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    by the time my long time crush likes me back I probably would've forgotten her lol  
    ill be popular if im smart  
    Cinema alone = spooky bcuz no one near you Resturant = Food food food and waitresses  
    Dogs are playful.  
    i always get jeans that dont fit me or minecraft stuff that I dont want.  
    unlimited games? HEAVEN BABY HERE I COME  
    if I ever got hungry, top ramen is there for me.  
    ewww minecraft  
    Extraoridinary Home to make people jealous  
    Today's Music: Drugs, Alcohol, H0es.  
    Fails are hilarious  
    wearing PJs anywhere would be cool  
    cOLD mOLD on sLATE pLATE  
    i could finally have someone to talk to.  
    I listen to music using free music apps. Starbucks would be nice to get coffee or something  
    girls will want you just for your looks if you chose to be the hottest.  
    date of death so I can prepare and stay home with high tech security.  
    PS3: The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Beyond Two Souls  
    Screw you for insulting us.  
    I wish there was a both option for this. Spongebob, Courage, Gumball, and Chowder were the bomb  
    Guessing the creator made sierra mist so big.  
    Honestly, Guitar Hero has died out especially with Guitar Hero Live which is pretty much Sega CD gameplay  
    I have tried it, and its not very useful for gaming.  
    Already here at california.  
    Both. For crap's sake, it sucks to see animals beaten, but it also sucks to have pollution getting worse every year.  
    I'll blast the sh*t out of everyone who I hate from my class. :l  
    Grandma won't care.  
    Idc, an asshole can kiss my ass.  
    I can't eat a dog. I can't bare to see a dog die. But seeing my friends die and be eaten is okay for me.  
    Apples and Grapes are good.  
    I've tried a mac and the only reason why I wouldn't get it is because I can't play any of my steam games.  
    im 4 foot 9 ._.  
    no one talks about tobuscus anymore. :l  
    pssh veggies are a curse  
    i see ghosts everywhere  
    hes got a point  
    omg XDD  
    I'm batman. +2
    I don't like chocolate, but Reese's are gr8  
    Acoustic is for people who love soft music. Electric guitar is for people who love rocking out.  
    Reading is boring, I'm sorry but I'm being honest.  
    be a man so you dont have to feel like being burnt alive when giving birth.  
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