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    that is having everything to me i guess.. 7 years ago +2
    that sounds really fun... i love to have fun! 7 years ago +1
    BURGER KING! they had free onion rings the other day!!!! :D and i love there onion rings! 7 years ago +1
    wrong button lol i want to have the money duh! break up and its still all mine! 7 years ago +1
    daniel radcliff looks exactly like my math teacher. they are identical. and i hate my math teacher! 7 years ago  
    yeah the celeb is just a person. my friends have been there my whole life i need them till the end! 7 years ago +1
    already do 7 years ago +1
    friends is so funny 7 years ago +2
    beach,fun!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
    everyone equal :D 7 years ago +4
    omg choclate chip cookies make me so happy!!!! 7 years ago  
    loud people piss me off 7 years ago +9
    going nakked :DD! 7 years ago +6
    my family embarass me all the time if my friends make fun on me i would call them b*tchez and not talk to them! 7 years ago +2
    SNOOOKS 7 years ago  
    jessica alba has a pretty tan(: white b*tchezz are uglehh! 7 years ago +3
    because when i came out ZOMMGG i would be out lmfao! 7 years ago +1
    i heard angelina jolie is a stuck up bitcch and borring.megan fox is hot :D and im a straight girl haha! 7 years ago +1
    i have a sore throat right now... im hating it. 7 years ago +2
    i want to do both so thats a hard question! 7 years ago  
    sitting in ur filth is fun and all but i take long showers on a daily basis so i pick that one. 7 years ago +9
    im scared of black people LOL! 7 years ago  
    we would get along perfectly! 7 years ago  
    i love final fantasy 7 years ago +3
    greeedy hoess! 7 years ago +1
    dam that car is sexy..! 7 years ago  
    supermans thong is a turn on 7 years ago  
    would be fun to mess with people you hate when they fall in love with you! 7 years ago +1
    more people will know about it :D it will be fun! and so shiny! 7 years ago  
    yeah i havnt had a hot dog in awhile but when my dad grills hotdogs of helll yeee thats where its at! 7 years ago +2
    a sexi midget :D that kicks ppl in the shin and gets away with it! 7 years ago +3
    i will be a very clean heroin addict! lol my friends will comfort me and do it with me and have a good time(: in our non sh*t infested house! 7 years ago +3
    neither but i dont like to read 7 years ago  
    i dont want to know for months. and be miserable. 7 years ago  
    the fkk is a sith? 7 years ago +3
    my friends are losers :P but i make them cool haha 7 years ago +2
    because at least i would have gotten somewhere..ive always been scared of dying under water 7 years ago +1
    a big house to have parties in :D 7 years ago  
    i love ashton kutcher(: charlie sheen is an ugly horny old man. i think ashton gives the show new younger vibes.. lol 7 years ago +2
    both are borring! 7 years ago +227
    get a wig i love my teeth and dont want them to fall out. 7 years ago  
    french,japanese,chinese,italian,russian!and my language lol! that would be so fun! 7 years ago  
    i really want to travel(: 7 years ago  
    lol no water at all? or no running water.that picture only made me think about water in my house i loves the internet! im addicted! 7 years ago +1
    lol im trying to sell my sexbox not my wii :D 7 years ago +2
    NAYYY! :D 7 years ago +3
    that place looks hella beautifull! 7 years ago +1
    the terminator dont give no fk! no bullets can stop him! 7 years ago  
    i eat cookie dough all the time and my favorite food is cookies :D 7 years ago  
    like a boss :D 7 years ago +3
    i think hunger and disease is more important.. its sad.. and unfair how people are living in some places.. 7 years ago +4
    that dog had to be the cuttest dog ever for this question haha! but dog is in chinese food so they should have asked, chinese food or hamster? :D 7 years ago  
    im already gettting sex(: so might as well have the best of both worlds haha 7 years ago +5
    im a girl so long hair! 7 years ago +2
    i love leonardo he is the sex!!! and i fell asleep during social network. 7 years ago +5
    california :D is where i want to live! 7 years ago  
    i do this all the time.. and my friends just let me xD they are so mean! 7 years ago +1
    im verry happy so far 7 years ago +4
    i love perfume i have so much of it! i smelll so goood!!! 7 years ago  
    neither. drama. bs :D 7 years ago +3
    romantic night 7 years ago  
    look into the parents face and finish like a bosss!!!! lmfao! 7 years ago +8
    i love traveling so much!!! 7 years ago +1
    i would change my hair color but i would be sad about being an ugly fire crotch! xD i like being short 7 years ago  
    I wear Hollister every dayyy! 7 years ago  
    one of my dreams would be to be with the person im in love with duh! lmfao and im with the person of my dreams~ 7 years ago +1
    number 2 thats what i have, thats what i love 7 years ago +3
    im so funnnay ;D 7 years ago  
    yeah i rather be paris hilton :D fun life wewt! 7 years ago  
    i dont get it.... but i will stop the end of the world!!! because that is apparently what every average 17 yr old girl can doo!! for sure :D 7 years ago +4
    uh i dont care about any amount of stupid ugly cars that i could sell for a little bit of money ive always wanted a lambo :D everyone would know who u are in one of those! 7 years ago  
    someone has to teach me tho :D 7 years ago +6
    my mom buys everything with this sh*t lol and she hasnt paid anyone back shes in debt but she has a beautiful house and amazing furniture amazing everything hasnt had to pay!!! 7 years ago  
    this would be so funny xD it would probably make me laugh alot more 7 years ago  
    i dont want to go to sleep i feel like im wasting time 7 years ago +1
    a bright azzz neon green lambo with suicide doors and just going down the street with that everyone knows who you are in one of those haha its way sexier 7 years ago  
