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    My dads toys would include guns and guns +16
    Can stick a needle in your urethra too  
    That chicken is a spy!  
    that's erotic  
    I like blueberry waffles -trollface.jpg- +2
    Just not Jamie Hyneman +1
    Don't drink that.  
    You use cameras on your phone/computer now. +3
    He said he would wish to wish for teh ability to be able to wish for mor money. You read. Pwnt.  
    Well, wish for something you can sell for money. (Oil)  
    you misspelt salad, sir.  
    you do homework? +3
    She's less of a slut  
    Avada Groballsa! Problem? +2
    also says any way you want, contradicts itself  
    to many frenchies  
    Canibalism +1
    None else thought of poisoning his food?  
    I can poke their faces.  
    Animal languages would count as a foreign language. St00pid humanz +1
    Can stab people with it.  
    Anal probe, here I come! +1
    TSA +1
    What. I want to be a bear on a unicycle.  
    I can buy imortality!  
    72% are STD free  
    I could never burn such a magnificent mustache! +3
    She won't talk while I molest her +2
    Sup my ni**a Satan! +1
    Sun burns my skin +1
    I want to mimic Saints Row 3.  
    Either way, arsony/murder is awesome  
    Judging by your thumbnail, best get out of texas boy  
    More children at Wal*Mart. J/Saying.  
    Racism is funny. Don't even lie. +1
    well said  
    Rap helps with poetry skillz to get the b*tches dawg. +1
    I want a gyro.  
    If the ghost looked like that I'd go insane it kept poking through her without effect :c +1
    Pretty sure 75% doesn't even know where Croatia is +1
    I'm not Jewish.  
    She wouldn't be pleased with way to early. +488
    10x25grand is 250grand, Merc is 190-225  
    but w/b pronz  
    Without a parachute, f*ck the wait.  
    Das ist heiƟ  
    Records have surprisingly good sound quality +240
    Lawyers go to hell but make bank.  
    I can't teach.  
    Always keep catnip on your person at all times.  
    Sell the Veyron for many Camaros.  
    The 40% dosn't have the the phone app to unlock doors and your car. Such lessthen2012ers  
    Natural heating/cooling underground and bomb shelter  
    I don't want my bunghole to be ripped open  
    U jelly? +1
    thats kinda what she said  
    No diff, both will be merged into smart phones soon  
    I don't want to get hit by a Hyundai  
    Pam looks like she might be HIV positive +335
    Unicorns have big penors  
    A lot more little girls and hidden rooms at Hogwarts. J/saying.  
    A lot more little girls and hidden rooms at Hogwarts. J/s  
    Alot more underage girls and hidden rooms at Hogwarts  
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