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Would you rather be in the dragon ball universe or be in the naruto universe 2 years ago 60 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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just cause i can fuse dont mean everyone else can 2 years ago  
i like super saiyan god much better not just the hair. 2 years ago +1
this was hard... 2 years ago +1
they are one of if not the most badass family 2 years ago +1
if saiyans are real it dont mean ill be one and most saiyans are evil. 2 years ago  
come on we barely see galick gun anyways 2 years ago +3
buu is stronger i mean either way im dead 2 years ago  
it comes down to jerry or yogi 2 years ago +1
usa is gay 2 years ago  
ninja's are badass 2 years ago +1
um... what is the human centipede 2 years ago  
you dont want pokemon to be me 2 years ago  
if they dry they still smell 2 years ago  
that would be dope... wait what about consoles like certain games that are console exclusive 2 years ago  
ninjas are cooler in my opinion 2 years ago  
sexists, racits, and memes out i cant decide 2 years ago  
Exactly 2 years ago  
how is this 50/50 yes a war is bad but an apocalypse the world is over 2 years ago  
id wish for my dad to be alive,anime is real, big house, car for my mom, my mom be healthy, infinite video games, and i have anime powers 2 years ago  
i hate clowns 2 years ago +1
who made the big bang 2 years ago +1
shrek 2 years ago  
and then you'll starve 2 years ago  
*cough* Jacksepticeye *cough* 2 years ago  
suck with the other 2 years ago  
does it matter 2 years ago +1
i dont know what that is but i wouldnt kill anyone in my family 2 years ago  
ITS NOT FRIDAY 2 years ago  
i actually like minecraft easy 2 years ago  
heaven is what you make it. a peaceful place away from any worries. get to be with friends and family 2 years ago  
what about xbox or phone or tv 2 years ago  
basically its a game of chance 2 years ago  
starbucks is expensive 2 years ago  
easy naruto is awesome but dbz exceeds any other anime in my opinion 2 years ago  
well i hate evolution and gt was ok 2 years ago +1

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