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    ill do it for him  
    im a demon b*tches  
    lezbo time!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    lezbo time  
    hate family  
    i hate religion and go lucifer king of hell  
    all ready is  
    never said i couldnt use the mouth down there ;3  
    i hate my mom  
    Both. I'm a girl so..... and go homosexuality  
    Go homosexuality!!!!! +1
    The hottest guys I know are all my best buds. And my boyfriends the sexiest  
    I hate blondes  
    I love them both so neither  
    I'm a girl and I chose rianna  
    I'm not going to get old. Ill die way before  
    No one can humiliate me  
    My boyfriend is sssexy already already. And I want bigger books  
    Both. I am a tiger and my boyfriend is a snake.  
    I'd rather not have him have to go through that so I'll take his place instead  
    That won't happen. He'll take it by force if he wants it.....and I'll let him +1
    I hate my siblings  
    I'm a demon britches  
    Yes let them die  
    I won't let him die.  
    No celebrities... I'll kill them all.  
    Lezbo sex time  
    Vampires don't sparkle +30
    Ill gladly have lesbian sex with my best friend instead of my enemy  
    There both boys..... nosebleed  
    It will be private ... and in bed.... nude..... with his dick in me... coming.... +2
    Hate my family.  
    Pits are amazing and sweet pets +1
    I hate my sister already +1
    Already a failure +2
    Religion is useless sh*t  
    Bloody mist is pretty  
    Already happened. +3
    My wish is to be with my love.  
    It all ready is  
    I'm going to go kill my self now  
    At least he'd be happy. So I'd be happy( not really probably go psycho)  
    It's mine . I'm staying.  
    It wouldn't be an accident. It's called sex  
    Not really. Every things bigger in texas  
    I love Russians  
    Or after in my case  
    At least I got a glimpse of what could have been  
    All ready in that situation  
    I'd rather rape my best friend than have to be near my enemy  
    I will.not kill the ones I love. If I did I'd kill myself in the most horrific way possible  
    My best friend she's awesome and I'm a girl so...... lesbian sex time  
    I would rather have loving friends who genuinely care  
    I'm a girl and I would defiantly screw Mila Tunis with a vibrating strap on  
    make em take it like a b*tch.  
    they dont scream as much.  
    im a girl bithces  
    dont got to eat it  
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