being rude eat my sausage roll 1 year ago  
Extrasausagepizza get off this site you asshole 1 year ago  
hi guys i voted yolls yeet yeet jimin 1 year ago  
what if your lover was your only friend 1 year ago  
A blue waffle is a disease on a vagina or penis 1 year ago  
I have never had starbucks before 1 year ago  
Umm chocolate is my bae 1 year ago  
Um goldenmoon78 just go with your righty who cares about lefty he is your ex move on girl 1 year ago  
Um i dont care, it can be private 1 year ago  
I NEED A DOLAR A DOLAR A DOLAR IS WHAT NEED yeah yeah 1 year ago  
AUSIE BROOOO 1 year ago  
CCCAAATTTSSS 1 year ago  
for medical reasons 1 year ago  
i would cancer ut i clicked the wrong thing 1 year ago  
I like both but she is hot AF 1 year ago  
Umm i aint doing grugs brrrooooo 1 year ago +1
Im attracted to both 1 year ago  
I weigh around 50 kg 1 year ago  
I dont eat meat 1 year ago +1
I love both 1 year ago  
KKK 1 year ago  
I dont know i have watched both and they are great 1 year ago  
Magic mike broooooo 1 year ago  
I am vegatarian too but when i wasnt i loved ham 1 year ago  
I already have back problems and i am 15 so ir cant be worse 1 year ago  
Sonic sucks balls and that is a fact cunt b*tches 1 year ago  
I dont even watch porn it is discusting and who would ever do that dirty thing and post it online oviously not me 1 year ago +1
I dont even eat meat 1 year ago +1
Both i dont even mind 1 year ago +3
Your momma so stupid she thougjt nicklelback was a refund 1 year ago  
Um gest from oregon i havnt seen my dad for 10 years he walked out on me when i was young 1 year ago +1

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