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    i'd wish that I could wish for money, then wish for money. Then I'd still have 8 wishes.  
    just beat it(JB's face) +1
    guys step back a minute, ONE baby, or ONE HUNDRED puppies, the choice is easy.  
    oh boy, don't get me started on how wrong you are. If you really believe in god, then you have faith in god, and people who believe in the big bang put faith in that, therefore, neither one is more "real" than the other, IN fact, both could be real, or both could be fake. Also, your second point is weird because the Big Bang Theory is that matter came out of nothing and then rapidly expanded. So the thing that created it was the original particle of matter in the universe, I suppose if you wanted you could view this as a god-like figure. Anyway, the point is that the existence of both have yet to be proven, so everyone can believe whatever they want.  
    my home cooked meals stink  
    keep my penis in tact thank you  
    at least you have food, i mean friends  
    being a kid is easy  
    if i ran out of oxygen at the top of Mt. EVerest, I would jump up and belly slide down and die having a blast  
    everyone is happy on christmas  
    omg your right... music....  
    when i was 2, I bi tmy tongue while eating a twizzler, and a piece fell off, now I have a speech impediment, so i'm pretty sure stubbing toe is better +2
    i dont want to fight a grolar bear  
    what kind of question is that... I like sleep because im tired, not because i like sleep, if I din't have to, that would be sweet  
    friends sucks now  
    24 is so much better  
    90210? what kind of name is that?  
    which harry potter would I rather what?? I vote Radcliffe assuming we are talking high fives  
    trust me, baseballs hurt more, I have been hit by both... though not in those specific locations +2
    gears of war and I don't own an XBOX, I think that says something  
    safari... powering my iphone like a champ +1
    im a man...  
    mk so much better get your head out of the gutter COD fans  
    wait, since when do people actually go to walgreens?  
    rock band added drums and vocals before guitar hero, so they have to get some credit  
    well, Satan and Santa are spelled with the same letter, so he must be a nice guy.  
    maybe I would prefer surfing the ocean if I could actually do it  
    playing video games all day IS a party +1
    i don't care if I have to share, i wouldn't use it that much anyway, cause I already have an I phone  
    can i be honest here?? call of duty is my all time most hated game franchise ever, yet I can enjoy modern warfare 2 as long as I'm playing with friends, but black ops is just a piece of sheit. The more of the same game you make, the worst the next one usually gets, especially if the first game wasn't very good.  
    BUT BUMBLEBEE!!!!!  
    tetris has unlimited replay value  
    no comment, I started off with gold +1
    n64 doesn't break, they don't make game consoles like they used to  
    depends on the game  
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