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    At least I'm free  
    That's what I'm already working towards so  
    I could afford to loose 60 pounds lol prob not  
    At least it went my way for once  
    Hot AND smart. Viable option  
    I really don't want to see the sh*t whole this earth may be In in like 180 years. Plus everyone I love will be gone  
    Being a mom of two and one of the way time is ideal and never enough in my world lol  
    I love love so  
    Well id like to know the date because then I know how long I have to do all the things I want to do  
    You could build credit. When you build credit you have so many more options available to you I would never take out a payday loan though. I would have to have someone who was dying and needed that much money then  
    I'm dead lol  
    Either way you die and I feel like a disease may be easier.. It means I wasnt brutally murdered  
    So that I could have a good phrase to keep me going lol saying hakuna matada makes me seem immature.bur I refuse to yell YOLO because I'm not a fag  
    First off I have a family and I know how people really are. We are hard wired to survive. So much so we have in history eaten other people to make it. I feel like other people could move. Second I feel like its a risk you take going to one of these things. I'm sorry but my dad used to do this stuff. There was only one we were allowed to go. And even then we had to be completely on gaurd. Not to mention, he wouldn't let us take little little kids. If that doesn't tell you something..  
    Fresh meat is better. Anyone ever have good deer jerky? Or anything made from deer meat cooked well??  
    50/50? You could save thousands of innocent people.  
    Lol who put the sh*t there? To even have the "big bang". If you don't believe god doesn't exist that's fine, but you're just telling me, that a whole bunch of something, came out of a bunch of nothing  
    No sense of humor sucks but I could deal with that before sketchy and sleazy. Mt husband doesn't mean to be but when he does something questionable o think about it for a very long time. Even though I know I can trust him. And I'm TERRIFIED of stds. Ive only been with three people because of this fear. Those are two qualities I could never over look  
    Well my husband has chronic back pain from an accident where he got hit at like 50 by a semi. And I make my husband as happy as I can. I'll just be connected with his love lol  
    I would much rather my husband not say a thing then be nasty and harsh. At least you can fill the silence at the end of the day. You can't take back anything you've said. You just have to hope sorry and a little bit of lovin covers the hole you punched  
    The notebook BOOK was great. And my mom liked a walk to remember so I'm assuming id think they're cuter lol my mom has a weird taste or rather different at least from mind  
    You can't know love if you don't know pain  
    Dont know either so  
    I'll be real and friendly as opposed to orange lol  
    I hate cheat codes. Why play the game I'd you dont want the struggle? I play to get frustrated then feel like a boss when I win lol  
    Even if I don't find it it'll be somewhere. But I have kids so I feel like they'll rip up the house eventually and get it for me lol  
    Mine picked me up on the side of the road.... But then I texted him and told hi. My mom said to say thanks lol. I'm so glad I have an awkward way with things, because he thought it was really cute. And as for the bar thing I've heard that doesn't turn out so hot  
    I'll lag. I would literally flip if I had to redo everything I did online every twenty minutes, because I usually answer questions and occasionally need it to work. Oh id flip  
    Not a fan of whiskey unless I'm trying to get drunk. Then obviously its jack Daniels.  
    Neither. I don't blog so  
    I'm prolife. Pretty much neutral after thar. I just go with who brings a better debate and by research which has proven themselves to be a better candidate. But I dont believe girls should be allowed to run and get abortions because they were promiscuous. You made the decision. You created life. At least give that child life and give the baby up for adoption. Abortion should be for medical emergencies only. Ie the child is dying, has some serious defect that the baby can't live outside the won or where it will be detrimental to the mother. Sorry. +1
    Not a fan over cover songs so  
    I dont have a daughter :)  
    Books were better lol dont know about the tv show  
    There's for of em ;)  
    Take off the bundle..  
    I hate dishes.  
    I have a two year old but I'm raising him to be respectable and obedient. The fact that parents now a days dont want their kids to hate them is a joke. I'm not here to be a friend. I'm here to be a parent and raise a contributing member of society who understands hard work and perseverance works best  
    I know i could fix something and that's so awesome  
    Old enough to drink, have children, own a house, establish credit, establish a career, etc. Etc.etc.  
    Uhm.. Uh. ... Is this.. Is this really a question? Work my butt off, and put my self in harms way (its part of my profession) oooooor have enough money to live and spend time as a stay at home mom. Lol you e got to be kidding me  
    Original wings are a PAIN to eat. Being a mom with multiple children, I'm so tired of cleaning messes lol I don't want to add my own to the equation as well  
    Better man kind. Had our ancestors said that we would still fear the common cold, flu, and polio.  
