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    Oh yeah, denying women the right to vote was really respectful.  
    That's idiotic. It's oppression to NOT allow marriage equality. It doesn't hurt religious people to allow gay people to get married.  
    Neither. I'm gonna go with neither.  
    *Duct tape +1
    It doesn't say you can't work, just that you don't have to. +2
    Women were oppressed by those men too.  
    That's a load of crap. There are VERY few wars that were fought over purely religious reasons. Almost all 'religious wars' are actually motivated by social, economic, or geopolitical factors.  
    I respect that, but for those of us who believe that abortion is murder it makes sense that we would like to see it made illegal. I don't see it sticking my nose into the mother's life, I see it as saving the child's.  
    It's so sweet that you think the democrats actually want to give you liberty. I didn't think anyone was actually that naive.  
    I love it when people make grammatical mistakes and then call other people retarded.  
    Most people weren't born in 1930 when FDR took office, but some of us have a concept of history. +6
    Mostly because I'd like to dump it on his head. +6
    There are no nutrients in candle wax. You'd die in a few weeks.  
    That's only true with people too stupid to understand books.  
    I'm a whole lot more worried about people losing their intelligence than losing their social lives.  
    Did you ever think that maybe you just barely know how to speak English so you just don't understand the books?  
    Yes they can.  
    I'm way too lazy to catch and kill my own food. Plus I live in the city so I'd have to eat a lot of cat.  
    That's the point  
    I love how people who don't really know much like to inject the few facts they do know into conversations just to try and make people think they're smart.  
    Some of them, yes, but not all.  
    You could be struck by a car while walking. That's still technically a car wreck  
    This doesn't mention communism at all actually. Dictators aren't necessarily bad, but for the most part if someone wants power enough to seize it all for themselves, they're not the one you want in charge.  
    And sleeping on your stomach can cause permanent spinal problems  
    If you're going to tell people to keep their religion to themselves, you should probably refrain from spewing your ideology at other people.  
    Yesterday I stumbled across a picture of myself when I was ten. I was wearing velvet pants. Yeah, I'll go with 1992 fashion over that any day.  
    Aww... the mentally challenged are among us.  
    Yes you can.  
    Only wizards can compete in the Triwizard Tournament. If I'm competing, that means I have become a wizard. Win or lose, that's awesome.  
    I've been in extreme physical pain for almost 4 years. That much pain is a psychological torment in and of itself.  
    No. You and people like you are the reason the economy is in the toilet and idiots are being elected. You'd rather have fun than actually know what's going on and be a productive member of society. Enjoy welfare.  
    Well, mostly I just want to see Rome more than I want to see Athens.  
    Seriously? Are people that broke? I would understand if it was a million dollars, but a thousand?  
    If someone proposed to me in public I would say no purely out of principle. If they don't know me well enough to know that I would never want that moment public, they don't know me well enough to marry me.  
    I will never understand why people have a problem doing things by themselves.  
    Watching all my loved ones die sounds way better than being able to shower them with everything they ever wanted.  
    Being lonely sucks. Being alone can be great. +2
    No. No you wouldn't be. You obviously have a very tenuous grasp on the English language and no one would have any idea what you were trying to say. It just says that you start a religion, not that anyone joins it.  
    YOLO is just carpe diem for idiots.  
    $100,000,000 is one hundred million dollars.  
    It doesn't say you can't have sex; it just says that you won't fall in love. Those are not at all the same thing.  
    You are a perfect example of the kind of idiot who would believe Obama's crap. He has added more debt to our nation than any other president in history. He added more debt in his first 2 years in office than Bush did in all 8 of his years as president. +1
    um, a blanket?? +8
    I do NOT want to get stuck in an elevator with a bunch of screaming 13 year old girls. I might just have to kill myself. +1
    I'll take incredible martial art skills over scurvy any day +1
    Everyone who put movies is an idiot. The books are so much better than the movies. +4
    If reading is boring you're doing it wrong... or you've got a crappy book. +2622
    Spoken like someone who failed English +5
    Lenin wasn't a communist! Communism as imagined by Karl Marx was the result of a gradual shift from capitalism to socialism to communism, but that wasn't what Lenin implemented in Russia. And Lenin murdered everyone who opposed him which was about 30,000 but would have been more but he died of a stroke when he was in his 50s.  
    You spelled his name wrong. +2
    Since Bella has an abusive husband and Hermionie has an awesome husband I'm going to have to go with Hermionie. Plus, who wouldn't want to be a magcal genius? +2
    Well actually I believe God made the big bang happen, but both wasn't an answer choice.  
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