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    I'm an only child :P +2
    I HATE The Beatles! +189
    I can shave :P +4
    Vampires are hot!  
    I hate being alone :( +1
    School ends and then what? :P +3
    Both depressing awful things :'( +1
    I could try and climb a tree at least  
    I HATE Family Guy! +281
    My hand writing always looks neater in pencil :S +74
    I don't like Ice cream much :/ +1
    If I was the smartest person in the world it wouldn't take me long to get rich :P +1
    I have to live with both of these things... At least you can wake up from your dreams. +1
    Anything has to be better than Glee  
    Ed Sheeran +3
    I HATE Apple products, so at least if I had one to share someone could get some enjoyment out of it +1
    Cats get to sleep all day and they get more freedom, plus they are more intelligent :P +4
    In the middle of winter I sleep with my fan on and the window open... I think there is something wrong with me :/ +764
    Sorry cute animals, but Pollution effects me and my future, so I pick that. +1
    I have never even heard of Chips Ahoy :/  
    Got alcohol poisoning from red wine once... I will NEVER touch that stuff again! +2
    Ergh! neither!  
    I wanna fly on a broomstick! +3
    I want a unicorn!  
    Chicken is my fave meat :P +5
    I can lie :P +1
    I HATE dogs!  
    American football is stupid :P  
    There is at least one person in the world who can speak any known language. How many people do you know who can speak to animals? :P  
    I hate hot weather! +216
    I don't need either because my soul mate is already in love with me and I would never want him to stop loving me, but I would like to be mean and make someone I hate fall in love with me and get to reject them :P  
    Pirates ftw  
    I've always wanted to be a doctor.  
    I would make Facebook awesome again. F**k you Timeline! +3
    I love the rain +3
    I have actually had both of those happen to me and them dating my enemy was easier  
    At least if they dated my worst enemy I could never see them again.  
    I know that I can't live without him  
    I would hate to know either, But I would more so hate to know when I was going to die, I would have to spend the rest of my life knowing the exact day, it would be like a death sentence... No thanks  
    I don't drink, but I used to and I have never been a fan of Bacardi really  
    I have never been a gambler, the million for sure it would have to be.  
    As cool as knowing all those languages would be, I really don't think I would have any use for them. Money on the other hand I can think of plenty of uses.  
    Really Neither, but if I had to now I guess....  
    I don't really love Friends that much and I have actually never seen How I met your mother, so I think I would give How I met your mother a go :) +1
    Trust me if I was in charge those 5 screaming kids would behave +3
    I would rather own no dog... But if I had to a small one I think +1
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