    Only because I have two boys and a third on the way. I'd love to buy pink. But I'm just happy they're healthy monsters lol but to the person who would abort lol I'm sorry your mother didn't abort you. Yes , lets throw away a human life that has a heart beat, that was GIVEN life, and throw it away, as opposed to giving the child up for adoption. I look at my childs face and couldn't imagine harming them,let alone killing them. And yeah, its the exact same thing.  
    I can not STAND having someone read to me. Its like fingernails on a chalk board  
    I'll skip the costly repairs thanks +1
    I honestly miss school lol  
    I trust my parents  
    At least I'm not singing when I'm trying to be angry at someone  
    All I can say is I have heard more positive things in Taiwan  
    My life would be perfect lol id just control someone else to get something for me if I really wanted to  
    They didn't make those decisions. I wouldn't want to be held accountable for every bad mistake my ancestors made  
    I feel like a little change would be fun  
    Their dresses are always so pretty and they're all gorgeous  
    My son enjoys Mozart so  
    I have kids so its ten times cheaper and I don't have to pay $1000 for two large drinks a large pop corn and two candy bars  
    Everyone seems to enjoy Zelda so.. I wouldn't know.. I play cod  
    Try having a debilitating disease in Canada. I dare ya.  
    Everyone needs summer  
    They're both awful mind numbing shows. I'll go outside and play with a leaf or something before I open myself up to a form of torture llsuch as that  
    I dont do my taxes someone does then for me si  
    I'm sorry you can have a great song but if it sounds like crap forget ir  
    I pretty much had what I needed and then occasionally I would get more then what I needed  
    I really dint want public trans but I really don't want to try to lug around three kids on a bike or go out in the snow  
    He's a rap god..  
    You legit have it all on your side  
    I had two unplanned and I love those little monsters. Wouldn't trade it for the world +1
    Red jump suit vs meat dress  
    Just because I hate Kim..  
    I want to be a Disney princess...  
    Well I could pay off a ticket, or possibly get a different type of moving violation, have a higher insurance rate, and need to fix my car. Yeah ill stock with the ticket  
    Vitamin water is so much better  
    Only because when I hear "moves like jagger" I hear "MOOBS like jagger" and then I feel immature for laughing hysterically lol  
    Bring on the presents  
    Well sh*t I can't paint anyways so  
    Guitar hero will always trump. I hate rock band.  
    Imma girl so..  
    Much better quality and a lot funnier and some is pretty relatable lol  
    I dont care id I lived with all attractive men whom I wanted to have sex with. I need time a ND privacy  
    Sorry but neither  
    I could be reminded.  
    I mean I'm married so  
    I can't play baseball to save my life. I know. I have tried.  
    I wear make up but not enough that my life would suck if I couldn't wear it. However I HATE smelling bad and love being cleaning so  
    Where's the country button? :'(  
    Tiny things dont tend to blow my mind the way very large things do, like other galaxies  
    Never said I couldn't buy things to donate. I definitely would use part of the money to give to those who need it most, but I have a family as well they have to be my priorities  
    My butt can wait  
    Its happened because my friends think they're funny. I'll live  
    I'm generally neutral. I support which ever candidate seems most suitable to me on the most important issues. However I lean more towards Republicans for one large (in my opinion) reason. I'm 110% prolife. The only reason to get an abortion is if the mother will be harmed or the child will pretty much be a vegetable or severely disabled as in like doesn't ever grow or can never truly live life. I'm not talking autism, downs, etc. I just feel like there are to many families who would love to adopt and a human child has a voice before they can talk  
    Visa is excepted like everywhere  
    Because zombies  
    I could cheat. I could kill them. I could do sh*t in front of them like I wouldn't care. I mean obviously if I did nt like them  
    Screw socks. I go barefoot anyways. Lol even though new socks are nice, id rather feel a clean mouth every day all day  
    Where's the shovel?  
    I dont have to share. My settings will never be tampered with. No brainer.  
    I want to see the holocaust museums. Ive done so many papers and reports and research on that awful time period, I just feel like it would be something else to walk where those poor people walked and try to see in a better light. I dont think it was a great time at all just a time in our history that is a highlight of how man really can treat another man. Its sick but it should be used to learn from  
    I could care less if my husband stayed the same or got in shape like I fell in love with him how he is now lol  
    My mom and I are pretty open so  
    Uhm.. $8/month folks..  
