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Would you rather Have all the money in the world or Be able to speak every single language on earth? 1 month ago 63 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Chipotle or Taco Bell? 4 months ago 56 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always be bald or Have hair that never stops growing? 5 months ago 95 votes 17 comments 0 likes

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Thanks! 6 days ago  
I didn’t mean to repeat that. 1 month ago  
There are rapists from every race. This is racist. 3 months ago  
Joke’s on you, I don’t have a sister! 4 months ago  
The f***kkk 4 months ago  
I don’t have to choose 4 months ago  
Finally! Someone with common sense! :) 4 months ago  
I could just eat all of them 4 months ago  
Ewwwwwwwwwwwww this is disgusting 4 months ago  
Abortion isn’t murder 4 months ago  
Unless the person is actually innocent 4 months ago  
There goes Kim Jong-Un 4 months ago  
You’re going to hell because you force your opinions down other people’s throats. How would like it if you were hated for being married to the one you love? 4 months ago  
Can you shut up for once and stop being soooo intolerant? No offense. 4 months ago  
STFU 4 months ago  
When will you be banned? 4 months ago  
That’s just racist 4 months ago  
Oh, sure 4 months ago  
No, not you. 4 months ago  
A is more normal 4 months ago  
I like universal studios 4 months ago  
B is just blackface. 4 months ago  
Not all cleaners are Mexicans. 4 months ago  
Neither. Shane had sex with his cat and Onision bullies others. 4 months ago  
That’s racist. Get off. 4 months ago  
Picked the wrong one 4 months ago  
Everyone who is nice deserves rights 4 months ago  
Why would people be so concerned about looks? 4 months ago  
Alchol. Alchol. ALCHOL. 4 months ago  
I already do 4 months ago  
I’m not saving Justin Bieber! Hell no! 4 months ago  
I won’t be the one getting arrested 4 months ago  
A blobfish 4 months ago  
Glenn is a known as a dangerous sex offender 4 months ago  
*moose 4 months ago  
Sex, drinking from a lake and everything in between. It’s a quote from family guy. 4 months ago  
Breast means chicken breast, not boobs 4 months ago  
Cock means chicken 4 months ago  
Sorry Kenan 4 months ago  
Dildo lol 4 months ago  
Staring would be weirder than just giving them a friendly wave 4 months ago  
I can easily pronounce the 2nd option 4 months ago  
These are both dead channels 4 months ago  
I picked the wrong one 4 months ago  
Crap! Wrong one! 4 months ago  
Ha! Look everybody! He’s wearing purple! What a nerd! 4 months ago  
Were you on drugs when you made this question? 4 months ago  
Both of them are creepy. So this question technically says are clown scary or scary. 4 months ago  
Saves money 4 months ago  
The cat’s pretty cute though 4 months ago  
I kinda do that already 4 months ago  
Best comment on this site yet! 4 months ago  
Both are highly illegal 4 months ago  
Constipation leads to explosive diarrhea 4 months ago  
I don’t have a sister 4 months ago  
What’s so bad about a girl having a dick? 4 months ago  
You don’t specify what kind of toys 4 months ago  
You would still probably face jail time for refusing to report a crime. 4 months ago  
FOOD 4 months ago  
Shut your stupid bible-thumping mouth! 4 months ago  
Finally, someone with common sense! Thank you! 4 months ago  
You should be BANNED 4 months ago  
Terrorist organizations aren’t cool 4 months ago  
Uhhhhh, B is a swastika 4 months ago  
OK, STFU ALREADY 4 months ago  
47% dropped out of school. Go to school, kids. 4 months ago  
Dumbass 4 months ago  
You. Are. A. Failed. Abortion. 4 months ago  
Meditating lowers stress levels. Stress can accelerate aging. So, yes. Meditating can slow down aging. 4 months ago  
How ironic. 5 months ago  
Best. Place. Names. Ever!!!! 5 months ago  
Altering the past could alter the future 5 months ago  
I’m not rich now 5 months ago  
Nothing is free, really. 5 months ago  
What would option B accomplish? 5 months ago  
Fred Phelps is DEAD 5 months ago  
Scrambled eggs all day, everyday, baby 5 months ago  
A would get the kid accepted into Yale thanks to me, but what does B accomplish? 5 months ago  
Seriously, enough. 5 months ago +2
ilovefreedom, seriously? 5 months ago +1
Stephen Hawking died of ALS-related causes, not because of another human. 5 months ago +1
B actually happened, you sicko. EDIT-just found out the holodomor happened as well. 5 months ago +1
Why would 29% of people want to have a horrible life? 5 months ago +2
Whoever made this question needs help 5 months ago +1
The first one is disgusting 5 months ago  
At least I have internet 5 months ago  
That is a badass pope 5 months ago  
Less horrible 5 months ago  
OMG I LOVE COFFEE 5 months ago  
WTF 5 months ago  
I’m already Atheist 5 months ago  
What’s wrong with being a homosexual? 5 months ago  
Agreed! 5 months ago  
That rabbit is sooooo adorable! 5 months ago  
I love both! 5 months ago  
Chicken Parmigiana ALL THE WAY 5 months ago  
WTF DID I JUST READ 5 months ago  
Why is Snape here? 5 months ago  
Wut 5 months ago  
What happened to Nyan Cat? My poor baby! 5 months ago  
It’s actually harder to do than you think. People who smoke don’t give it up in one second. 5 months ago +1
Who’s Maniac Magee? 5 months ago +1
Good, this question is. 5 months ago  
Do I still get the money if I die? 5 months ago  
YOLO is overrated as hell 5 months ago  
I accidentally chose an option! 5 months ago  
Crap, I think I chose an option. I really didn’t mean to! 5 months ago  
Whoever made this question is a sadist 5 months ago +1
Crap, picked the wrong one! 5 months ago  
I wanna be a nice guy 5 months ago  
39% of people are nazis 5 months ago  
Yuck. 5 months ago  
winning the lotto has been the worst thing to happen to some people, weirdly enough. 5 months ago  
Fame hurts people. 5 months ago  
I won’t know no one is there, ‘cause i’m 6 feet underground, In a box. How sad. 5 months ago  
I don’t have a cellphone. I have an iPad. 5 months ago  
There goes everyone in North Korea. 5 months ago  
Yay, I get to punch birds in the face! 5 months ago  
I wouldn’t know ‘cause i’m 6 feet underground 5 months ago  
Bye bye, Kim Jong-un 5 months ago  
Wasn’t thinking about doing it anyway 6 months ago  
I’m already a boy 6 months ago  
It’s basically would you rather commit incest or not commit incest 6 months ago  
I would not be a necrophiliac 6 months ago  
What the hell is that second picture? 6 months ago  
I don’t have a doggo 8 months ago  
Don’t go to hockey games, so it’s not going to happen 8 months ago  
Why is that rhino’s poop green??? 8 months ago  
It’s basically would you rather be tortured or not be tortured 8 months ago  
This is horrible 8 months ago  
I don’t eat ketchup 8 months ago  
I won’t get married anyway 8 months ago +1
Won’t get fired for being early 8 months ago +1
A 50% chance is basically a 0% chance to me 8 months ago  
I don’t care about looks 8 months ago  
I probably won’t drive anyway 8 months ago  
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