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    a world without sexism would really upset the natural order of things  
    i always end up overeating at buffets  
    at least german girls arent retarded af +1
    86% of girls are lying  
    im broke, wonder what will happen  
    sell products and be rich or begin some made up bullsh*t  
    i'll disapoint them either way at least this way i'm rich  
    lose your life or lose your vocal chords  
    already am  
    31% are beating a dead horse  
    i went outside once, pvp was not enabled  
    like yoda i will talk  
    neither really i rarely sociallize on either internet or real life  
    i dont know what linux is but im sure if i did id still pick windows  
    neither really go steam  
    facebook makes a better social network site than + but thats about it  
    58% havent read land of oz  
    its already happened and we are dating so easy fing question  
    at least the last things i hear befor death would be "choo choo"  
    depends on the gender (unless there a second or third child)  
    like yoda i will talk  
    its kinda sad that twilight got 20% should be 100% harry potter  
    aleady am soo  
    26% are retarded +4
    nintendo has pokemon  
    i like bacon  
    I wanna be the very best like noone ever was  
    that basically means im dating marcilene  
    like if you chose because of the picture  
    and love is all about sex  
    im just gunna kill whoever thought of this question  
    you racist piece of $#!+  
    toot toot  
    i hate my ex  
    never said i couldnt wear a parachute  
    is love worth getting hit by a train for  
    damn it wheres the un click button  
    theyre just jealous +1
    easiest f*cking question ever  
    that was easy  
    then i can be batman  
    at least with gassed i can die peacefully  
    no you cant  
    this question makes no f#ing sense  
    government knows best  
    because when they get married they will be able to keep their last name  
    dafuq is metroid  
    at least in work you get paid to go there you dont get paid to go to school and most stuff you learn there is useless in the future  
    all i need to do is separate the whites put the clothes into the washing machine then take it out,put it in the dryer and then bam done doing the dishes is stressful and frustrating  
    i have 7 hours of homework a day already  
    im 13 so i dont do taxes  
    i honestly dont care how fat a girl is but i will never ever f**k an ugly woman  
    the correct word is ginny potter  
    made by a policeman no doubt  
    whats glee  
    isnt antarctica technically a desert  
    im basically already an atheist  
    bring it on brain freeze  
    either way youll still see ghosts  
    neither i hate ear piercings  
    at least the 2700s would have wifi  
    no arms means no fapping and video gaming  
    theres no walmart in australia  
    the restaraunt could be mcdonalds  
    i hate school uniforms  
    i already have the perfect body  
    who needs god +1
    i dont like having such cute animals die for my meal besides I love burgers  
    why would you want to be rich and not have internet  
    like if you clicked b because of hermione  
    i dont want them to see me fap  
    i dont want the prize i want the money  
    i dont care about being turned into a girl just so long as female me is hot  
    me like bikinis  
    what are chips ahoy  
    i never say please already soo  
    if i do it in the morning my siblings could see me in the nude  
    81% of people are idiots  
    oral hygiene is not to be taken for granted your hairs hygiene is not  
    I personally want t have sex while engaged  
    F**k the 42% who said apple  
    i prefer to walk and i hate having slow internet  
    knowledge of history is useless  
    69% voted for b LOL  
    the 58% who chose a are liars  
    Darn it accidentally clicked on masseuse  
    Im no pedophile  
    Immortality is a curse  
    Technically wouldn't your annoying grandma be someone you hate  
    Noone said anything about not having any scuba gear  
    Whats the point of being rich without Wi-Fi  
    For some strange reason ive really wanted to (censored) a lesbian  
    Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can buy stuff to make you happy +1
    I always take more than i can eat at buffets  
    Id prefer to stay my own gender  
    Not answering this cuz imma guy  
    I live in Australia already also USA is where trump is +1
    never said i couldnt have true love  
    i hate religion  
    people who are over 30 will chose the other one but im a teen  
    the real question is would you rather work for god or some guy who can help you find friends  
    i know this might be sexist but females are better as nurses than doctors so yeah  
    sometimes you just have to take the risk  
    i hate the harlem shake  
    Mario kart sux  
    shes the actor for hermione  
    i hate my siblings  
    cheese tasty  
    no school!  
    somtimes its just better not to know  
    small dogs are cuter  
    intelligence makes me happy sooo  
    id be rofling all over  
    after all technically a mac is a pc  
    if there was no marriage then there definatly wouldnt be divorce  
    i hate all twilight characters  
    WW3 because it will be much easier to survive  
    Harry Potter Duh  
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