    Well I'm a mom so the term social life isn't real. Its a figment of imagination  
    He doesn't need to act out this part. Like go tf home  
    I already dint have very much and i am happy just being around my family so  
    I'd save me a lot of trouble lol  
    I'd probably be happier if I didn't know as much as I did  
    MONEY and fun lol  
    Only because I'm pregnant. And peeing is a serious thing lol there is no making it home  
    Duh? I could look tough or mainstream /cool  
    Ive only had grey goose. But I hate vodka regardless  
    While I HATE being cold. Its a hell of a lot easier to bundle up then cool down. You can only get so naked.  
    People would be a lot happier if they didn't have to suffer  
    I love being fun sized  
    I'm a girl but I love volleyball  
    Hands down. Fame will go away. A "perfect" relationship wouldn't  
    I hate the cold so  
    I hate cake  
    I mean they so it anyways so  
    My favorite color is purple anyways. Eff it  
    I LOVE me a good pen, but a regular pen you can't erase. One mistake and unless you want a very noticeable blotch on your page or a less noticeable line, but now the person can see your mistake, pencil is the way to to  
    Sorry but at least I could take them off whenever I wanted. I feel like you would always need your glasses  
    That's what I do anyways. I always give everything away. I usually end up needing it back lol so I have to figure out a way to purchase it again if the people who have it are keeping it or passing it along to someone else  
    Minecraft has like.. Everything. And it takes seconds for food and sh*t to grow lol  
    I wish I would've waited truthfully but then I probably would've never met my husband  
    Well at least I'm not insane..  
    Only cause sangria is amazing  
    Its better to know them. Sorry I'm not dating someone for sport. It was only ever to find a spouse  
    I hate mcds.  
    I can't stand small spaces  
    At least I dont waste my time  
    I'll be anorexic. Its easier to eat then loose weight. Sorry  
    I'll take my chances..  
    I enjoy country living, id rather see a lake then a bunch of lights. Thanks.  
    I feel like I could handle not walking but not being able to use my hands to feel and stuff idk they're both hard  
    You'd probably never be cheated on  
    Why not triple? Or more? Lol  
    Hated by *most*. I only care if a handful of people like me lol  
    I mean.. No one knows..  
    I'm already good in the personality department. Bring on the flat stomach and skinny legs!  
    My computer was EAY more expensive then my phone. Even if i had bought the phone out right  
    What ? Flats are so uncomfortable and way less sexy lol unless youre very tall then flats are perfect  
    Cats pretty much expect their humans to bow to them lol  
    I could care less to speak other languages lol  
    Well.. Considering I already changed my name and ots perfect, might as well get a make over  
    At home I rarely wear a bra anyways. My husband loves it lol  
    Looks matter a tiny bit because I need at least something one or traits to be turned on by. HOWEVER I would take my husband over a shot with say Channing any day. Why? My husband and I have been through way more and he loves me and vice versa  
    Only because I love and forgive to much and to I love to so greatly to the point where I could be cheated on etc and still want that person with all of my heart lol and I deserve better  
    Much better chance for me to win lol  
    Who doesn't want to be dumb rich  
    Ot be so much easier to ditch the internet dude like it never happened lol  
    That money will eventually run out.. And I'd make that eventually. And then continue to make money. All while doing what I love.  
    They have almost everything  
    Only because a hamster is a rodent. Sorry pooch  
    They're both pronominal  
    On time..?  
    You need water for everything..  
    Only because that's what would make my hubby happy lol and if he's happy idc where we are  
    I could always go and take them back and yes I have done it lol  
    Just cheaper  
    Is this a joke?  
    Only because it seems for a lot of people acting careers last longer. However I love to sing  
    Only because if I saw a whale chances are id be out on the ocean, and if I saw a very large creature, swimming with in a visible range from my boat, I would probably die lol  
    I want to travel si  
    I love the beach but there's more to see in the forest  
    Vampires live forever and are other wordly gorgeous.  
    I hate the cold so +1
    He's still sexy lol and always has been but he has aged well in my opinion  
    I'd rather be miserable alone then miserable with someone  
    I like company.. I may get tired of the non stop crap.. But itd sure as hell beat being alone. I go crazy alone lol I need stimulation  
    I think I already have a cute face:)  
    Not a huge sports fan and I don't have a specific athlete I like so  
    At least cheating wont kill my husband :'( but id be devastated to find out either. And I'd probably stay with him if hr cheated and obviously would never leave his side if he had a terminal illness  
    I'm to awkward to go on a date with someone who didn't even know if they liked me lol  
    They're both nuts..  
