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    Real mermaid's can kill people  
    The Holocaust was a lot worse than 911  
    If you give him the money your just supporting his drug habit... I'd rather my son leaen it's wrong and quit instead of me helping him to die earlier.  
    If anything were not dorks because we haven't seen it, your a dork because you have. Don't need to insult anyone, omd  
    Sitting down and holding it?  
    Or Firefox is just slow for some computers?  
    Shut up. They ge to pick what they want don't be so harsh and insult them. Your a selfish brat clearly.  
    Sometimes knowing the truth hurts you more. The person will tell you if and when they are ready :)  
    My Internet history isn't interesting, I'm 13 and a girl  
    Haven't seen either and I don't intend to see them  
    It doesnt ask if you've had sex. Stop commenting that on everything.  
    You only chose that option because it made you look better.  
    You guys are all lying. You would all rather receive the 1 billion dollars..  
    Probably the things in space. It wasn't god.  
    No there was no god.  
    I am alreasy from England and have seen all the main sight seeing things. Time to go to Caribbean. I would sounderstand so posh  
    We don't need to know if you have had sex, that is not the question  
    If your 13 you should know how to spell. Idiots***  
    I am 13  
    We weren't insulting deaf people? How does it make us assholes? And anyway, people think it's better to be deaf, 82% to 18%  
    It does If you do it accidently, like when you eat  
    I have a dishwasher  
    I don't think life would be the same now if I changed anything, so Id keep it the exact same and look at my future  
    To get rich now would be fab, but I still think I would attempt to get to where I wanna be :/ maybe. Aha  
    I love you, you love me, barnie gave me a std, it started with a kiss, but them he wanted more, I made love to a dinosaur. Hahaha. I loved the teletubbies, never really watched barnie  
    Never seen pretty little liars, only seen gossip girl and I liked it, aha  
    I have a double chin  
    Going to school is not fun. You don't get a choice. Aha. You get to choose what you are as a job, unless your an un employed bum thay does jack sh1t to earn what they got, and if you pick something you love AND are getting paid for it its a win win situation. I guess. Aha  
    To be telekinetic is not to move objects? Its something to with minds I think:/  
    Baby boys are adorable. My nephew is the cutest baby human ever!  
    Blaming the current generations of Germans does not change the history of what happened 70 years ago. It wasn't any of the people alive now who did anything so why blame them. If anything, it just gives the country a bad name. +2
    No they are political parties? I might sound so stupid  
    So might not have been clean when the Olympics were going on  
    Every councountry has dangerous animals in. Don't be so biased  
    God didn't come first. I actally hate religion.  
    Saying screw you who thinks he doesn't exiSt makes you equally as bad tbh  
    It doesn't ask whether or not you've had sex...  
    I have 4 siblings and havery a very large family. I would hate to be an only child.  
    It's obvious god doesn't exist. You think god made the world in 7 days? Stupid. You also believe dinasaurs disn't ever exist. Wrong there's proof. And Religion is in my opinion the main reason and cause for every single war thay has ever happened and probably any War thay will happen  
    I am an atheist. Religion is stupid and In my opinion Is the reason for almost every war happened  
    None. No thanks I'm english  
    Depending on my mentality at the time would I abort  
    I like both  
    In 90210 the rape storyline put me off. I couldn't watch it after that  
    I don't wear makeup  
    Screw the royal family. They sit around doing nothing and get everything handed to them.  
    Glee is so gay  
    I like all, but I prefer metal  
    None of you would give away 1 million  
    I normally only sleep like 7 hours, 6 hours won't kill me  
    Claustrophobic :) and a wedgie doesn't really hurt me, I guess because I'm a girl :/ not sure though. Aha  
    I dont believe in heaven, load of bollocks  
    Don't really like either. Usain bolt is so up himself it's unreal and Phelps is just arrogant  
    My dad went to Germany and loved it so why not  
    I don't really have a soctal life  
    Defo wait until I'm home. Female public toilets are disgusting +2
    Who says you can't have both?  
    I wouldn't want to live to 100 tbh  
    Doesn't say how fat. I'd be ok if I was just slight overweight.  
    I'm vvvvv small for 13  
    Family is just family and will probably remember it forever but in a funny way +1
    I'm a girl so women volleyball wouldn't really be interesting, I guess.  
    I don't really like either. I would rather him be dead tbh  
    The blue one has 1 cookie, representing 1 guy and the other one has lots of didifferent types of fruit, representing the didifferent men of which neither are your true love.  
    Idec if people hate me.  
    I bet you have never even given a single thing to charity. You would not give half your stuff by choice, so do you feel guilTy now? No because you would keep living the way you do...  
    None of you people would give half if your possessions by will, your just saying that to make yourself look good  
    I only have 1 best friend. And a few friends. A smaller group is so much easier. You don't complain about being 'left out' and less money of xmas gifts  
    Very good looks, it doesn't say you can't be charming or sexy/flirty aswell  
    I have two ear piercings, aha  
    If you made them love you they doby love you for you, they love you because yo made them, aha. And plus, to stop loving would be great because if someone was to pass away, touch wood, then it wouldn't be as hard on you I guess :/  
    I own both so I just pressed one, aha  
    Tbh, who cares if your hated. You know that your a good person and that's really all that should matter  
    I love both of these shows  
    I don't know any British schools that have uniforms like that and I'm from England +1
    Favourite is spelt like that in England you retard. If anything you spell it wrong  
    I always get sore throats, no differencw to me  
    No way would I ever be so sstupid to ever even think about touching meth.  
    If your blind from birth then at least you'll never know what your missing or what you've lost :)  
    The day after Christmas  
    My family will live in a differeby home and they can still visit :)  
    Dying underwater is apparently quite peaceful. If you dont struggle obvs  
    I couldn't wait  
    I am really shy and a geek  
    I am pretty much the loser with true friends  
    I'm 13 but if I was old enough then I would  
    Nothing to be proud of if your an adult  
    I'm 13 so a 3 yr old or a 23 yr old  
    I got £50.000  
    I hate french accents.  
    Racism is not hilarious you sick twit. Society hates people like you.  
    I'm english so americans will love da accent  
    I do agree that it's not a proper sport tho  
    English people play football and better than American's as you guys wear all that 'gear'  
    American football is so stupid. They wear helmets  
    You could fall In love with the stranger I guess. :/  
    I'd be an adult if I could stop at like 18 or 19. So you can still do some kid stuff ;)  
    I don't like snakes. Too many snakes in australia  
    Sharks dont eat humans. They will bite you and once they realise your not a seal they will just swim away  
    I dont even care. Prince William and Kate are just people. Who would care If a normal person had a boy or a girl. Ew.  
    Ive seen titanic  
    I'm a girl  
    A spouse is a wife/husband  
    Religion is stupid and I think it's one of the main reasons for every single war thay as ever happened  
    If you get cash then people didn't really put thought into your present. Even if you don't really like the present, you know it was thoughtful  
    It's proven you can't survive without company. Even if you hate them, if you talk you'd probably become friends :)  
    I hate being dirty.  
    If he's homelhomeless because he spent his money on drugs, then it's would be his own fault :/  
    I hate unemployes bums who get every thing for doing absolutely nothing. I'd rather work for my money and know I achieved and desered it.  
    Nothing wrong with driving yourself or getting a taxi or bus but good food would be great :')  
    Defo make a new rule.  
    AbortiOn is good. If you was raped and fell pregnant wouldn't you abort it? People like you are so one sided. A family member had an abortion simply because she was not mentally ready for a child. She now has a child a year after aborting in her first pregnancy. Why would you want a child to be born if you know it wouldn't have a good life?  
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