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Would you rather tame killer dodo's that are the same as tiny raptors or this thing 1 month ago 42 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hug burnt marshmallow or the nope rabbit 1 month ago 45 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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never snows where I am : ( 1 month ago  
depends do I get to choose what I look like 1 month ago  
im a true gamer 1 month ago  
be scared all day or when you sleep if you choose all day then you will have nightmares of what you saw but if you choose when you sleep you might get traumatized and see things at day good thing i don't dream 1 month ago  
who knows if you're a guy you may be super thicc 1 month ago  
two many embarrassing things n my history 1 month ago  
you can fall two your death on both at least if you fall in the elevator you will not know when you are going to crash 1 month ago  
the only two pluses about this at least your not bound to won job your whole life and you won't be a virgin that was the only two pluses 1 month ago  
they look exactly the same but Gandalf has a little less hair and a staff 1 month ago  
sprite 1 month ago  
hate roller coaster lines 1 month ago  
what if your not gay and your best friend who is also not gay is the same gender as you 1 month ago  
wish for diamonds 1 month ago  
wizard than I can be way more powerful than a ninja 1 month ago  
hey watch how you spell ninja OK 1 month ago  
what's the point if you hate each other 1 month ago  
I mean 5/6 chance you get the money 1 month ago  
don't drink starbux 1 month ago  
what kind of brutal question is this but quantity over quality 1 month ago  

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