    I was a pregnant teen. I hope I can talk to my kids and help them understand that it makes life a lot harder. My struggle was worth it but it could've been avoided and saved me some heart ache  
    They lived it up.. And I am in love with the idea of wearing dresses and stuff and not looking crazy lol  
    Love the lokk +1
    I live bacon as much as the next but you can do way more with beef.  
    Easier to handle lol  
    I'm a girl but she played in Lucy ... And I loved it  
    Green is the best  
    I'm really not super funny and I like managing things so  
    I mean. Freedom to do what you want and you could do it without a label lol  
    I absolutely love Angelina but Megan is just hotter  
    She gets to be naked and swing on balls and do all kinds of fun crazy things! Hahaha Montana just had bad jokes lol  
    Yeah I'm cool  
    You dont go on a date at the club where everyone else will be interested in rubbing their butts on you too lol  
    Never said what size bottle and I've seen trial sized perfumes and trial sized sanitizer and the spritz would maybe be one drink. Maybe. And then you're done lol sanitizer is thicker and has such a strong smell. I could get perfume that had a very light smell  
    They look better I feel like  
    Fruit I guess would be good for drinks but.. That's so hard. I love them both equally lol  
    I can't stand being lazy I love living an over filled life.  
    Hate sore throats. Can't eat can't breath and can't drink lol no thanks  
    Ignorant doesnt mean you are dumb lol  
    Ive got a better chance on millionare so  
    I married mine  
    No one notices me anyways but my husband ans kids lol ita all good  
    Life goals...  
    At least I can block them out. I dint like people up my butt  
    Uh... No overhead at work... Hmmm..  
    I think the bugatti Is sexy.. But bumble bee was a Camaro and my dream car since like ten has always been like a 2000's mustang but since I have fallen in love with transformers, my second dream car is a Camaro, custom designed inside and out to look just like bumble bee. If it could turn into an ass kicking robot that's be awesome too lol  
    I love burgers lol  
    As long as uts only Hershey's but that would severely hurt my want to slim down a little lol  
    White is cross  
    If you're homeless youre still alone  
    I dont really drink so.. Smirnoff has better flavor. Now id I'm attempting to get shammered then that's different lol  
    Two wrongs never make a right  
    C) live in the country where its quiet and clear.  
    Java chip with three shots of expresso from Starbucks or a campfire mocha from caribou =heaven  
    At least ill get to see part of my life and see my husband and children and get experiences  
    I hate them both so  
    I just love Tetris and Mario frustrates me because I rock until I get to like one level and everything just sucks.  
    Bad news first so the good news can put a band aid on the damage lol  
    Chip ahiy soft baked ? Yeah  
    Lol uhhh idc about getting the award so  
    Lol so pretty much what I have now? Ok cool lol I love coming home and laying next to my husband  
    I hate apple  
    I just love Simon..  
    Well my mom is one of those.. What did I tell you you're grounded... Two hours later jimmy called, wants to take you to a game I said you could go! Types lol  
    Mouth wash frequently, and flossing like crazy and using the floss on the fronts and backs of teeth to try to at least get a good skim lol EW though just ew  
    Guaranteed money or a chance at money?  
    I'm terrified of heights and would probably pass out from waiting to hit the bottom. I'll suffocate thank you  
    Chances are they're only killing themselves with the drugs and not innocent people  
    I'd just figure out another phrase .. Thank you means a lot more to me lol  
    Generally way less regret lol but going clubbing was fun when I was single  
    Well I'm assuming boxing day = sales and I live great deals so  
    I know I'm nor the only one who has a bliss-gasm from taking a nice hot shower scrubbing till your pinkish red and laying down on fresh sheets.  
    Second chance at life..  
    I need to focus  
    My husband would do unmentionable things to me if I brought one home lol but would be happier with a supra  
    I wish the best for my exs lol and I love weddings. Party on my friends :) it helps to nit have a bad break up with any of your exs but one lol. And were friends now so hey  
    Shirts are way cheaper and chances are good detergent and some bleach will fix that little problem lol  
    Channing.. Hello  
    I'll run with the wolves..  
    I love baths but I dont take them to get clean because you dont get clean lol and I live being clean  
    I'm about to pay lots of money to have longer hair lol  
    My man Leo is in it..  
    Usually depends if I see something I REALLY like or walk into a store where I want almost everything (like a Childs resale because its all so cheap and most of it is a great deal or an adults resale again its so cheap. ) I feel like my wants and needs change to frequently to buy new things and my children grow like weeds lol but other then that I love to shop but I love saving up even more  
    It gets to cold for my liking.  
    Totally wish I would've waited. At least there was only one person prior to my husband so  
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