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    they aren't being offensive 82% of people would choose to be deaf.  
    I don't know how it would get there cus I don't eat it but yeah fun....  
    I don't know cody simpson but I saw jb and clicked the other option  
    I choose the poison apple!!! s..s..s..s..slow ..... a.a.a.a.a.and p..p.p..p..p.p.p.p.p.painful death! Oh its normal  
    technically if you can time travel you will be immortal!  
    everything includes love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    most insects!!!  
    I saw Russell and clicked!!!!!  
    Hogwarts all the way  
    and how would you know this?!!  
    I'm worried so many people would eat poo  
    step up 2  
    a shyscraper would be funny +7
    how can you supposedly tell it was a woman ?!  
    snail isn't actually all that bad with garlic and rosemary  
    give them bad clothes you don't want  
    it says death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge and you would most likely get hit by two crashing cars!  
    you'd have no1 annoyin u  
    steal it from them  
    I am already!!!  
    you can't get married with no-one there there would be no groom  
    true love!  
    r u traded??? read the askers comment  
    youd miss ur loved ones  
    I agree I picked music cus I am fluent in all languages ... that I know  
    and u again  
    I hate u now  
    NOT PSY if they used someone else than 1 hit wonder  
    Let him live with u  
    if you knew you were gonna be murderd youd probably commit suicide you would be able to plan to that date  
    NO THEY R NOT!  
    make a world with no problems  
    OBVIOUS!!!!! animals are cool and humans r animals !  
    sorry 'mate' but they will eat your food that u stock up  
    Where is god then?!? It is true to say that time IN OUR UNIVERSE (sorry about the caps, but I am unsure of using italics) began with the Big Bang. However, some of us working in the field are looking at the possibility that our Universe is but one among many in a super universe. If M Theory is correct, and I believe that basically, it is on the right track, our Universe was created when two membranes in this Multiverse collided, and released unimaginably large quantities of energy which started it all. M Theory is related to the five string theories, and pops out if you increase the number of dimensions in string theory from ten to eleven. It seems to sort of amalgamate the five into one. Two of the reasons why it is gaining favor is that it explains the apparent weakness of gravity, and also solves the "something from nothing" problem. It does a lot more besides, but the maths are pretty horrendous, and it is difficult to explain without using them. Those membranes, or 'branes, as they are generally known, appear to be the open ends of cosmic strings. Strings are usually closed loops, and particles seem to be vibrations on those loops. Cosmic strings seem to be one dimensional strings containing colossal energies, and we wouldn't be here without them!  
    GOT a tv in my tent  
    GLEE!!!! out of them 2 at least...  
    Hard Decision (!) I wonder why Justin wasn't in the DISASTER movie  
    No idea don't drink.  
    REALY your all so lazy!!!  
    Is there so many lazy guys that they cba to rtea  
    Run forrest Run You can do it!  
    I could barely choose I did eenie meenie  
    don't know who she is but at least she doesn't spit on her fans  
    Cant beat the classics!  
    Nick why is 52% stupid!  
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