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    i have height to spare  
    pffftt they didn't say anythin about photos XD  
    HECK YEAH!!! Forever alone but have friends that are all in relationships..... *Blasts "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol*  
    you sure about that?  
    YOU SHALL NOT PASS... this question!!  
    just because your smart doesn't mean that you're unattractive  
    it's where you load a single bullet into a revolver, spin the chamber around, and pulling the trigger at your own head... or someone Else's. With one of the common revolvers, there's a 1/6 chance of instant death. To sum it all up : An activity that is dangerously stupid  
    YOLO is a pretty straight-forward and factual statement. Maybe some people don't like that phrase because it's true.... You only live once (True statement brah)  
    white cars don't take in as much heat in the Summer as cars with black paint do  
    it doesn't say how much money they borrowed  
    Ahahahaa I'm already tall :P  
    magic isn't even real.. it should be called a professional optical illusionist  
    who needs significant others when you can do whatever whenever??  
    either way, you would be dead  
    aw darn, now i want some! you evil, soulless person!  
    pfffft I'm already forver alone. *PEACE OUT SUCKAS!!!*  
    MOST of today's generation wasn't even there +1
    if it was polluted and overpopulated, how would there be no disease??? OH THE LOGIC OF HUMANITY!!!  
    pffft buying costumes are for Halloween rookies!  
    If no one found out about the disease..... HE WOULD DIE  
    I'm tellin ya, I wear a uniform to school and it is WAY awesome :D ! there's a lot less "ranking" between people based off of what they wear  
    Obama obviously won since he is the president now +1
    isn't this why Netflix was created?? 'Flix on the net' my friends  
    PFFFTTT dates are waaaaayyyyy to sophisticated and boring  
    If the song is your favorite, you should have no problem listening to it 50 times  
    at least you don't look like a complete idiot when being the only one sitting.... but then again, you could be staring right into someone's rear....  
    seeking is always fun when you're able to scare the crap out of them!  
    If your friends hated your "soul mate" they would most likely turn on you and you'd have only ONE friend. Besides, most people are happier with more friends and less 'lovers'..... just sayin  
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