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Do you think Leonardo De Caprio should Get an Oscar or Not get an Oscar 5 years ago 142 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather save Abarham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr.? Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr. 5 years ago 148 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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I never watch TV 4 years ago  
I am a christian and the thing is the bible says that we should love anyone no matter how much they have sinned. So im no hater to gay people. I'm not homophobic. In the past I have had friends who are gay or bisexual. I didn't hate them because they were gay. I thought they were cool because of their personality. But all of that still doesn't mean im for gay marriage. Because the bible says that man was created for women and women was created for man. Not woman for women or man for man. I'm only against the ACTION of gay marriage. So the next time you meet a person who is against gay marriage don't just think that they are homophobic haters. 4 years ago +1
Haha! Wikipedia knowing the truth is bullcrap 4 years ago  
i have a confession,,,,,, My cat walked up to me while I masturbated. So I had to burn down the house with him in it. 5 years ago +3
I think all of you need to know what its like to poop that much mayo 5 years ago  
I already do the one on the left and I really just want to stay in one place 5 years ago  
If your 12 than how have you had arelationship for 11 years? 5 years ago  
Kevint stop trying to say that were wrong. All Christians know that your people are the ones whip are wrong. so you dint stop this man than your going to hell 5 years ago  
Never heard of that one before 5 years ago  
Im with you on that all the way 5 years ago  
Dude your not a Christian than. Your just being a hypocrite to your own religion 5 years ago  
I think we all know that Justin Bieber is a complete jerk with out meeting him 5 years ago +1
every one respects Stephen Hawking so.... 5 years ago  
I just don't get that 4% 5 years ago  
Im Asian so either way I win 5 years ago  
The most asked question here 5 years ago  
Where are the stars?! 5 years ago  
I already have both 5 years ago  
im 14 sooo.... 5 years ago  
Ive done both 5 years ago  
Mario is actually a soico path. In the beginning of the first Super Mario game they explain that a lot of the mushrrom kingdom people were turned to blocks of bricks. And Mario goes through out the game just killing the mushroom kingdom people. He also is just killing acorns and innocent turtles. And at the end he cheers about it acting like it was fun even though he probably killed hundreds of animals and the mushroom kingdom. But I still chose Mario. 5 years ago  
Im the hulk 5 years ago  
"The cold never bothered me any way!" 5 years ago  
I'll get some gun powder for the 74% 5 years ago  
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 5 years ago  
You can just live 50 more years and be a christiAN 5 years ago  
Crap I did the wrong one! 5 years ago  
ima guy 5 years ago  
We should all respect every ones beliefs. If your just go after some one and claim they're stupid or dumb for believing than your just being a jerk 5 years ago  
Its a she racist! 5 years ago  
ITS LINK! 5 years ago  
In Japan we hardly have any summer break any ways 5 years ago  
There are hardly any one alive left who did those crimes any ways 5 years ago  
China is full of communists 5 years ago  
I agree SOOOOOOOOO much. there are way too many ignorant people in this world! 5 years ago  
save 6,000,000 or save 5 you decide 5 years ago  
Just be Ian Mekellen 5 years ago  
dat 7% tho 5 years ago  
Any one who is here is probably already a happy moron 5 years ago  
If you rule every thing than u have to know everything as well 5 years ago  
2996 people v.s. 6,000,000 people you chose 5 years ago  
I can already get away with lying 5 years ago  
YOLO 5 years ago  
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