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    both im not picking! +1
    if im alone i dont fight  
    no i hit wrong thing NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO  
    you can workout do your landry and a bunch of other stuff at google  
    me too so UH!  
    ima girl so female  
    the future is the future for a reason leave it a suprise  
    that 24% is rhe worst people on earth +1
    i get both  
    save more lives  
    i'm ten i love older music even classic  
    that 35% makes me sick  
    stay comfy  
    i hate ice cream  
    grandma is dead sooo  
    land in jello or one 20 mattreces +1
    voldemort is fake  
    i use twitter way to much  
    tiger could be died  
    who cares if you get shhhhhed?  
    we are friends!  
    why would you pick public  
    the dog is an accident!  
    me too wazzup dude ezzer XD  
    i have already tried frog and it was horribile  
    live every day to the fullest and you would be happy when you die  
    call of duty ghosts!  
    clowns scare me! +1
    i like to talk about politicks  
    MOM! +1
    i have a flip phone and it has no minets!  
    i live in america so sorry to all you alstrailians!  
    what is a mormon  
    i saw worse!  
    i love swiming so much!  
    i love both  
    a TOE!!!! +17
    no fair!  
    earth is already hell there are already demons and stuff  
    i had dish for the longest time then i got armstrong  
    me too  
    i dont have one im a girl  
    lemon juce lemon juce  
    grass stains are already on my jeans  
    awww thats sad  
    nether ouch!!!!!!!!!  
    thats to sad  
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