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    if we dont have kids , the world is going to end faster 4 years ago +2
    even if they have no one to blame , their stuck w. it , people w. cancer can have chemo and cures and all that sh*t ... people w. AIDS dont have cures ! so-what if they brought that on themselves ? everybody makes mistakes !! 4 years ago  
    48/2(9+3) = (12)24 = 2 4 years ago  
    mypaint 4 years ago  
    i would buy iphone4 w. VM and then when i lose my virginity , i shall switch to sprint :) 4 years ago  
    it really doesnt matter .. your child gone get killed anyway .. 4 years ago +1
    if social media is stupid , how we gone know what happen in the world if we dont have the news ? 4 years ago  
    they dont have deadly sea animals in the air XD and you see very few planes in the sky most of the time 4 years ago  
    rarely fat people have outies tf ? 4 years ago  
    grolar bear = rare grizzly-polar bear 4 years ago  
    ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS .. not that ass though kmsl ! wayyy too small 4 years ago  
    wtf kinda sh*t is really going on on here ? 4 years ago  
    i have medium titties and i HATE big titties & i have NO problem getting boys so money please ? 4 years ago  
    im already thick and people dont clown .. louisiana people LOVE thick females 4 years ago  
    it says my name XD .. "KYRI" 4 years ago  
    who tf is pikachu ? kmsl 4 years ago +1
    kmsl i need to meet you !! 4 years ago  
    that last comment was racist af ! seriously .. just omtfo 4 years ago  
    im bisexual anyway soo .. 4 years ago  
    question stupid af lol 4 years ago  
    uhhh ... 4 years ago  
    your phone has 4G LTE data .. soo , you could always use that for a replacement of internet ANYDAY .. 4 years ago  

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