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Would yo rather have the ability to get away with anything... or have the power to see into the future.. 7 years ago 432 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be... Jim Root (slipknot) or Mick Thompson (slipknot too) 7 years ago 346 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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hmmm get away with anything 7 years ago  
:D 7 years ago  
once u start killing 20..u lose track and start not to care...cause they are puppies 7 years ago +3
dumbass 7 years ago  
ikr....they should be ashamed...stupid americans...thinking animals are people.. ha 7 years ago  
puppies come from satans sh*t. :D 7 years ago  
nobody gives a f*ck about some dumbass dog..its stupid..really.. 7 years ago  
u are stupid 7 years ago  
ur retarded 7 years ago  
midders!! 7 years ago +1
lol he wants u. 7 years ago +1
i do tho lol 7 years ago +1
butthen..ur soul will be destroyed. 7 years ago  
go eat ur boba. 7 years ago  
live one day in nthe past ahahah xD 7 years ago +1
more badass 7 years ago +2
eat my gfs vag 7 years ago +3
my gf thinks im her blow pop xD 7 years ago +2
till u go to hell 7 years ago  
thats gradechool for ya' 7 years ago  
governament conspiricayt ahah hell dont exist...lol ok.. haah 7 years ago  
teach the mofo a lesson hell never forget :3 7 years ago +1
ikr. :3 at leaast im not being a d*ck about everything unlick estevan! 7 years ago +1
all day 7 years ago  
nah..alexander the great was a strategical genius :3 7 years ago +3
vagina!!!! 7 years ago +2
ikr....u guys are rediculous...pitifull...ur hopeles. 7 years ago  
give me ur recipe! 7 years ago +2
most deff 7 years ago  
*saga 7 years ago  
with ur small ;pistol; 7 years ago  
meet justin...and killl him...so we can prevent the comming of the next anitchrist...and besdies we saved the nation...and the world....from our ears bleeding.. 7 years ago +1
maybve its a sexy female demon..now we are getting somewhere 7 years ago +2
wth 7 years ago  
lol wow.....id sooo tak emy real ass gf. 7 years ago +1
amy was a jew. 7 years ago  
THREESOOME!! 7 years ago +7
aahahhahahah id start by breaking his 'wittle' NECK 7 years ago  
ill just murder nacy...there...no problems 7 years ago +2
i hva etwo lesbo aunties..both short hair..no gracias 7 years ago  
i like my short term momeory thank you very much.. (and my chemical balance) 7 years ago  
i stole ur moms viginity! :3 7 years ago  
death penalty!!!! death penalty!! we must stop u from doing that again!!! 7 years ago  
cause itd more badasss 7 years ago  
THEY BOTH SUCK! 7 years ago +5
i have my gf...sooo... 7 years ago  
TWITTER SUCKS. 7 years ago +6
:D ikr! 7 years ago  
wtf 7 years ago +9
so u picked both...i knew it 7 years ago +1
this one sells for more 7 years ago  
well...id be a recording artist. :3 so i could be famous for shredding that guiytar too :3 7 years ago  
mmmmmm cressoints..idgaf how to spelli it 7 years ago +1
u like animals way too much 7 years ago  
it didnt specify how long id have to keep it secret 7 years ago +1
id use the starving time...to talk to all my loved ones..and to give that last goodbye to my gf... :'( 7 years ago +2
id use those months...to talk to the ones i loved before i leave... 7 years ago  
:D 7 years ago  
it didnt say what would be two times faster....lol my reflexes! so id be 4x's faster tha slow mo people over there :3 and...i could ge tmy homework done 2x's faster 7 years ago  
i honestly dont care...cause i dont wanna really watc either...ever... 7 years ago +2
well if its a 20 year OLD pricipal..thats a hot chick...lol 7 years ago +3
i guessed he just looked mre like a racist jerk. 7 years ago +2
its ok....ull die sooner or later..proabably death by bobas. 7 years ago +1
damn..chose the wrong one...damn..fb is so uch better..facechat... ;) 7 years ago  
meh..i wouldnt care really..i mean shes a bette rdancer than me so... 7 years ago +4
true that 7 years ago +1
boys are cheaper and easier to toake care of...js 7 years ago  
petter....drinks more beer. 7 years ago  
bic he is the crack master 7 years ago  
