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    don't go to school.  
    but this pale is beautiful ! why cover it up ? Because everyone else would do it ? pff +4
    cold hearted but with an awesome lightsaber !  
    Just because it would be funny. Don't care about the chocolate  
    already visited spain.  
    I actually live in a haunted house, for 10 years now. And i'm fine! Ok it's scary the night, but I didn't get hurt or killed so it's fine  
    i wouldn't give them money anyway  
    I can't sing  
    I don't care about the others  
    Sheldon Cooper.  
    None, I hate XMas  
    Canada cuz Trevor is from Canada  
    My grandmother was born in Croatia so...  
    Of course I choose A  
    Elvis, even if I love MJ, Elvis is better  
    I would just kill them.  
    I hate clown!!  
    I'm tall but I choose B.  
    "you'll die in one hour... but the good news is you won 10000000$ " x)  
    I would never want to be average  
    Why can't I be both ?! I want to be like Trevor!!  
    I've met my favorite celebrity (Dean Ambrose) and he's awesome.  
    None, I'd rather stay alone playing video games.  
    I would be the hottest guy alive. Yes.  
    I would rather KILL myself  
    I can swim. So at least someone could save me at day.  
    20$ is not enough. So I choose B  
    I'm too lazy for climbing a mountain  
    I don't find Ian attractive. Lucas looks young but he's cute.  
    Tyler !!!!  
    I dont want to look like them, I hate twilight  
    so why did you choose it ? Then didn't tell what the deal is. Maybe it could be to bring him some innocent souls  
    I can kill them then watch the awesome movies ALONE  
    I've a MacBook Air.  
    I don't need friends, they always end up betraying you  
    I can act, but I can't play guitar  
    Hermione is smarter than Harry ..  
    I hate european football.  
    trick or treat !!!!  
    Older, younger people are often annoying  
    You wouldn't be able to play video games if you're blind..  
    How could I play video games if I was blind ? >_<  
    Too many Hipsters at Starbucks, I would hate it !  
    I already have a perfect memory.  
    At least everyone fear you.  
    I won.  
    I don't need friends, pff.  
    A, it last longer  
    What if the apocalypse is soon ? You'll be f*cked if you pick number A. At least with number B we can enjoy the rest of our life doing everything we want.  
    I hate others people.  
    I'm on a Mac BUT without Bill Gates I wouldn't have a XBOX so thank you sir!!!  
    I'm addicted to alcohol and I love drugs.  
    I've already visited France many times.  
    I pick the wrong one >_< I want to be a guy !  
    I would be rich and famous if i'm the smartest person in the world.  
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