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    i have no sister  
    I like having a keyboard +1
    The design looks awesome  
    It would be interesting to see what kids these days go through  
    You can have an heater in winter and you can put more clothes on  
    Cancer is more painful and you don't lose your hair with having children +1
    I dont drink but I would like to collect Grey Goose's bottles  
    justin bieber is annoying  
    i love video games  
    that zebra is driving a bike +3
    claws, too many claws  
    My ex is not a nice person  
    at least there is better chance of being find then in a plane  
    not big fan of partying  
    Keith Urban!  
    my mum is soft  
    Give me an excuse to get a samsung tablet  
    I love my country and Australia got free healthcare  
    I prefer the cold  
    That's why i clicked it  
    i do not have any secrets.  
    water is ten times more important then the internet  
    i got no keys, loophole.  
    better shows on the internet.  
    I'm not good at running  
    I like having the ability to make my own choice  
    My b'day is all about me :)  
    Firefox crashes all the time for me  
    okay that's too cute picture of monkey  
    I do not like Apple whatsoever  
    Both button please  
    Traveling would be fun  
    Food and bed. Better then being homeless  
    I don't drink starbucks  
    I can't swim  
    There is no wal mart in my country  
    Country !  
    Music is too important  
    I love animals  
    It would be interesting to ask him some questions  
    How can someone answer this?! +1
    I would never hit my dog with a car, NEVER  
    I love writing too much  
    I love my dog too much :(  
    Way too many updates for apple  
    I would like to be healthy  
    Can't swim so jet is way better  
    I wouldn't want to be lonely.  
    dogs are cute!  
    -sits- hmm Rome  
    They are beautiful  
    I know some people who are nonverbal and it would be interesting to know what they are thinking.  
    I'm already am.  
    Mah, computer is better  
    It will be fun to say the song is about me :)  
    Well Europe is responsible for Australia so yeah :) +1
    Country music!  
    Coke all the way  
    Religion is scary thanks  
    Money, money, money and not paprazzi  
    Already do  
    Not as many mosquitos  
    Not as painful  
    Reading minds, there are things people think you wouldn't know and if you can fly, you could fly to the countries where you wanna have a holiday.  
    Tokyo! That would be awesome  
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