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    Samus number one Girl  
    it was nearly a century ago the government has changed  
    pull your F**KING PANTS UP!!!  
    dear Buda i would like a pony and red rocket ship.  
    i never have to get up for water every ten secs.  
    you gotta love the crazies who know way more than you think.  
    the universe is infinite we know only our home planet. a whole galactic society could be out there and we just haven't found each other yet.  
    if it's unwanted and we're not ready i would prefer putting it up for adoption but if my GF/Wife wants it aborted it's her choice.  
    religion has and you can fact check this been the worst thing in history. the crusades for example  
    split the bills 12 ways.  
    i watched it with my dad when it was on  
    took the words right out of my mouth  
    my whole school life.  
    they're both cults  
    hehehehe...i can already see your foot in your mouth  
    stop killing and hating people for being different and i'll leave you alone.  
    cause Norris is a punk  
    how does cookie moster fit?  
    as long as i don't get sick i won't die cause AIDS isn't what kills you it's what you get next that does.  
    i had mine when i was 8  
    no, no he's not. also like hell i'm gonna be a killer monster that gets enslaved by a 10 year old.  
    that is a $ on the 2008 one not a 6  
    Bat hearing!!!  
    can't it be the same time?  
    my mom used to lock me in the bath room. my dad showed me "the friend" (an old wooden row ore that my grand father beat him with. dad never had to spank me)  
    hey at least some one is attracted to me.  
    i can argue that it's the way the shirt is meant to look.  
    take the keys out they won't notice. i've done it before.  
    PS3 had free online.  
    mystery science theater 3000  
    sure he's not real so yeah give me the money and the power.  
    Darth Revan!!!  
    nerds are smart and usually very interesting Geeks are what we used to call hipsters.  
    so long as you grab the mouth before it opens the croc can't hurt your.  
    with the drugs and alcohol i can put them in rehab but the other...idk how to deal with that.  
    i hit two birds with one stone  
    the juice found in lemons is an acid.  
    i'm sure this is the same thing  
    i'm guessing this is would you have a son or daughter. with a son i can teach him what i know a bit better since i lived as him once.  
    depends on the game  
    i wouldn't mind ether but with the wife there still could be a chance she's bi  
    depends on the game.  
    i would stop war so i can focus the money war wastes and end world hunger  
    wouldn't being with my true love make my dreams come true?  
    Dr. Sues once said "we are all weird in our own weird way. we seek others who are able to match our weirdness and call it Love"  
    i can get naked pretty fast.  
    at least we'll be warm and can cuddle up.  
    the needed amount of sleep is 4 hours already the body just wants 8+ that's why we go into REM sleep  
    i already do this.  
    if my kid was on drugs i would let him stay the night and put him in rehab while he slept.  
    i've already done mine.  
    hey...i've got a ginger beard and i'm a nerd.  
    i can survive on my own only one mouth to feed  
    this is the same question.  
    3 square meals and a roof over my head.  
    what the hell are you talking about? i'm perfect.  
    why can't earth be heaven? +1
    hey i'll role that die...wait.  
    i already am.  
    Gandalf died and came back stronger. Dumbledore died and got his grave robbed by the man he was working to stop.  
    i'm a fan of both but star wars was what got me into space.  
    my best friend is a guy so...  
    i'm not going to lie i love seeing Darwinism play out.  
    a PC i can update and modify to be better a mac i have to buy a new one.  
    with infinite power i can learn everything there is to know.  
    i wish that i was allowed to wish for money. i also wish i was allowed to wish for unlimited wishes. i wish to have a full can of the best soda in the world. i wish i was immortal. i wish my dream girl was real and loved me unconditionally. i wish my dream girl was Immortal. I wish i had a star ship that i could travel faster than light with. i wish my ship never needs to be refueled. i wish for unlimited wealth. and now wish for unlimited wishes.  
    who says i need to marry my true love, if we're true loves than we don't need to pay a massive amount of money on a party for people we hate.  
    wow dude you've never been to America yet have you?  
    the things i need to know!!!  
    i'd go to sea world a lot more.  
    hey at least i could win against Trump.  
    those eyes OH GOD THE EYES!!!  
    Netflix and chill? Ha how about we see how messed up we really are?  
    the 5 star prison is a thing that happens in Sweden and guess what...they have one of the lowest crime rates.  
    if the love is good the sex shouldn't matter id the love is bad you might as well have a hooker  
    i am unseen by all who are not Ninjas i have killed you long before you know you've died. +2
    may the odds be in my favor.  
    YOLO is stupid  
    isn't this the same thing?  
    i can do a lot more good with that money  
    that 20% are idiots.  
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