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    i need to stop answering these while horny 5 years ago  
    at least jews dont think jesus is there savior 5 years ago +1
    there is no jesus 5 years ago  
    freezing masturbation would be amazing. 5 years ago  
    religion isnt real anyways 5 years ago +1
    if there was a heaven or hell 5 years ago  
    my life would be perfect 5 years ago  
    there is no afterlife anyway. and the human race will be extinct soon anyway. its nature fighting back 5 years ago  
    westboros are the opposite of my religion 5 years ago  
    well, someones christan. and aithiets are right anyways 5 years ago +1
    he stood for what my religion is about. 5 years ago +3
    mmm... boobs 5 years ago  
    loophole. bears are vegitarieans 5 years ago  
    at least i would become skinny 5 years ago +2
    where have you been all my life 5 years ago  
    the only one i love doesnt notice me but i would kill all of our kids (if we had any) to save her 5 years ago  
    ditto b*tches! 5 years ago +1
    id name it draco 5 years ago +6
    aloha b*tches! 5 years ago +1
    seems like a ghost. i guess i would follow my crush to protect her 5 years ago +1
    alredy am 5 years ago +3
    i thought they said the same thing 5 years ago  
    we can warm our selves up by "sharing body heat" and "physical exercise". im to horny to be answering these questions right now 5 years ago  
    cant happen. we have masturbation 5 years ago +4
    made my day 5 years ago  
    im coming EvilGeniuses! 5 years ago  
    hardest question ever 5 years ago  
    I F*CKING LOVE UMBRELLAS 5 years ago  
    ill get a vasectomy. 5 years ago  
    better start diggin 5 years ago +1
    then she would like me more. (at least get a kiss) 5 years ago  
    as a flute player im screwed both ways 5 years ago +1
    there is no heaven or hell 5 years ago  
    well someones high :) 5 years ago  
    if heaven was ever real then yes 5 years ago  
    i LOVE peanut shells 5 years ago  
    it took me a while to think about it then i realized that i will be invisable! that would be wonderful 5 years ago  
    i speak with the bees 5 years ago  
    looks bawsome 5 years ago  
    gotta play that starcraft 5 years ago  
    only if my friends did it to :) 5 years ago  
    i love a good weep every now and then. and sneezing hurts 5 years ago  
    never had an ex... or a girlfriend :( 5 years ago +109
    i have a d*ck so it wont touch anything 5 years ago  
    i always have masturbation 5 years ago  
    i want them to watch 5 years ago  
    masturbate 5 years ago  
    i still have a slide phone 5 years ago  
    baby shampoo 5 years ago +2
    space masturbation would be AMAZING 5 years ago  
    i would have to live ugly for my whole life, and i would only be embaressed for a while and i have no shame 5 years ago  
    suicide :) 5 years ago  
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