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sh*t 6 years ago  
i'd wish that I could wish for money, then wish for money. Then I'd still have 8 wishes. 6 years ago  
just beat it(JB's face) 6 years ago +1
guys step back a minute, ONE baby, or ONE HUNDRED puppies, the choice is easy. 6 years ago  
oh boy, don't get me started on how wrong you are. If you really believe in god, then you have faith in god, and people who believe in the big bang put faith in that, therefore, neither one is more "real" than the other, IN fact, both could be real, or both could be fake. Also, your second point is weird because the Big Bang Theory is that matter came out of nothing and then rapidly expanded. So the thing that created it was the original particle of matter in the universe, I suppose if you wanted you could view this as a god-like figure. Anyway, the point is that the existence of both have yet to be proven, so everyone can believe whatever they want. 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +1
i dont wann jungle right now 6 years ago  
a is b and b is a... 6 years ago +1
wut> 6 years ago +1
shut up twilight 6 years ago  
patrick!!! 6 years ago  
ummm how bout neither? 6 years ago +1
i dont like mac and cheese 6 years ago  
well you see, I would brush my teeth teice a day, but I have a very rare disease... jk I forget 6 years ago +1
dem donuts 6 years ago  
dat grab 6 years ago  
either are acceptable 6 years ago  
tiberius!!! 6 years ago +1
trust issues ;) 6 years ago +2
penny thing is a myth 6 years ago  
my home cooked meals stink 6 years ago  
fair enough, I simply feel that league of legends is more of a game and minecraft is more of a tool. They are both very fun regardless. 6 years ago  
I think once they get some more dlc out for All stars, which btw they have all been free so far, it will be better than Brawl. I just think the mechanics are more typical for a fighting game, and although I like knocking people off the stage, I still feel that killing people with supers is taking it to a deeper level, and I enjoy the effort to become good as a character. 6 years ago  
keep my penis in tact thank you 6 years ago  
at least you have food, i mean friends 6 years ago  
ummm 6 years ago  
being a kid is easy 6 years ago  
if i ran out of oxygen at the top of Mt. EVerest, I would jump up and belly slide down and die having a blast 6 years ago  
everyone is happy on christmas 6 years ago  
omg your right... music.... 6 years ago  
when i was 2, I bi tmy tongue while eating a twizzler, and a piece fell off, now I have a speech impediment, so i'm pretty sure stubbing toe is better 6 years ago +2
i dont want to fight a grolar bear 6 years ago  
what kind of question is that... I like sleep because im tired, not because i like sleep, if I din't have to, that would be sweet 6 years ago  
rain 6 years ago  
stfu 6 years ago  
lol i mixed up the pictures 6 years ago  
friends sucks now 6 years ago  
24 is so much better 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
90210? what kind of name is that? 6 years ago  
i miss the old judges... what show is this? 6 years ago +1
thats just dumb 6 years ago  
which harry potter would I rather what?? I vote Radcliffe assuming we are talking high fives 6 years ago  
watch dogs, injustice, last of us, deep down, knack, assassin's creed 4, etc. all better looking then another crappy GTA title that inspires kids to go do stupid stuff. 6 years ago  
tomb raider because the new one is hella fun 6 years ago +1
i love how these arent related in the slightest 6 years ago +2
huh, thats weird, I guess there are more little kids on her voting for the wrong things thean I thought 6 years ago +1
a lion in a swamp 6 years ago +3
there are like 50 thousand of this same question, I am not answering anymore 6 years ago +3
f u cod 6 years ago +3
i didnt see destroy 6 years ago  
trust me, baseballs hurt more, I have been hit by both... though not in those specific locations 6 years ago +2
oh... on mac 6 years ago +1
i chose a for guitar hero, go f urself COD 6 years ago +3
with a stomach ache you could still ocus and think 6 years ago  
i dont get it 6 years ago +1
gears of war and I don't own an XBOX, I think that says something 6 years ago  
safari... powering my iphone like a champ 6 years ago +1
lol, and this is why its bs that they are saying DOTA2 has more players than LoL 6 years ago  
i find it funny that people want to study chemistry thinking they can make meth 6 years ago +5
im a man... 6 years ago  
mk so much better get your head out of the gutter COD fans 6 years ago  
wait, since when do people actually go to walgreens? 6 years ago  
rock band added drums and vocals before guitar hero, so they have to get some credit 6 years ago  
well, Satan and Santa are spelled with the same letter, so he must be a nice guy. 6 years ago  
maybe I would prefer surfing the ocean if I could actually do it 6 years ago  
playing video games all day IS a party 6 years ago +1
i don't care if I have to share, i wouldn't use it that much anyway, cause I already have an I phone 6 years ago  
can i be honest here?? call of duty is my all time most hated game franchise ever, yet I can enjoy modern warfare 2 as long as I'm playing with friends, but black ops is just a piece of sheit. The more of the same game you make, the worst the next one usually gets, especially if the first game wasn't very good. 6 years ago  
BUT BUMBLEBEE!!!!! 6 years ago  
classics are so much nicer, what rock do you live under? 6 years ago  
tetris has unlimited replay value 6 years ago  
no comment, I started off with gold 6 years ago +1
n64 doesn't break, they don't make game consoles like they used to 6 years ago  
depends on the game 6 years ago  
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