when u tickle elmo....it sounds like hes being raped. 7 years ago +7
rodents can go die in a hole 7 years ago  
karate..is balanced...tae kwon do....all feet....what if u rlegs get chopped off???? then what....ur useles... 7 years ago  
idgaf....lol they all lok like retards now and in the past. 7 years ago +3
ketchup just smells awful..but not bad on french fries. 7 years ago  
casper the friendly ghost? 7 years ago  
casper..duh.... 7 years ago  
what if that person...umm u know..has stds and ummm its a girl and she suddenly has her period..all over ur face? no thanks i trust me. 7 years ago +1
i do..and it could be a step sister... ;) 7 years ago  
oooorr....unknowns...all they do is hidden power...wth..useless 7 years ago  
well jb sucks 7 years ago +2
NOT JESSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
i dont give a F*ck!! screw those peices of sh*t!!! 7 years ago  
the 3% is BOB SAGGOT 7 years ago +4
:D yesh....bad asses...ftw 7 years ago  
well i liked it :D 7 years ago  
jim root. :D 7 years ago  
bic 7 years ago  
well there are twoo girls in' it 7 years ago  
at least i dies while doing something very unimportant to me..but better than just going to the beach and drowning..so not excellent.. 7 years ago  
mwhhaha iwuxsbsoius[ous :D like that 7 years ago +1
bangin all day and all night... :D 7 years ago +2
idgaf 7 years ago  
or jake pitts/or andy beirsack...(black veil brides.. :P 7 years ago +1
jim root.. 7 years ago  
.....aaaannnddd...softener....so soft...ud bang ur shirt :p 7 years ago +8
i could stll hear all the music id be playin..and i just need muscle memory to learn hoe to play any insturment js 7 years ago +1
u can just wish for more wishes and just...u know wish what u want.. hoiuse...bank...and everything in it..or the US national bank..u know the one that holds all our money..yea just wish for everhting in that place..not money riight?! :p 7 years ago  
well...idk wich ever comes first 7 years ago  
ur a BADASS IF U BURN THO! 7 years ago +4
umm....i need my tech..and my gf xD 7 years ago +1
with stupid haircuts...no breast implants..no tv shows worth watchin...and ur only choice of music is elvis... 7 years ago  
crocidile boots...anyone? 7 years ago  
if u get tired....at least i wont drown..or tidal waves..or jellyfish..or sting-rays...or..squid...and...u know..if ur in the water for a really long time..ull die.. so yea.. 7 years ago +2
...are u forreal... 7 years ago  
already happened...lol dont intend onncatching..i dont wanna be scarred.. 7 years ago +2
either one...cause u can be the walrus whisperer.... :D but....talking to people is probably more normal... but so what...meh..both..cause if u can speak to al animals....couldnt that also mean..people aare animals in their own respect? so i just chose the wrong one.. -___- 7 years ago  
work for what u got....dont borrow...its americas failures all over again 7 years ago +1
A.u can eat those haters. .or B. burn their bodies as a makeshift signal flare...or C.help them build stuff then when they are no longer useful...do A or B. :) 7 years ago +2
meh im good with just me....and mah girl.. :D 7 years ago +3
and hot friends at that. 7 years ago  
both grandmas are dead...they arent alive to do anything... 7 years ago  
cool story bro. i think ud like christmas...(just participate to get more stuff after ur passover?! right..i think that swhat its called lol ) 7 years ago  
birthday...i get waaayyy more sh*t!! :D 7 years ago  
ur smart....u can get rich...if ur popular...ur a loser after school. :3 ur choice.. 7 years ago +1
yea..burned..cause..i mean..1. higher chance of survival..and 2. FIRE IS COOL... ;3 SO BRIGHT...BURRRNNN....(oh yea...and cause i mean u can take off ur shirt so the problem is solved. :0 7 years ago +1
wisdom* (along with knowledge?!?!?) 7 years ago  
ur gonna hate being a mortal then... srry to burst ur bubble..but ur gonna have to grow up sometime...and face the sh*tty economy.. :3 hahaha life not fair..huh? :P 7 years ago  
adult...i mean u can drive urself and like...go to any concert u want js. not the ;ur too young trip again.. :3 7 years ago +1
id be happy with either.. :D 7 years ago  
lemon juice...anyone? 7 years ago +6
