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Gareth Bale. But youll die from shock. 4 years ago  
*sigh* yes radish is also an instrument. 5 years ago +1
yes patrick. mayonnaise is an instrument... 5 years ago  
entire family.....grandma grandpa mom dad sibling cousins aunts uncles......cause i have baby cousins....i would sacrifice myself...because im not selfish... 5 years ago  
not even myself? no way! 5 years ago  
why? FAWK YOU THATS WHY XD 5 years ago  
SAW STYLE!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i feel like the 5% is a troll.... 5 years ago  
i have an american its time to kiss a dolphin...(that was my dream when i was little) 5 years ago  
edgar allan pug.(pewdiepies dog) edgar allan poe (south park) so edgar allan poe is pretty popular 5 years ago  
there faces are byootifyul 5 years ago  
spiders have grappling hooks .3. (there webs) 5 years ago  
to lazy to squint at the far away clock and take like 5 minutes to figure otu the time....diginal clock ftw! 5 years ago  
oh my god XD dying because of the picture 5 years ago +1
i already am an archer. 5 years ago  
pretty hard to walk.... 5 years ago  
i should have chose B..... 5 years ago  
1 and a half, thats when i went on my first computer, now im a computer genius. 5 years ago  
Swan lake is a popular known song that has to do with ballet, it has been performed in dances quit often, there you go. there's your lesson 5 years ago  
both of you arent, nobody is perfect and ever will be, if you even made no mistakes, you arent perfect. 5 years ago  
i subscribed to rebbeca, the people forced her to do it, she just read the lines and it came out like that, plus jb sucks way more, so at least jb deserves it c: 5 years ago  
circus here i come :DDDDDDDDDDD 5 years ago  
it sucks balls.....and.....LET IT GO LET IT GO, CANT TAKE THIS SONG ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yup...summary complete 5 years ago  
i see i pick zombies :3 5 years ago  
TEMPLE RUN FTW!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago +1
thats what my dad did all the time, 5 years ago  
pee hole? XD 5 years ago  
weve tasted blood before, when our tooth fell out, when wede fall and hurt ourselfs, plus broken glass can REALLY hurt your body....blood doesnt do anything 5 years ago +1
zip zero nada negitory. 5 years ago  
but which one......i have a bunch of we choose or what .-. 5 years ago  
thats just me normally.....but ice cream makes me laugh so i dont break down :3 5 years ago  
(((no im not a troll))) i just wanna be the way i am :3 (((cause i have an outie irl))) 5 years ago +1
my hair is like that....but less PUFFY. 5 years ago  
really....the word LIGHT the firecracker means set it off. and that means, it goes off. 5 years ago +1
neither...both a living nightmare. 5 years ago +1
plus you can free build in minecraft, build your COD you just shoot eachother... 5 years ago  
not a lesbi.... 5 years ago  
skinning it IS killin it.......a live one...a jelly fish you can cook, cause its already dead.... 5 years ago  
i really havent..... 5 years ago  
only child >:3 ~troll face~ 5 years ago  
thank god for fake teeth....... 5 years ago +1
ONLY CHILD :DDDDDDDD 5 years ago  
ill be making a bunch of questions c: my goal is to get one on the front page c: (i just wanted to tell u that) 5 years ago  
ide spend it all on pokemon cards. 5 years ago  
but are you the SMARTEST? 5 years ago  
hi madison im madison, c: 5 years ago +36
lol yes, its pierce-head 5 years ago  
i smashed my middle finger with a hammer before (on accident) it hurt like HELL. 5 years ago  
none of you know what viddy 5 years ago  
HELLZ YES 5 years ago  
ok, so theres an 6 chamber gun k? theres one bullet in the gun, shoot urself, you have a 1 and 6 chance of living, if you live, you get $100,000,000 5 years ago  
read it closer....with your BARE HANDS. 5 years ago  
South Park 5 years ago +1
XD fell out of my chair XD 5 years ago  
FREE FOOD :D 5 years ago  
lol from same place 5 years ago  
well, at least im lovin it XD 5 years ago +1
I THOUGHT WHICH IS BETTER....I DONT LIKE TO READ LONG THINGS (XD) D: (its not long ik XD) 5 years ago  
mcdonalds ketchup taste like a burger with EXTRA extra EEXXXTTTRRRRAAAAA SHOWERED in ketchup, aka its yummy :D 5 years ago +11
catch them doing what? playing on the computer? playing on my phone >:l 5 years ago +1
m n ms are closed. 5 years ago  
coca cola is the best. 5 years ago  
im a girl but i do that all the time c: 5 years ago  
