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    Donald trump isn't 200 years old also you won't live another 170 years to kil him  
    What about snickers  
    Not everyone likes music, that kind of music, or even slightly understand what it's about so  
    For you maybe  
    Thumbs up if anywhere else  
    I thought these were sport teams  
    What about cherry vanilla Dr Pepper with Coke and a little bit of Sprite  
    And a lot more have been becuase of greed greed is more than just money btw  
    No they just disagree and are like a child when someone doesn't believe in the same thing they do they get angry about it  
    Never said you won't find true love besides this allows you to search for them with less worry about a job, house, or financial problems  
    Not necessarily  
    For people who don't know probably choose Isreal becuase it shows a guy with guns and full body armor against some people with shirts tied to there heads  
    Not everyone  
    It never said how many it could just be one friend you don't like  
    What if my computer was my friend  
    Can it fix glue man  
    Y u do dis  
    You must love sucking balls  
    I chose Mercedes Benz so I can show you how a Mercedes bends  
    E.U. Is doomed and people like you is at fault  
    Types of vodka  
    Chery Vanilla Coke, dr. Pepper, with a little bit of Sprite is amazing  
    Fame can also come with wealth  
    Pro America  
    Or your blind  
    Well if your a guy then you can't get raped and have a baby so  
    So all of the work people have achieved to build for your comfort and your just going to ignore it and act like they never did anything besides the stuff people now bring camping is the same as just staying in a doghouse just insulated  
    Most places don't have sharks unless there's warning signs  
    Never said how hard  
    This is sports +1
    1. It's American 2. he never technically said anything  
    *soccer you...thing  
    Why is this on sports  
    Yeah becuase foot ball is another sport in America  
    Golf is a sport  
    Isn't it fĂștbal and its American football there's a difference America is different than everywhere else but that doesn't make it a bad thing  
    Have you seen the documentaries about people getting stuck in the snow and was never found until the snow melted and about the people who get killed by Avalanche  
    Who created god  
    They never said how high up you were so you can just jump off  
    What if they say heaven  
    What if someone said 1000000(1 million) B.C.  
    But what if you had a voice record of someone saying a place you want to go to and you just keep playing it over again to keep going back and forward from places also you can ask someone to say a place  
    Just becuase you live in Harry potters world doesn't make you a wizard you can be a muggle also who ever said you'd get to meet any of the main characters or go to where they went  
    You just assign people to solve there problems for you that's why at a company meeting there's a lot of people becuase they all deal with the problems the company basin stead of leaving it all to one person  
    And when will this happen... If he even exists why hasn't he already done that his with all his powers shouldn't even be a second to solve all of these problems but he hasn't and he won't he never will becuase he doesn't exist for everything that's already happened its proven that God doesn't care what happens to us or other people because (if he e en existes) is just sitting up Tere watchibg  
    Last name to hitter doent make you the hitter we all know besides its just a name it doesn't matter  
    You won't need telekinetic powers if you can rule the world with people doing anything you want without questioning +1
    How is that a bad thing if the main character was someone who no one ever heard of that would be better  
    What if it's 16 inches of fat  
    They never said that he put it in you  
    Why do I think of a high person saying that  
    What if your keys was your phone (that's a thing)  
    To defeat the huns  
    Just sell the house and buy a smaller and not as good one to get a better car while having money left over  
    Ok then this question isn't for you go on to the one about women only  
    Who created god  
    Well you don't know anything about today's kids  
    So people used rather be 10 forever, never be able to own a house, have a job, eventually no one to take care of you, not be able to drive as well as not being as strong or fast as an adult which can be around 26  
    They never said how hard  
    No it just has nothing to with racing which is what it should have been about but it was still good  
    I misread the question and though be mean someone going to do me not me do so one else  
    We can get along and somehow survive  
    Um being 22 forever sound good I can do anything and everything I will ever need to do  
    Mount Everest is very cold so not only would you run out of air but also freeze soooooo  
    Um the sigh have been killed by the Jedi so  
    Yeah but superman puts in no work to get what he has while batman really had to work and try to get where he is also he beat him in the movie (I think)  
    Blood bending is a difficult challenge only able to be blended by the best of water bending so yeah also there a limit to how much water you can pick up and it depends on you ability so yeah  
    Why not just take them off  
    I never want to  
    They never said for how long  
    What about a docile nursery shark that's been tamed and won't attack people  
    I do t have a pet  
    It's ok Justin is a girl  
    Why did I forget that there are 50 mortal combat games  
    I will give Satans spawn back  
    Um that's what I'm doing right now  
    The end of facets face communicatin is already happening so +1
    I will bring down all my enemies with my canon  
    I think playing games on a computer somehow is going to be hard  
    What if your computer is your friend  
    I am right now :(  
    What if you don't have the financial ability to raise a child  
    I don't understand the question  
    At least you tried  
    I could do better with my friends than with 1 person so it's survive with your closest friend in the snow or a tropical island with friends  
    Gave you Justin beiber  
    Why would 59% of people want to lose there best friend forever  
    Screw bf's and gf's friends are all that matter in life and nothing else  
    I though it said hair styles  
    2 people go on a bed and three people got off what happened  
    Either way there delicious  
    What if it isn't on fire  
    What if the snake pit was empty  
    I don't have an ex so  
    Actually it is through the ever mutating and evolving diseases, bio weapons, and nanobots  
    Punch it in the nose  
    Just eat garlic and put it around your neck or a neck brace that he can't bite through as well as putting garlic traps around the house I like garlic  
    My dad won't do anything  
    Does anyone else think they'll fie from shark attacks  
    Gas can be very painful from flammable gas which could be set on fire and that how you die  
    What if the sword was a balloon it wouldn't do anything +1
    They both are great and it really just depends what I feeling like  
    Why must people in the comments not like chocolate as much as I do  
    Are you a bird  
    Hey 69% of people say the guy with 16inches of you know what  
    Who said he does something to you  
    Nice quote  
    Time warner cable is the best  
    Cars 2 is better than either of them +2
    disney question: which is better bill bye or Star Wars rebels, is that even a question  
    To defeat the Huns  
    If the ski lift is 2 feet off the ground then it would be fine and it could be spring where there isn't much snow anymore  
    And hot  
    Well at least you have the other one  
    Then why did you choose flying  
    Cheat and keep track of where the bullet by spinning it slowly  
    Does anyone else not drink coffee or is that just me  
    I accidentally tapped my screen and picked yolo instead  
    Just give the money to the kids and then you'll have around 90 million left over for you so it's a win win  
    What if your true love is fame and fortune  
    The thing is that they know becuase you won't kill yourself just to prove someone wrong also you'd be breaking the cardinal rule of changing you fate  
    You don't have to listen to them  
    Then how are you alive  
    You put one bullet into the chamber of a revolver spin it and take your chance pulling the trigger  
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