but we do. and umm...well if ur from mexico..(js not that i am) but ud still be here xD they didnt know the world yet xD 7 years ago  
hey....i mean if u didnt knoww that there was actually a cure for cancer....dont u think ud wanna know...even if it was expensive.. 7 years ago  
if th epig annoys the hell outta ya...bacon... ;) 7 years ago  
i just woulndt do anything with that b*tch 7 years ago  
the big bang didnt happen by itself..i beleive god could hav ese tthe universe in motion,...in my opinion 7 years ago +1
neither 7 years ago  
xD lmfao lol biccc xD 7 years ago  
rhome of rolex :p 7 years ago  
both is awesome 7 years ago  
cali ftw 7 years ago  
hahahaah watermeln xD 7 years ago  
still i tunes cause idgaf about coffee a\even tho i still get free music xD 7 years ago  
either way its a win - win :) 7 years ago  
both is fine 7 years ago  
im dead 7 years ago  
only cause polar bears are endangered 7 years ago  
:D idc 7 years ago  
meh...ahaha..nope :) 7 years ago +3
both...cause u could wish for ur love to happen no? ahah yea ik i just picked the wrong ooone... -___- 7 years ago  
its neither for me :D 7 years ago  
but with light hands..u coudl be badass at gloving especially haha 7 years ago  
neither..lol but selling drugs at least u makebank 7 years ago  
burgers* use spell check u dumb ass :) 7 years ago  
hot dogs are COMPLETE SHIT 7 years ago +2
my best freind is a girl so hellz ya xD 7 years ago  
i play guitar....sooo...yea...not a hard choice for me 7 years ago  
idccc 7 years ago +1
being a ninja is awesome! 7 years ago +3
hah...we are stupid americans...we are just badass that way..AMERICA!!! F*CK YEA!! 7 years ago +1
ikr! :D 7 years ago  
LITE ftw 7 years ago  
hmmm mehh..calcium.? lol either way idc 7 years ago  
whenur wolverine...ur gonna be MUCH harder than a steel rod..haha ill tell u that much! and u 'regenerate quckly haha 7 years ago  
lol rome has better foood. and less people that call everyone 'bloody'and wakner' lol XD and in rome..has cooler music..i mean u can hear the godfather music everywhere O.O 7 years ago  
both. 7 years ago  
yea...no chrome dome for me 7 years ago  
ima loser hahahahh seriosuly... 7 years ago  
bothhh 7 years ago  
both idc 7 years ago  
thats ny favorite time to talk to dead people....and if ur ugly..people cant see u too wel xD 7 years ago  
idc dont drink 7 years ago  
marijuana sucks... 7 years ago  
dont drink but bacardi has a cooler name 7 years ago +1
both badass.... 7 years ago  
meh deff both lol if it was my step sister 7 years ago  
hot step-mom? 7 years ago +4
if itsa hot girls toothbrush :) 7 years ago  
i hope that cat food is tuna :p 7 years ago +2
get head ahah 7 years ago +1
boobs are awesome 7 years ago +1
being a guy is fun.. 7 years ago  
u sittards..animals are not people..and ud be saving the animals in the world by stopping pollution 7 years ago  
wtf ima guy..screw that sh*t..wow....my bro just clicked it..-___- wtf 7 years ago  
they are both aweosme actualy. i love both :) 7 years ago  
lol date,....CARPE DIEM DUDE 7 years ago  
lol i could give less of a hsit about puppies.. 7 years ago  
hehe im lucky anywas 7 years ago  
anything is fine as long as she dont have a d*** im good. 7 years ago +4
ELECTRIC FTW!!! HEAVIER THE BETTER!! YAH!!!! \m/ ^---^\m/ 7 years ago  
lollol id rather read cause u can think of the characters as ud lie to and u stimulate ur brain..lol ik i need to get back cause my brain is mushy atm xD 7 years ago +1
i love both..i coudl barely choose either way..they are amazing 7 years ago  
hsahaha..they both suck..and ud never be taken seriosuly thats for sure 7 years ago +2
lolol humans are worth somethin.anmials can go burn in hell for a ll i care 7 years ago  
android market soo beats appls sh*t..and android has so much more potential while aple has to catch up with what an android already does..but i want facetime on androoiiidd...then id be bought in 7 years ago +2
tablets suck,....but it would be fun to jailbreak..but id rathe rhave something with more usefulness 7 years ago +1
twitter sucks. 7 years ago +4
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