    we are all whores anyways haha because we know were not waiting for mairrage till sex :/ 7 years ago +2
    i want to flyyyy right now b*tchez in my own little spaceshuttle 7 years ago  
    megan wears granny clothes. and that girl looked really pretty. :D 7 years ago +2
    yep fruits will be my drink i love juice!!! :D i hate pop.. 7 years ago  
    i want to travel so i think this would be fun :D plus to talk about people in other languages haha and speaking with sexi accents is fun! 7 years ago +1
    both but the cookies and cream hershey bar is so yummy! 7 years ago +1
    you wont die if you get stabbed. 7 years ago +2
    books are borring. and movies you can experience with other people and have a good time going to the movie theatre! 7 years ago +2
    just a little less intelligent(: but they will be a model they don't need to worry about smarts 7 years ago +1
    japanese school uniforms are so kawaii 7 years ago  
    sexbox 7 years ago +1
    its so much fun!!! 7 years ago  
    i can wear a pretty crown(: 7 years ago +1
    football is a turn on to me as a woman :D if you play it i think its sexy 7 years ago +2
    blackberrys blow they dont have appz! 7 years ago  
    cocky because its funny to f*ck with them xD and low self esteem.. those people always want attention and want you to tell them they are pretty and stuff. its annoying. if you don't love your self who will love you~ 7 years ago +1
    choclate icecream..reesees peanut butter icecream..cookies and cream..oreo..any kind of icecream for the day your feeling :D sounds perfect 7 years ago  
    at least you get to fly at the end o-o 7 years ago +3
    seems easier being a guy with a vagina noone has to know and you wouldnt have your period and i would be with guys and i wouldnt have to have babies lol that seems painful i would just adopt and no having to do my hair and makeup that takes forever in the morning LOL 7 years ago  
    i would be gay lol since im a girl 7 years ago  
    weeed is like getting money for selling peace 7 years ago +1
    drugs because im not helping any terrorists. 7 years ago +1
    im not going to be the reason someone else dies. especially if they are close that just isn't my call 7 years ago +5
    i dont know who either of them are just picked one that had the decency to shave 7 years ago  
    hannah because blondes are always funner and not whores like miley virus 7 years ago  
    she is a crazy b*tchhh she would too. haha 7 years ago +1
    barack obama is the devil 7 years ago +8
    im a girl i would only want to drink with german girls if i could travel to germany i love to travel 7 years ago  
    because then they would want to suck up to me and buy me stuff while i ignore them and f*ck other people(: thats how it goes at least im not a cheater 7 years ago  
    camels don't eat toes. 7 years ago +2
    blue people excite me..especially how they have sexx with tails! 7 years ago +3
    those are both the new hair anyways his old hair was longer! but at least it the picture with the glasses you cant see his catapillar eyebrows.. 7 years ago +2
    i want pot :D 7 years ago  
    when your rich you think your known and your just abig loser with moneyyy and people want to use you for your money 7 years ago +1
    with fame comes wealth duh 7 years ago +2
    thats the way i want to go out! i want to be known! 7 years ago  
    an adut that acts like a kid 7 years ago  
    i love seeeing the people i love 7 years ago +2
    a cute lacey sexi umbrella everywhere i went would be fine as a girl :D 7 years ago  
    and he didnt do little boys lol! 7 years ago +3
    i really liked elvis all around better! 7 years ago +1
    i am very pro life. if your going to open your legs you better accept your consequences. the only way i can see it being acceptable for an abortion is if your a rape victim... 7 years ago +2
    my dad is nasty. so if it was a hot dad i could see that happening. i would just cheat on the talking skull xD haha 7 years ago +2
    i dont stop anywayssss 7 years ago  
    im not greedy :D 7 years ago  
    just kidding i just look good with a tan.. 7 years ago  
    i want to look like SNOOKS 7 years ago  
    sh*it i picked the wrong one i thought it was asking which one do u like.. LOL i never watch tv 7 years ago  
    ew dude scarlet put a bra on girl. 7 years ago +5
    i could even give some of the gifts to my family sounds fun :D 7 years ago  
    i can rock bad haircutes! 7 years ago  
    im a girl and that would just look nasty. plus i love traveling lol 7 years ago +1
    i wear thongs every day as a girl but not the ugly kind that girl is wearing. i wear cute ones with lace and bows because its so feminine and cute for me 7 years ago +1
    its happened before.. but i mean comon if u love me then ur gunna love the person im with :D becuz we will be the funnest couple evar!!! 7 years ago  
    i am dumb and i am sexi its just who i am lol 7 years ago  
    fire seems fun who can say they are set on fire on a daily basis lol! 7 years ago  
    i dont have anywhere to go without my phone soo.. 7 years ago  
    im the noisy neighbor lol :D PARTY EVERY NIGHT!!! and anyways. i hate nosy ppl. this isn't know free show. lol 7 years ago  
    dogs have feelings and dont just scratch sh*it up and dogs are very protective.. my dog wimpers when i cry and nuzzles me to stop. 7 years ago +3
    like man on a ledge get a crowd and be famous before i die haha 7 years ago  
    ive had my crush be with my best friend and my crush ended up falling in love with me and ruining me and my best friends relationship 7 years ago  
    sharks scare me.. when im in the ocean and i feel the fishies touching my feet i feel like a shark can come eat me at any moment lol 7 years ago  
    my best friend is a girl i think that would be pretty funny i would put that on the internet 7 years ago +3
    i wouldnt want to see all the people i loved die around me..i rather die tomorrow. 7 years ago +1
    you can always put more clothes on 7 years ago +7
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