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    suit up  
    yolo is a lie ik a guy who died nine times  
    u came to the wrong hood mf  
    suit up  
    my girlfriend and i are both serial killers  
    ur friends u can get bak  
    skull eff the hell outta it  
    ther is no such thing as love just ur brain tellin u that she/he has the best genes to pass on with urs  
    im already insane  
    gotta go classic +127
    go to prison for life or take the one that ppl may never kno about  
    only if the nissan has all the stuff in the pic  
    kadafi is dead anyways so that means no president rite  
    armes dealer is better cuz ill kill to show off my product  
    ill rather rip my toe nails off  
    nothing like that fresh pine smell  
    ill still work ig that the mexican in me  
    i say the nahh  
    germany's drinking age is 16  
    im tha hulk  
    i dare you to tell the truth  
    beef its wats for dinner  
    then ill always be cool  
    oh they will kno by the smell  
    sanatizer kills 99.9% of germs chuck norris kill 100% of what every he eff he feels like  
    you would never make it to the bottom of the ocean because you would be crushed  
    wolverine live forever spiderman die of old age  
    sore throat can but cured with a shot of whisky  
    pain just makes those good moments so much better also the less you have the more it seems like a gift  
    y not both  
    i love being alone mainly because i hate ppl  
    justice league more like batman and his back up  
    does it count if ur already ugly and smart like me  
    sale the nine other cars  
    but if ur rich u will be famous so no matter what u say u wil be rich and famous  
    camping is effin awesome  
    what is the differece  
    to all the ppl who said they eat them what happpens when they are all gone  
    a shark will more than likely not to attack a human  
    there is money in music  
    kill it like a man  
    knowage= power  
    my life saving is $23 immortality here i come  
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