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    plastic legs exist  
    my body can heal  
    wait sharks can eat me omg wrong one  
    mcdonalds ketchup is good asf  
    i cant live without money... who can?  
    less trouble i gotta worry about  
    who wants to look like that ..... wait how can anyone look like that :\  
    since forever  
    bruno mars ....  
    we need water to survive like really ..  
    ill feel like i can fly  
    i love coke  
    no bra more freedom but less privacy .....see i would wear no pants and underwear but i got perverts at my school sooo..  
    i just wouldnt share  
    dont care  
    i dont have a cell phone and i need to get in my house  
    what type of fruity  
    my grandma died  
    are nissans ugly..  
    popularity dont get you no where  
    since when  
    i dont wann look like a bumb  
    my dad died on my bday so christmas it is...  
    well tbh my friends are ratchet  
    i live in los angeles so it doesn't snow out here so....  
    i have dirty dreams so basicaly ill be watching porn  
    i hate people who breathe hard like breathe through your nose dayyyuuummmnn!!!!!!!!!!  
    really they were racist back then tf that was the worst day of americas life and yall chose something so old  
    ill recieve one billlion then go to africa  
    i aint a hoe  
    they can be stuffed  
    i sit down  
    im not white so idk how to surf no affence  
    practice makes perfect  
    i dont care what people say i still dont know that song  
    heck tf no  
    walking dead but foreal this time  
    i wont survive as a doctor too much exposing body parts  
    im black  
    f*** music  
    both are just dumb  
    this one was dum because apparently i will have my love so i would have something  
    plus who said i was ugly in the first place  
    they never said i couldnt be the smartest and the cutest  
    i wanna die by my bf  
    i will make anybody i love immortal to  
    i have no best friend  
    um my bf can be as the burger king trust and believe ill pass on the clown  
    i wanna be with my bf  
    i would read minds so i can know if my crush likes me  
    what if my crush is a celebrity  
    my true love can be rich so  
    lmao true  
    well im still a virgin so it wouldnt ,ind a little off and on relationship jk ;p  
    no ur not  
    never watched the big bang  
    with ur super powers u can cure cancer they said anything you can think of etc.  
    i am smart  
    its how the website is spelled  
    i dont but your comment was funny  
    who tf said blackberry thats how you know ur not that intelligent i get u like andriods but a blackberry really?!!!!!!  
    a cooked jellyfish im down to try  
    ig bcuz dogs carry worms  
    yes it would  
    well if u want to i would gladly accept and trust and believe u wouldnt wanna be a girl  
    ive had my first kiss at 10 sooooo  
    just kick them all  
    ong what is the zebra on the motorcycle doin +1
    lol shy scraper  
    the tiger cage can be empty  
    my ex and i are cool so i wouldnt mind being with him bcuz he still cute  
    what is gte  
    i cant swim fast  
    it can be a foam puck  
    cooked frog legs are the best they taste like chicken  
    my mom ismean asf  
    i need to take showers duh  
    um wat if the puppies were already bout to die and u just put em out of misery +1
    they spelled would wrong  
    i be thirsty all the time and you could go some where else and get wifi  
    either way imma die so i pick the easier way  
    i love coke  
    well im dirty minded so you know where that ends.....  
    well imma girl so i think my boobs will be able to breathe  
    idk and idc  
    i hate pigs if they not cooked i dont want it  
    its always turnt in las vegas and i live in la so i need to go some where else for a change  
    i get punched too much on my bday  
    i wouldnt wanna fly because u can get hit by a plane sooo reading mines are for me bcuz i can see what people say about me  
    put a bag over her head duh  
    i hate being a girl  
    um well if u understood what cookie means then you might just pick the blue cookie monster because .... nvm  
    why tf would anyone would wanna be rejected?  
    you can make him rich  
    oops well i do love my bf but he is cocky so my answer was........ well u know what i chose  
    they never said it couldnt be plants +1
    all the people i see r ugly asf  
    we can play fight  
    it said live snake  
    it can be a cooked jellyfish  
    the worms could be dead nahhh either way i rather die  
    i dont drink milk so  
    tbh i would love to see my dad playign wit toys that would be a world star moment tbh  
    gummy worms  
    you can rinse the hair off  
    it can be a clean bath tub  
    u can die from eating hair bcuz it may get clogged in your stomach so the toe nails would be it and plus they can be clean toe nails  
    why would anyone wanna watch some animals poop like tf  
    im a girl so  
    ima girl so the needle  
    ima girl soooo  
    i would pee glass because sh*tting hurts  
    all u have to do is swallow  
    ummmmm neither  
    i would make some chicken nuggets  
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