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    I change my mind id rather be a Female They on recruit difficulty 1 year ago +1
    If I wanted to see my ancestors I would check a history book lol 1 year ago  
    Ok thats not fair without bad people nothing would progress technology wise we would eventually get new "Bad" people and everyone would die to overpopulation it seemed like a no brainer to me 1 year ago  
    ok after reading the comments I regret everything 1 year ago  
    it got popular really fast i guess  
    it is where you take a gun like the pic and then spin the barrel thing and test if it got in the bullet in the right spot by shooting at your head so you might die  
    if you use your life how to you move or unpause  
    in prison you can get a tv right?  
    i dislike both  
    they made movies to replace books right?!?!?  
    that elevator could snap any minute now  
    guys let's be real hear if god did not create the world but a big bang did then who made the big bang? GOD DID  
    chose this one because one word: death to who picks 1 hour of internet :wait that was 8 words ok just : death :  
    teleport to a plane you can now fly teleport and go invisible and ether listen to peoples conversations or steal an government thingy that reads minds or makes them tell the truth  
    hide a giant pice of iron under your "hat" or "hair" then if you lose they lose a bullet not you lose a life  
    use the animals to take the world mwhaha  
    (idea) if you save the families one billion goes down the drain so if you give all of the families 5000$ then use the rest to make a businesses then help them even more or use the half a billion $'s to rise awareness so they could end up with a good 15000 or more  
    sorry cap locks  
    honestly i have seen a lot of questions like this and it is the curse of a timelord (if you do not know what the curse of a timelord is LOOK IT UP I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER)  
    you could make your self more pretty or handsome with some kind of tech  
    we are basically doing that right now dose anyone agree with me here  
    when the aliens come someone has to rule and that should be the amazing me or any one else ;)  
    you would never die unless you wanted too that is all  
    sell the light saber then get millions then save them it is a win win  
    no Mario nintendo gets boring fast for me  
    i can not lose my computer and i never last a week without my friend's drive me crazy so 40% of the time i do not have friends and plus you can make friends over the computer in person that is rare for me  
    it would be quicker  
    penut butter  
    why Ownageokay... do you love sierra mist that much you had to make it a giant compared to sprite or was it an accident  
    think about it ether way this dose not come from a dogs butt hole so chocolate pudding  
    honestly it depends on with way the shrunken is pointing so i would chose mayonnaise  
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