then where ya gunna go? stay there? acting asleep for 1000s of years?..athiest. 5 years ago  
i can ruin your child hood un under a minute.....GO! Nemo bakwards = omen and omen= devil therefore nemo is the devils spawn, and STOP c: 5 years ago  
its called HULU :DDDDDD 5 years ago  
sure...... 5 years ago  
girls dont have peepees >:D 5 years ago  
already said. 5 years ago  
so what.....NEW SHIRT HERE I COME :DDDDDDDD 5 years ago  
you know maggots can eat you from the inside out.... 5 years ago +1
lol thats the best picture i could find :P 5 years ago  
*plugs ears* SHADUP. i dont like frozen -.- its annoying. only person i like is olaf and sven. so you must be really young. 5 years ago  
DUDE, READ. HER. USERNAME. its a girl user. 5 years ago  
my best friend is a guy....yus 5 years ago  
i love how you put sexy beast for jacob and frowning face for edward XD 5 years ago  
get off this website. 5 years ago  
i just realized we live in the same place lol 5 years ago +34
hiking trails can be really hot because of the sun plus u could get sunburns you know where, trucks are shaded,comfy,soft,etc. so definatly truck 5 years ago  
play video games with :D a video game buddy :DDDDDDDD 5 years ago  
atheist......go to hell if u love satan so much 5 years ago  
yeah, no sh*t sherlock. 5 years ago  
its MY crush, NOT theres 5 years ago  
im SUPER short, so...half my height...totally. 5 years ago  
I WISH. 5 years ago  
im a girl......skip button, you saved my life! 5 years ago  
im a girl that always hangs with the opposite sex, only 4 of them really, but i still hang out with the other boys and girls, just not much as the boys 5 years ago  
thank jeesus for skip button, I AINT DATIN NO BEIBER. nor will i become a lesbian. 5 years ago  
DART vader is soo cool (XD) 5 years ago  
dude, i cant break of my friendship with my first friend( his names Diego) cause weve been friends since BEFORE pre-K (hes a boy) 5 years ago  
bye bye minecraft. bye bye rrrather. bye bye whole computer. 5 years ago +1
they didnt say how long. 5 years ago thats brian (family guy) not mr.peabody, mr.peabody has a bowtie and glasses. 5 years ago +1
everlasting life in heaven (if you worship god and not that big bang sh*t) 5 years ago old are you? 5 years ago  
Just like that guy....HELL NAW. 5 years ago +1
NOPE. 5 years ago +1
I have an outie, but idc. im gunna be myself not wanting to change. 5 years ago +2
never wear make up, never will. (tomboy girl s what i am, Makeup+Me=NO NO 5 years ago  
everyone, raw chicken will make you very very sick, a whole one could kill you, 5 years ago  
now this is some saw sh*t right here.... 5 years ago  
suureee...ill contact you ..ok XD 5 years ago  
ik the "walkthrough" to saw cause i saw the whole series and all the traps...unless its partnership and my partners a d**k. 5 years ago  
well at least i loved it...and my anus wasnt sore. 5 years ago  
ive drinken like 1000s of bugs...from ants to dead flies. 5 years ago  
woah. suprised how many people said yes (i swear i never did)...MY LIFE IS STILL YOUNG 5 years ago  
yup they didnt say sex toys... 5 years ago  
i like raw normal worms the way they are so..WIN WIN 5 years ago  
did anyone realize what the cows head looks like.....akward XD 5 years ago  
ONLY CHILD >:D ~troll face~ 5 years ago  
GUEST FROM UNITED STATES) rwj? (ray william johnson) (your favorite marshion) 5 years ago  
the ugliest fattest smeliest girl....honey boo boos mom...NU UH... 5 years ago  
someone else kills you, (if u belive in god) u go to heaven, then the person who killed u goes to prison then hell 5 years ago  
ive done it a bunvch of times at sleepovers (used someone elses toothbrush) when i didnt bring my own 5 years ago  
/WORMS ARE DELICIOUS TO ME!! (they rly are) 5 years ago  
girl here >:3 5 years ago  
IM A GIRL >:D 5 years ago  
ive had wert cat food, pretty much just fish and meat 5 years ago  
dude..this is like some saw sh*t right here. 5 years ago  
saw (the whole series) i saw the whole i already know the walkthrough to it, unless i work with a d**k partner who just lets me die....but saw is my favorite movie in the history of ever. 5 years ago  
oh ya, im a girl too. soo does that mean, you know....CRAP... 5 years ago  
well, vomit is just food. 5 years ago  
IM A GIRL SO THAT MEANS I HAVE TO eat my own? o.O (well its just blood, weve all tasted blood when we were little) 5 years ago  
IM A GIRL TO YAS x3 5 years ago  
ikr god could have created the big bang, you werent there. so YOU DONT KNOW! 5 years ago +1
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