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    Dare to be different!! +3
    the reason 9in stilettos were invented  
    Ewan McGregor!!! +3
    take responsibility assholes +2
    shows online :D +1
    im going to meet the Queen! +3
    beam me up scotty +59
    ur friends still love you! they just cant be with your soul mate  
    haha im a girl suckers +2
    call the police or join the party +2
    f***ing cats... +2
    ocean is prettier  
    american football is barbaric +4
    i want to keep all my limbs thankyouverymuch +6
    no school no school no school  
    i dont have a grandma :(  
    Paris smells like sewer +1
    wig, hat, bandana, not giving a sh*t...  
    Not neccasarily  
    you have to be a wizard to go to hogwarts! IM A WIZARD!!! FINALLY!! +1
    i am a vegetarian :) it sucks but i am  
    jack sparrow :D +1
    This is him with stupid hair. He fixes it.  
    hahaha this is a joke right? +2
    im the bull moose party!! this sucks!! +1
    haha my dog accidentally tramples your dog  
    really muscled arms +1
    you dont have to have children. Just adopt!  
    You've got to be f***ing joking right? +1
    i dont like bacon  
    Why do people hate on Obama so much? He was born in the United States morons +3
    chrome is really fast +4
    i dont care if their wet! look at that little face!!  
    weirdos or teenie boppers? this was hard  
    is this even a question?!?! smart pretty can do almost anything with magical powers OR creepy yellow eyes stuck with robert pattinson for all eternity... hmmm +2
    i feel bad about cutting down a tree but with a fake tree it wouldn't be chrstmas +4
    pirhanas definetly want to eat you but the crocodile might not be in the mood +1
    i already do option A on a weekly basis  
    ever seen the movie frozen... obviously 52% of you haven't +4
    im an atheist so wth i wanna be rich and powerful +3
    hehe jonny depp:)  
    sharks scare the crap out of me but it's really unlikely that either one would wan to eat you  
    less clothing :)  
    i dont want to actually speak with them!! so much effort!  
    i already wear cute glasses +2
    the first beach looks kinda crappy +4
    HAHAHA I SO WIN stupid 10k people... im going to bye a harley! +1
    couldn't you technically avoid it if you knew how it happened? +2
    couldn't you technically avoid the death if you knew how it happened? +1
    hahaha Twilight hahahaha +4
    19% would see Edward Cullen about to jump off a building and start crying. 81% would sit in lawnchairs with popcorn screaming "die sparkly b*tch, die!!" +5
    both are a little bit annoying but mj can dance like a badass  
    i assume this was only for guys  
    ew +1
    meet new people!  
    you cant kick an alien's ass but i could take a couple terrorists down with me +1
    geeks at least have bright future  
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